Triage by Louise Blaydon

Note:  Triage, in this title is not used as a medical term.  Instead it refers to an all male Ménage

Title: Triage

Series: N/A

Author: Louise Blaydon

Genre: m/m/m Ménage, Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 25, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: When Christian first meets Jordan and Ezra, they’re all young and lucky, thrown together in a journalist internship that cements their friendship for life. But when the internship ends, everything falls apart.

Christian has always loved Jordan, though he’s sure he doesn’t have a chance. By Jordan’s wedding, Christian has feelings for Ezra too. Then Ezra leaves on a foreign assignment, and Christian resigns himself to loneliness and concentrates on his job.

But his professional success comes with crushing personal blows. When an accident kills Jordan’s wife, Christian becomes Jordan’s only support. Months spent so close to him take their toll on Christian’s heart. Then Ezra finally comes home and Christian realizes he has to make a choice: give up on both of them and try to move on… or take a chance that’s risky, crazy—and his only shot.

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Meet Christian. A gorgeous person, smart and caring and the best friend one could ask for; always there to stand by his friends, without imposing himself and loving them unconditionally. If a bit naïve or as it was well put, by Jordan, “unobserving”.  he makes out for being a man you could hug and crush out of fondness.

Meet Jordan. Hot! Tall, broad-shouldered, always joyful, he’s probably the protagonist that suffers most tragedy in our story by losing his wife only one short year after their marriage. He’d be lost without Christian, who comes to save him from drowning in sorrow by moving in with him. Although he loses most of his “happy face” by being thus victimized by fate, Jordan is by far the person they all turn to, to save the day, when odd occurs with his infectious smile.

Meet Ezra. What a snarky SOB. The sexy devil that always spices up the company by just being Ezra. A badass war-covering reporter, Ezra suffers from fate as well when his convoy gets hit and all in his vehicle dies, except him. He’s shipped back and life seems dull and awful, while Christian and Jordan try to get him back on tracks. Although Ezra was gone for five years in the Middle East, their friendship falls back to more than familiar tracks when he returns. The three of them are the best friends and perfect together.

Well… They are perfect together indeed. The story follows the path they take that eventually leads them to see, really see just how perfect they really are together.

I really, really liked this book for numerous reasons. First of all, I love a good triage. Call me kinky and you’d probably be right about it, but there is nothing hotter on my book than that. Going on, Ms. Louise Blaydon has a brilliant sense of humor that she managed to pour all around the book. It is so good and the final scene where the boys decide to give it a “try” was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 15 min. Not to mention the sex scenes being incredibly hot. Nothing soapy or awfully gentle and all that, just pure, primal, lusting sex that had me into it, but good. The protagonists were each and every one of them different and attractive in their own ways. I liked them all, having a soft spot for Christian for some reason. I think he was the one that was torn the most and his incredulity in the end was adorable.

I recommend this book to anyone really. this was a great read, fast, easy and highly entertaining. When the book ended I didn’t feel sorry it did, instead I was left with a great feeling that everything went as it was supposed to and content because it was really worth my time.


BDSM For Writers by Dr. Charley Ferrer

Title:  BDSM for Writers

Author:  Dr. Charley Ferrer

Genre:  Non-fiction, Writing Instruction

Length:  Paperback 206 pages (digital formats available)

Publisher:  Institute of Pleasure (July 24, 2011)

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Online Excerpt available on Goodreads

Reviewer: Sage

Book Blurb: (from

Join world-renowned Clinical Sexologist Dr. Charley Ferrer as she provides authors with valuable information about Dominance and submission and the various power exchange relationships. This book addresses the emotional and psychological connections men and women make in this uniquely erotic lifestyle, dispelling many of the misconceptions perpetuated by Hollywood and the media. BDSM for Writers provides authors with a valuable tool to assist them in developing stronger and more realistic characters, plots, and scenes. Not only does this book cover the basics every author must know when writing in this particular genre, but it also provides insight into individual characteristics, personality traits, and lifestyle etiquette that adds realism to any fictional BDSM work. Discover the integral techniques and foundations necessary to train a slave, the benefits and pitfalls of rewards and punishment, and the various methods of how to use punishment and humiliation on a male versus a female submissive/slave to achieve optimum results. There is even a BDSM Checklist created specifically for authors to assist in developing characters and those deliciously wicked scenes.

Review:  Written in an engaging, talkative style which gives the impression you’re actually holding a conversation with a friend rather than reading a book on writing, BDSM for Writers captures attention from the first words of Joey W. Hill’s preface. However, the chatty writing style quickly becomes detrimental in a non-fiction reference book as there are no footnotes or endnotes attributing any of the quotes made along the way. This same fault occurs when reference examples of kinds of behavior in the BDSM community. AN example is given, yet there is no note of any kind saying – personal conversation with so-n-so, even if the name used is a pseudonym to protect the individual’s identity. Additionally, things are stated as fact with no attribution to outside research. Yes, many of these facts are common knowledge within the BDSM community; however, an author should never assume that all their readers share the same knowledge base.

Often an acronym or term is introduced, used repeatedly and only later defined as to its exact meaning. Luckily, many times these terms are again common knowledge which anyone doing a bit of online research into the BDSM lifestyle will already have been exposed to; however, again, this lack of immediate explanation is a determent to the context of the book. For example, Dr. Ferrer begins to discuss the basic rules of a BDSM relationship by defining the term ‘safeword’ in the context of ‘SSC/RACK’ relationships but doesn’t explain the later term until two paragraphs and one page later! If you don’t already know the anagram, you will have no idea why Dr. Ferrer is using the term in her definition. It’s not until the third chapter of the book – after pages of generalized discussion – that Dr. Ferrer actually takes the time to fully  define many of the terms she’d already been using. Thankfully, many of the terms are either in common usage, are understandable from context or are casually defined whenever they are mentioned in the text.

Additionally, there are some formatting issues with the book. The copy I read for this review would shift back and forth between one inch margins all around the text to inch-and-a-half left margins with one-inch right, top and bottom margins. Many of the errors are easily ignored – such as missing periods at ends of sentences, misplaced periods and a repeatedly used non-traditional spelling of ma’am – but partial parenthetical phrases where the beginning/ending parenthesis is missing and common, easily noticed spelling errors quickly became irritating.

BDSM for Writers suffers from an inherent bias on the part of the author toward heterosexual relationships, specifically, female dominant/male submissive relationships. From the beginning of the book through to the final pages, the reader is constantly reminded that this is the preferred relationship for the author and that – all gender pronouns could be switched as needed – as if the dynamics of BDSM relationships are completely interchangeable. While this could indeed be the case, it is difficult to ascertain from the text. Only twice – once in the section discussing anal sex and once in the resource list – does the book directly reference male/male authors. And then only to refer these authors to other books.

After all of the hype surrounding this book in the writing community, I must admit to being extremely disappointed in it. None of the material was really new to me, nor was it something I hadn’t found in other BDSM non-fiction books. The resource list was very short, mostly links to sites or groups known directly to the author, a few non-fiction general information books, and a few movies and fictions books. Again, the authorial bias was shown in this list. As an extremely basic introduction to BDSM, this book is passable though I feel it is greatly flawed due to authorial bias. Even the much vaunted BDSM Checklist for Writers is just a variation of similar checklists and instructions for filling them out easily located via a Google search.






Three Fates by Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes and Amy Lane

Title: Three Fates

Author: Anthology – Andrew Gray, Mary Calmes & Amy Lane

Genre: Shifter, Contemporary, Paranormal

Length: Novel (320pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (27th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: For time immemorial, the goddesses of fate have decided which human threads will shine and which will be cut short. But even the fates have off days.

Fate Delivers a Prince by Andrew Grey

Finding love shouldn’t be that difficult for a diplomat’s son, except Cheyenne is part of a grand tradition of werewolves, and a werewolf with a skin condition needs more help than most mortals. When Chey meets the prince of his dreams, it takes Clotho’s intervention to keep him from letting go.

Jump by Mary Calmes

When two lovers die, their threads of life are collected instead of scattered, as one of them was the brother of a god. Can the fates reunite two lovers whose threads should have twined together for eternity? Or will Cassidy allow Raza’s interest to pass his pale, mortal self by?

Believed You Were Lucky by Amy Lane

The gods’ meddling isn’t always welcome. It’s given Lief good luck but poor fortune, and Hacon a family curse he’s lived in fear of all his life. But when Lief’s good luck saves Hake’s life, Hake has to reevaluate everything he’s ever believed about luck, life, and love.

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Review: Well readers you are in for a treat with three wonderful stories from three wonderful authors, with three slightly different sets of Fate that include Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology.

Fate Delivers a Prince by Andrew Grey

Cheyenne is a werewolf who has a skin condition, he’s picked on by his brothers and his father has a hard time with him being gay. When he meets his mate Arthur, he is happy but there is a problem. Arthur is a human Prince and is expected to have an Heir. Arthur has a secret of his own, he knows more about werewolves than Chey thinks and knows that it will work out with Chey, but he wants to get to know Chey better before being claimed. But, Chey overhears a conversation he shouldn’t have and reacts badly and Clotho’s has to step in.

This is a sweet story that has misunderstandings, sweet loving, forgiveness, and interference from the Fates, a father who has difficulty accepting his son has a male mate, a mother who puts her husband in his place and two young men who love each other. A story to shake your head at, as Chey has to decide if he is going to fight for what he wants. It’s a story to smile at, as finally he comes to his senses and pursues Arthur, and a story to grin at as Arthur turns the tables and gets the wolf he deserves.

Jump by Mary Calmes

When a pair of lovers is ripped apart, Anubis makes a deal with the Fates to ensure his brother Horus and Cassius are entwined in future lives. Cassidy has the sight, he can see a short way into people’s lives, and one night when he is out drinking with friends he ends up saving Raza’s life. Raza is fascinated by Cassidy and doesn’t want to let him go. But, his time in Chicago is coming to an end and he has to convince the man he wants to come with him after his secrets are revealed.

This is another wonderful story from the Queen of feel good love stories. A beautifully written story that draws Raza and Cassidy together, two souls torn apart but now reunited. But, Cassidy has decisions to make as Raza has no choice but to leave Chicago. He has too many enemies and is too well-known to have a normal life. So Cassidy has to make choices he isn’t sure he is ready to make yet, but he also has to keep Raza alive, when his sight shows him that he is in grave danger… yet again.  So we have two wonderful characters, a wonderful love story, really hot sex and a very happy ending.

Believed You Were Lucky by Amy Lane.

The god, Loki, messed about with Fates threads and now the Fates have to fix what he has broken. But, it isn’t without its consequences. Lief and Hake are two opposites, Lief has luck, while Hake has a curse, but when they collide Lief’s luck just might have rubbed off on Hake.

This is a slightly stranger story, as we have interludes of the Fates and gods as they watch over the two men, Lief and Hake. Lief and Hake are complete opposites in every way. But, when they collide and Lief ends up accidentally saving Hake’s life, they become involved and their threads become entwined. Both characters are great in their own right, but together they are perfect. The storyline is really good and I loved the secondary characters. They brightened up the story and added a bit more depth. This is an enjoyable mystery with interfering Fates and gods.

I recommend this anthology to everyone who loves the Fates, gods, love stories, hot sex, three wonderful stories, three great couples and three very happy endings.



Protecting His Soul by Amber Kell

Title: Protecting His Soul

Author: Amber Kell

Series: Scared Stiff

Publisher: Total E Bound Publishing (April 2nd, 2012)

Length: Novella

Genre: Paranormal

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:  When two souls are entwined, true love doesn’t end…even after death.

When Bartholomew sees his dead lover at a café, he thinks he’s imagining things. Bart follows Cullen only to learn there’s a lot more going on in the world than he ever knew.

Suddenly assigned the task of collecting his lover’s soul, Bart goes through many trials in order to reclaim a man he’d thought he’d lost forever. However, nothing prepares him for discovering the truth about Cullen’s past.

Now he must figure out what to do with a man who kept his real self-hidden from Bart, while handing over all of his love

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Review: Bart thinks he is seeing things when he thinks he is seeing his dead lover. He follows him to find out that his lover was never who (or shall I say what he thought he was.)

This is a very unique take on a vampire story. Lots of twists and turns. It is also a very good love story and the sex is hot. If you’re looking for a good short romantic vampire story give this a shot. My only complaint is that it was too short. I’d love more.  What would you go through to save your dead lover’s soul?

I recommend this to anyone that loves paranormal especially vampire stories. A soul-mate story, a good love story, trials and tribulations, and some hot man-sex.

Textbook Seduction by Elizabella Gold

Title: Textbook Seduction

Series: N/A

Author: Elizabella Gold

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 31st, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Aidan Brown has nurtured a crush on Simon Lake, his nineteenth-century English literature professor, since the first day of class. Now the semester and Aidan’s time in college are drawing to a close.

With that deadline looming and nothing to lose, Aidan pulls out all the stops to convince Simon to give him a chance. But Simon is too principled—and too much of a workaholic—to give in and date a student, even if he is only a handful of years older. The gift of a rare textbook finally wins Aidan a date, and he’s determined not to mess up his shot. Unfortunately, nobody mentioned that to Aidan’s ex-boyfriend, who puts a crimp in Aidan’s plans. Can Aidan convince Simon that he only has eyes for his professor?

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Who hasn’t had a fantasy about their professor or teacher? It’s an old fantasy, raking student’s minds for ages. Something about them makes us go all crazy and wanting. Is it their composure or the fact they seem so unreachable? Aidan definitely has a crush on his professor. Simon Lake is sexy as hell, besides being very achieved in a very young age. Aidan has no chance to even reach him though until he’s graduated and is officially no longer his student. As the story goes Aidan’s path will not be easy. His professor’s reluctance to date an ex-student and other obstacles that find their way add to Aidan’s hard work on his seduction manners.

I liked the story…very much actually. Having had myself numerous fantasies about numerous teachers/professors I find these stories very appealing to me. I must confess at some point I thought things were not going to work out between Aidan and Simon. I really thought Aidan’s best friend would be the one to win the prize. But, professor Lake came to his senses in the end. The entire plot is all about Aidan’s many tries to seduce his professor and his final achievement, so there is not much to comment on that. The characters were simple enough and there was no need for real connection here since we all can relate with the storyline in some or other way. The text is very nicely written and fast, giving the opportunity for an enjoyable read.

I’d recommend this to anyone actually. This is really the kind of story that each and every one of us would read and enjoy.



Going Under by Lisa Worrall

Title: Going Under

Author: Lisa Worrall

Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary, Ghosts, Spirits

Length: Novella (156pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (4th August 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Evan Griffin, bruised and battered by unseen forces, walks into the offices of paranormal investigators, Knight & Stone. Ross Stone is captivated by the injured man. Does he dare risk getting close to Evan when he’s fighting his own demons?

Evan Griffin moved into his remote country house with all the excitement and promise of a new start. He thought he’d found it until the strange noises began… When the attacks became physical, he was left bruised and battered and desperate for help.

When Evan walks into the offices of paranormal investigators, Knight & Stone, Ross Stone is dumbfounded by the injuries the man bears. Injuries Evan insists were caused by an unseen assailant in his own home. Something in the man’s eyes tugs at Ross’s heartstrings. But dare he risk getting close to Evan when he is fighting his own demons?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a HFN ending and extreme violence or gore.

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Review: Evan is in a hopeless place, after moving to the countryside for a fresh start he is now being terrorized by something he can’t see and can’t fight back against. In a desperate move, he goes to Knight & Stone paranormal investigators for help, and they help him get to the bottom of his haunting. Ross is instantly attracted to the man who comes to them for help; even Evan’s bruises don’t douse his attraction. But, the poor man has come to him for help and he has enough on his plate with his own demons, but both their pasts collide.

This is a well written novella that is tragic and violent and has a silver lining that is tinged with black. Evan is coming to the end of his rope; the invisible attacks against him are becoming more and more violent. So even though he may end up being laughed at, he goes to a paranormal investigator. An investigator who is the first man, since he lost his partner that he has felt an attraction to. Ross wants to help out the poor man who looks so dejected. So he sets out with his co-workers to help Evan get to the bottom of his problem. He rapidly falls for Evan, but his past catches up with him and it makes for an exceptional and emotional time for both of them.

What can I really say about this story except that Lisa Worrall really knows how to give us an angsty, emotional, violent, disturbing, intriguing story. I am not going to go into too much detail with this story except to say that a tragedy in Evan’s past now haunts him, and has been trying to make him pay for many years. With Ross, it is a monster from his past that re-emerges and refuses to let him go. I must admit I was a little surprised at how fast Evan and Ross got together, but they were very passionate and caring together and very hot.

I will give warning that there is quite a bit of violence in this story, but it really adds to the realism of the situations. Evan and Ross do make a good couple in the time that we see them together, and they are very caring about each other. But the ending is a bit of a shriek into your fist and an ‘oh my god’ moment and you begin to have a desperate hope that there will be a sequel so we can have a ‘happily ever after’ for them. Because, if anyone deserves a happy ending it is these two men.

I am recommending this to those who love angst, surprising violence, hauntings, ghosts from the past (living and dead), hot sex, the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a happy for now ending, that makes you want to scream.