Michael's Heart by Lynn Tyler

91L9ImVtfRL._SL1500_Title: Michael’s Heart
Series: Pack Mates book #4
Author: Lynn Tyler
Genre: Contemporary M/M Shifter series
Length: Novel (175 pages)
Publisher: Liquid Silver books (June 2nd 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Michael and Justin have both been hurt in the past, but when these two solitary, lonely werewolves find each other, they must decide if they’re willing to risk everything for love. Lynn Tyler presents Michael’s Heart, Book 4 of her paranormal romance series, Pack Mates.

Michael Ferris lives a solitary life, even as a werewolf within the confines of the Smooth Rock Falls pack. Not willing to risk getting hurt again, he’s built an impenetrable wall around his heart that only a few had even a chance of chipping away at. His job as a firefighter helps to keep his mind off his solitude for a while, but when he meets the right guy, Michael doesn’t know if he can let him in.

Justin Blake isn’t lonely by choice. In fact, he’s not even aware of just how lonely he is until he lays eyes on the handsome firefighter. As the shifter negotiator, Justin finds himself hopelessly drawn to Michael while helping to ease new shifters onto pack lands.

Can two hurting, lost souls heal each other, or will fear keep them apart even as the Smooth Rock Falls pack grows larger?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GBLT, Paranormal, Shifters, M/M, Wolves, Other Weres, Contemporary
Purchase Link: http://www.lsbooks.com/michael-s-heart-p911.php
Review: Michael Ferris is content living his life as a fire fighter and a member of the Smooth Rock Falls pack. Recently though, more of his pack mates are meeting their mates, including his best friend since birth, Grayson. Michael feels the loneliness and continues to occupy his time with work, the pack and his friends. As much as he wants something more, he has an overwhelming fear of being hurt by anyone he loves. So he ignores his attraction to the sexy pack Lawyer Justin. Avoiding the man at all cost.

Justin stays very busy as a successful attorney, the pack lawyer and the shifter negotiator. But he to feels the loneliness on the rare occasion he allows himself to think about being alone. From that first moment he ran into the large, in charge Fire fighter, literally ran into Michael, and spilled his coffee down Michael’s shirt, he’s been smittin. And the spark only grows stronger when they finally shake hands and Justin feels the familiar tingle of electricity that is a sign to any shifter that they have found their mate.

Michael fights him tooth and nail. Michael’s wolf recognizes that the lawyer shifter is his mate and makes it difficult, and Michael going to Justin when the lust builds to take the edge off, then fleeing as soon as his mind clears is only making matters worse. Justin has fallen head over heels in love with his large, sexy fire fighter wolf. But he doesn’t want to be hurt either, and every time Michael pulls away, it tears him apart. Can Michael sift through all the pain and anger he holds inside over what his parents did to him, and find a way to let Justin in? Or will Justin tire of the back and forth yo-yoing that Michael is putting him through and give up the man entirely?

I am absolutely enamoured with the characters that I fell in love with in book one. And throughout this current story, Tyler has set herself up for several new couplings in future instalments. This time around, we not only have the Smooth Rock Falls pack but also they are welcoming several Tiger shifters who wish to have as much protection as possible for their Tiger Omega. And since the pack has been successful in keeping their own Omega, Quinn the alphas mate, protected the Tiger counsel sends Pierce to the pack for added protection. This doesn’t go without incident that was not fully explored, so perhaps that will be the core of the next book. Especially since Tyler briefly shows an attraction to Pierce from one of his most loyal bodyguards.

Several things start their course in this book that didn’t reach their final destination, so we have a ton of potential for this series going forward. I highly recommend you read these books, but start with the first one because all of the pack members are prominent characters throughout each book, so you’ll need to start at the beginning to have the whole picture!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

The Cove by D.T. Peterson

22012553Title: The Cove
Author: D.T. Peterson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (324 pages)
Publisher: Beau to Beau Publishing (April 9th, 2014)
Heat: Mild
Heart: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Young and idealistic, Jon and Dave meet by chance, their friendship growing stronger and leading them to a place neither has been before. Though theirs is a love forbidden, which few understand, they journey across the country together and settle in San Francisco, where they are finally free to be together as they were meant to be. When life takes an unexpected turn, however, the two young lovers are torn apart by a secret, which, if unveiled, threatens to bring great shame to the family of one determined to keep them on the straight and narrow.
Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Cove-D-T-Peterson-ebook/dp/B00JLJFK3I
Review: This story starts at the end and then goes back to share how it all began. Jon and David fell in love when they were teenagers, only to be torn apart by ignorance and betrayal. Both went on to live decent lives, got married and had children. But they never forgot about their first love. And now, at the end, David decides to write a story. And just when you think that the story will find a second wind, the next generation of ignorance rears its ugly head and Jon and David’s happy ever after, after all, is threatened… again.

This wasn’t a fast-paced story, slow to start but the author set that pace in the beginning and kept that flow throughout.

Some of the choices that Jon and David made along the way didn’t make sense to me. There is a part in the story where one of the gents sleeps with his girlfriend, and they exchange emotional words, I love you and so on. And then he goes back to his own bed, and the other gent crawls into bed with him. This is just an example of a couple of things in the book that confused me. And while the ending made me cry, it was a little bittersweet. I will say think Nicholas Sparks, but I won’t say which NS book exactly, that’d ruin the surprise.

Overall, I enjoyed this story, it was very beautiful and endearing and there was an evident passion between Jon and David without the usual sexually explicit storyline. This would be the perfect book for those that like the love story and passion that comes between two men, without all the naughty bits. A little bit angsty and drama filled, but a great soul mate story. I wish I could say more but I don’t want to write any spoilers.

Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford ~ Audiobook

DirtyKissAudLGTitle: Dirty Kiss BestSeries
Author: Rhys Ford
Series: Cole McGinnis Mysteries book #1
Narrated By: Greg Tremblay
Length: 8 hrs and 21 mins
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (03-10-14)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Cole Kenjiro McGinnis, ex-cop and PI, is trying to get over the shooting death of his lover when a supposedly routine investigation lands in his lap. Investigating the apparent suicide of a prominent Korean businessman s son proves to be anything but ordinary, especially when it introduces Cole to the dead man s handsome cousin, Kim Jae-Min.

Jae-Min s cousin had a dirty little secret, the kind that Cole has been familiar with all his life and that Jae-Min is still hiding from his family. The investigation leads Cole from tasteful mansions to seedy lover s trysts to Dirty Kiss, the place where the rich and discreet go to indulge in desires their traditional-minded families would rather know nothing about.

It also leads Cole McGinnis into Jae-Min s arms, and that could be a problem. Jae-Min’s cousin’s death is looking less and less like a suicide and Jae-Min is looking more and more like a target. Cole has already lost one lover to violence he s not about to lose Jae-Min too.
Buy Link: http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Dirty-Kiss-Book-1-Audiobook/B00IUQDD8M/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1401840329&sr=1-1
Review: Cole McGinnis is a half Irish, half-Asian gay man. The former cop has little to no contact with his mother and father since he came out. His older brother, an attorney, has never turned his back on his brother though regardless. It’s Cole’s brother Mike that brings him his latest job, digging into the death of Mike’s boss’s son. It’s at the family home that Cole meets the elusive, beautiful, and troubled cousin of the victim. The last thing Mike wants is to be attracted to anyone, still in mourning after his long time lover was killed by his former partner on the force. But there is something about Jae that pulls Cole closer and makes the PI want to get to know the closed off Asian a little more intimately.

Kim Jae-Min hides his sexuality, sort of. It’s no secret to his late cousin’s family, who actually blame him for “turning” their son gay. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jae is attracted to the large and in charge PI as well, and it confuses him. Cole really aggravates him and pisses him off, pushing his buttons, but he turns him on like no one else ever has as well. Jae is a conundrum, fighting Cole one minute, and then rocking his world the next, sometimes the two happen simultaneously, which is both confusing and entertaining.

As Cole grows closer to uncovering the truth about Yung’s death, he and Jae grow closer as well. But the person responsible for Yung’s death wants to keep their identity a secret. Even if that means one-half breed, PI and a gay go-go dancer have to be the next casualties in this twisted game of murder and secrecy. Cole struggles to balance his attraction to Jae with his almost utter certainty that he is violating some type of promise to his dead lover to be miserable and alone for all eternity. Jae has his struggles as well. As much as he wants to be with Cole, it confuses him, the wanting the man so much. And he will not tell his family the truth, that he prefers men to woman, and risk being cut off from them. Can the two of them find a happy medium where they can stay true to themselves and manage to be with each other? And if they can, will they be alive to do so?

Ford delves deep into the trenches of Asian society and beliefs with this series, where as in the Sinner’s series, she explored the Irish. But this series is no less intense, Ford has definitely found her niche’ with murder, mayhem and snarky, sexy, half-naked men that can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. Narrated by Greg Trembley, this is my first audio from Trembley but I’m quite taken with his skills. Trembley conveys the accents with precision and grace and manages to differentiate between characters with the slightest change of nuance and tone. The action is pulse pounding and almost nonstop. Every time you think that Cole is close to figuring things out there is another curve ball. I loved the phrases and the wording that Ford used while telling this story, describing these characters and Trembley really brought it all to life with his narration.

If you like a story with a mesh up of mystery and suspense with a couple of hard-headed fresh new lovers and a pretty accurate detailing of the Asian culture in the aspect of this story… this is the perfect book for you!

What the Heart Thinks by Vivien Dean

71jwiYh2iYL._SL1500_Title: What the Heart Thinks

Series: Vive La Différence AmberPax™ Collection

Author: Vivien Dean

Genre: Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / The Arts

Length: Novella (23K words)

ISBN: 9781611245905

Publisher: Amber Allure (April 20th, 2014)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Heats

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: On a scale of one to ten, DJ Joe Salinas considers himself a four, five on a good day. Actor/part-time stripper Fess Kedley is definitely a nine, however, though Joe’s sure that slides into a ten as soon as the clothes come off. So when the outgoing Fess recognizes a shy Joe at a bachelorette party from his midnight radio show and proceeds to ask him out, Joe turns him down, convinced he’s either crazy or stupid.

The only problem is, Fess takes rejection as reason to keep on trying.

The two become unexpected friends, so when the thought of trying a date comes up again, Joe decides to take a chance. Though he doesn’t understand what someone like Fess would see in someone like him, it’s hard to say “no” when everything else feels so right.

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/1950-What-The-Heart-Thinks.aspx
Review: What the heart Thinks is a very sweet story of a man who hides behind his voice as a radio DJ and meets a male stripper that has a crush on him.

Joe has a very low self-esteem and once he saw Fess at a bachelorette party his best friend was throwing, he knew he didn’t stand a chance. Fess was beyond hot and sexy. Luckily, he is as persistent as he is hot.

I loved the fact that Joe isn’t your typical hot and sexy person. I like that he is more average and Vivien did a fabulous job of showing us not only Joe’s feelings but that not all beautiful people are shallow either. I loved the deep-rooted emotions and the ending was amazing!

If you like, DJ’s with a sexy voice and snarky attitude, actors, male strippers, friends to lovers, and sweet romances with a happy ending I highly recommend this one!

The Rekindling of Love by Derrick Knight

91gwN-utajL._SL1500_Title: The Rekindling of Love
Series: The Innkeeper Series #1
Author: Derrick Knight
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (350 pages)
Publisher: Derrick Knight (Published April 10th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: Dwyer Von Strohm thought his life was perfect. He had a great job as a pharmaceutical sales representative; he lived in Chicago’s premiere gay community, drove an expensive car, and had an unlimited number of hot gay men to pursue. Dwyer thought his was living the life he had always dreamed. Then one day he becomes a causality of a poor economy. In a very short time, Dwyer loses his job, loses his status in the gay community, and is reduced to living a lonely existence.

Dwyer’s situation forces him to move back home and live with his parents in the small town of Glasburg Illinois. Dwyer had left Glasburg many years ago because the love of his life, John Fitzgerald, had broken his heart. Dwyer reunites with gay friends from high school who are facing their own life challenges.

Soon Dwyer and John’s paths collide and it is evident both men still have strong feelings for each other. Will Dwyer find it in his heart to forgive John or will he let the demons from their past prevent them from rekindling the love they once shared?

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Rekindling-Love-Innkeepers-Series-ebook/dp/B00JLL1OBI
Reviewer: Tams
Review: Dwyer and John were best friends turned lovers that broke up after spending a year together as a couple in high school. Not only was the relationship a wash, but their friendship was destroyed as well. They went to separate colleges and haven’t spoken since. Now Dwyer has moved back home after losing his job in Chicago and the last thing he wants, is to run into John.

Dwyer ends up taking a job with an older established gay couple, that happens to be friends of both Dwyer and John. There are actually several different gay couples throughout the book, and each couple knows each other, as they are all part of an extended group of friends. As everyone, they know works to get Dwyer and John back together. Will the person whose opinion matter most feel the same way? Dwyer.

As I said, there were several different couplings in this book and when it was all said and done, they were all in the same circle of friends and acquaintances. But each couple got to share their own unique love story along the way. Mark and Eric, who met on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after Mark was attacked, violated and left HIV positive. Eric’s mother is into AIDS/HIV research so Erick is fully aware of the issues and problems he’d face to be in a relationship with Mark, but it doesn’t stop him.

David and Lance who have an intense attraction but are overwhelmed with inexperience, they get to grow together as a couple and grow into a very strong one. There are a few more couplings, but these two were my favorites, their stories were so intense and realistic that I related to them. I wanted more passion for these characters, but when it came to the sexual aspect of the entire book it seemed like the author was jump roping between YA and Adult and the two lines don’t blur well. At least they didn’t in this instance, and that ruined the story for me.

Overall, the misspellings, typos, and lack of adult passion in a book that was obviously meant to be an adult read left this book lacking, in my opinion. I would love to see what the author could do if he/she went back and either stuck strictly YA or strictly Adult with this story and tried again. Sorry, I didn’t care much for this one, but on the up side, I LOVED this cover.

Portia’s Two Cents: I have to agree, this cover rocks, but I was very disappointed with the story that followed. The writing is not bad at all. And the characters are interesting and believable. This had the makings of a great series. Yes, I mean series…not story. There was just too much going on. Too many characters, too many flashbacks, too many romances. I forgot who the main characters were after a while. In all, I think I counted, at least, 4 stories that could have stood alone, and would have been much more satisfying.

This Means War by Jane Elliot

71+aSls4ZsL._SL1500_Title: This Means War

Series: Above All #2

Author: Jane Elliot

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (169 pages)

ISBN: 9781908312211

Publisher: Manifold Press (March 30th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Life seems to be going well for Jasper Swinton and Brian Stark: they have fulfilling jobs, a cute kitten, and, despite all expectations, they’re still together after two months. When a harmless prank war goes awry, however, their perfect life starts falling apart – and it doesn’t take long before they’re finding out that actions can have unexpected consequences, and that not every love story has a happy ending

Purchase Link: http://www.manifoldpress.co.uk/2014/01/this-means-war/

Review: First off, I want to say I have not read the first book (but plan too now) I followed this one quite well though. There were enough slow drops of information that I was able to enjoy the book.

Secondly, these characters are all older (late thirties just turned 40) and if it hadn’t stated it was Brian’s 40th birthday and Jasper was 14 months behind, I would have thought they were teens by the pranks.

Now, having said that, I absolutely loved this book. Even though I found the pranking excessive and juvenile, I think it really showed the men’s personality, affection for each other and how they really fit together. It also was a fun light-hearted story.

Jasper is a genius and works for an aeronautical testing lab. Brian is an ex-POW and has been training at Landsky for test piloting but his PTSD is holding him back. Both men like to play pranks and their co-workers get involved, so when Brian began getting dead-flowers with ominous notes, he put it off the pranks from Jasper.

This story has a bit of everything, fun pranks, snarky jasper, a broken Brian a cute, funny cat, and mystery. The sex scenes while hot are very tastefully done and for the most part off page.

If you like, a fun, fast-paced story with romance and mystery, like pranks, broken men, ex-military men, smart men, good friends, adorable cats, and committed couples this is for you. I can’t wait for the next one.


Deep Water by Coral Moore (Mended Daily Dose) Interview, Review & Giveaway!

Coral Moore - Deep Water banner

Hiya everyone, we now have the pleasure of Coral Moore and her Daily Dose release Deep Water. Coral was gracious enough to do a interview with us so why don’t you get to know this author who is pretty new to most of us. Now remember you will get the chance to win Deep Water today if you leave a comment and if you haven’t already then click that Rafflecopter link for a chance to win the entire Mended collection! <3 ~Pixie~

And Trix you are are winner for Ashavan Doyon’s The Byte of Betrayal! Congratulations 🙂

Daily Dose MendedLG


Various Authors

Life comes with a bit of hurt, but luckily for these men, it also comes with the right amount of comfort to mend their breaks, both of the body and the heart. From facing deranged exes to economic trials, the men in these tales have faced trial by fire–or in some cases water–for the right to love and live. Step into their shoes as they rebuild their family after a gutting betrayal or traverse the stars with an unexpected partner. The Mended Daily Dose package delivers stories about all kinds of second chances built on love. 

Felicitas Ivey Zahra Owens Emily Moreton Cardeno C. S.A. Garcia Elizabeth Noble M. Lee Ellis Carrington Kim Fielding Ari McKay E.T. Malinowski Bru Baker K.C. Wells Gwynn Marssen Lee Comyn Ashavan Doyon Eli Easton Charley Descoteaux Therese Woodson MA Ford Kenzie Cade Coral Moore L.D. Blakeley Chloe Stowe Ronnie Matthews Jayden Brooks Diane Lennox C. Callenreese Mars Novak Emma Wilson

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Out of the Gate by E.M. Lynley Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

E.M. Lynley - Out of the Gate Banner

Hey guys, we have E.M. Lynley is giving us a flying visit today and she has dropped off some goodies for us to share. We have a little snippet of Out of the Gate and a great Giveaway! So enjoy the post, check out Gigi’s review and click that Rafflecopter link! <3 ~Pixie~  

E.M. Lynley - Out of the Gate LG

Out of the Gate


E.M. Lynley

British actor Wesley Tremayne thinks he’s close to hitting the big time—a film career—with his role as a hunky explorer on a popular American TV show. Success should be just around the corner, as long as he keeps his sexual orientation a secret. Wes’s best friend and beard, Julia Compton, forms the other half of a glamorous Hollywood couple that’s merely a façade.

Evan Taylor left his acting career behind five years ago without looking back. He’s always been more comfortable around horses than people—especially Hollywood types. His new life training racehorses is a dream come true, but increasing financial problems and an abusive boyfriend have him doubting himself and his choices.

Then Wes and his friends buy a third-rate racehorse—partially for publicity—and send him to Evan’s stable. Wes’s friendship with Evan soon develops into an overpowering attraction he can’t act on. He’s never met a man like Evan, but if there’s any chance for a future together, Wes must choose between a career he loves and the man he adores.

Buy links


Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Out-Gate-EM-Lynley-ebook/dp/B00JU7W5B6

Are https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-outofthegate-1483233-149.html

B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/out-of-the-gate-em-lynley/1119274975?ean=9781627986823

Print Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Out-Gate-Em-Lynley/dp/1627986820/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1398121781&sr=1-10

Print B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/out-of-the-gate-em-lynley/1119274975?ean=9781627986823

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Apollo's Curse by Brad Vance Blog Tour Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Brad Vance - Apollo's Curse Banner

Hello guy’s and gal’s today we have Brad Vance popping in showing off his newest release Apollo’s Curse. Brad gives us a teeny-weeny teaser and a great giveaway where you could find yourself the owner of your very own copy! So I will leave you with Lisa’s awesome review and don’t forget to click that Rafflecopter link! <3 ~Pixie~ 

Brad Vance - Apollo's Curse 350x525

Apollo’s Curse


Brad Vance

All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer.  After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the more romances they read, the more they’re convinced they can do better.  And do they ever!  They join their creative forces to become “Pamela Clarice,” self-published romance novelist.  When they look for a cover model for their first book, Dane sees the photos that will change his life. 

Paul Musegetes is the world’s most popular romance cover model, and the most secretive.  Dane soon finds himself obsessed with this supernaturally handsome man, and when he meets Paul at the Romance Writers’ Ball on the Summer Solstice, he and Paul connect for one night of passion…

After that night, Dane’s a writing machine.  He can’t stop writing romances, and every story he touches turns to gold.  But he also finds that he can’t write anything but romances. And soon he’s spending every waking moment of every day writing another after another…

Then Dane finds out that this Midas touch has a heavy price.  After the next Summer Solstice, he’ll never write again.  Not a romance, not a serious novel.  Nothing.  Not even a grocery list.  And that leaves him with only one option – find Paul, and get him to break the curse.  But before he can do that, he’ll have to track down Paul’s equally mysterious photographer, Jackson da Vinci…

Amazon.com: Apollo’s Curse

ARe: Apollo’s Curse

Amazon.co.uk: Apollo’s Curse

B&N: Apollo’s Curse

Smashwords: Apollo’s Curse

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