Nothing Ventured by Jay Northcote

NothingVenturedLGTitle: Nothing Ventured
Series: N/A
Author: Jay Northcote
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (142 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 12th 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: When Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker—a twelve-mile muddy slog over an obstacle course—he’s expecting it to be a bit of a laugh. The training will be tough, but Aiden could use the motivation to regain some fitness.

Matt is the sexy cousin of one of Aiden’s coworkers and a last-minute addition to the team. When he agrees to train with Aiden, Aiden suddenly finds the prospect of regular workouts a lot more appealing.
Soon attraction flares, and they embark on an intense physical relationship. Matt doesn’t want to fall in love with a man, and Aiden doesn’t want to fall in love at all, but despite their insistence on no strings, they grow closer. As the day of the race approaches, time is running out for them to work out how they feel about each other.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-423-0

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Reviewer: Leigh
Review: Aiden is tricked into taking part of a race by his friend Liv, via the use of Tequila. One of the team members happens to be Liv’s Cousin Matt who has recently returned to the UK. Matt agrees to help Aiden train for the race.

From the get go Aiden is attracted to the buff Matt. But since Mat was engaged to a woman prior, Aiden has labeled him as straight. As the weeks pass and the truth is revealed. Matt is bisexual but hides his male loving side firmly in the closet. Matt’s father was a homophobe and even dead, his beliefs were still affecting Matt.

The two of them start a friends with bennies relationship. No strings attached is what they agree too, since Aiden has given up on relationships and Matt doesn’t want to fall in love with a man. So between Aiden with his relationship phobia and Matt with his internal homophobia the two had some things to overcome. Their no strings attached idea does not go as planned for either of them. As they continue to train and have sex both have to face the facts and finally come to terms and own up to their feelings for the other.

So minor angst caused some issues for the two MCs, but otherwise this was a very HOT story. The sex scenes are frequent and very descriptive. Since many of their sexy times happens after they have been working out it just makes it hotter. I did think the issues worked out a little too easy, but that is just my opinion.

This was definitely a light, sexy, and enjoyable read.

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Rising Damp by Christiane France

RisingDampTitle: Rising Damp
Series:  N/A
Author: Christiane France
Genre: Paranormal/ Ghosts/ Hauntings
Length: Novella (68 pages)
Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: When Matt Jones takes a temporary job as a housekeeper/housesitter in an old and imposing three-story Queen Anne Victorian estate, he’s worried about patching up a misunderstanding with his new boyfriend. But he has no idea he’ll be sharing the premises with a ghost and, within the month, his life will drastically change.

Never in Matt’s wildest dreams would he have imagined that living with a sexy ghost could be so exciting and rewarding…
ISBN: 978-1-61124-695-7
Product Link:
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Enjoyable story about Matt who discovers that his new job has a ghost living there. Although to my knowledge, most ghosts don’t have complete conversations with anyone. Toby, the ghost, explains that he was killed in a home invasion. But didn’t give any more details than that. He wants to go home but can’t, so Matt attempts to help him when he discovers the house Toby lived in has been demolished.

Cute story about a human who grows closer to a ghost and decides to start a relationship with him since his employers over him a permanent job there. Glad Matt got rid of the cheating boyfriend, as he didn’t need that on top of everything else going on.

The scenery of the grounds and house where Matt worked were beautiful. The sex was hot and intriguing between Toby and Matt. Good read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

Hook, Line & Sinker by Piper Vaughn

HookLine&SinkerV2LGTitle: Hook, Line & Sinker

Series: Hard Hats, #2

Author: Piper Vaughn

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (181 pages)

ISBN: 9781632165060

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 19th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Harper

Blurb: When they were teens, Castor McCormick was the bane of Blake Kowalski’s existence. Their mutual animosity led to summers filled with rivalry. Now, nearly two decades later, Cas is moving back into the neighborhood to live in his grandmother’s old house. Blake tells himself he isn’t interested in seeing how snarky little Cas grew up, but when his mother dupes him into visiting his former nemesis, he finds out “pretty” can evolve into “sexy as hell” on the right man.

Cas didn’t think he wanted to see Blake again. No one has ever pushed his buttons like the arrogant boy he remembers from their youth. Turns out, the adult version of Blake still gets him hot under the collar—and everywhere else. With Blake on leave from work to nurse an injured leg and Cas taking time to move and unpack, they form a tentative friendship that turns into a sexual affair neither man can deny. But when Cas’s job sends him out-of-state to deal with a difficult client, their new relationship will be tested, and if they fail, Blake’s broken leg might not be the only thing to end up scarred.

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Review:  I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book for review prior to its release, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

The story revolves around 2 mc’s Blake and Castor (Cas). They have known each other all their lives and were sworn enemies.
The story picks up, with them both in their thirties and Cas has moved into his grandmothers old house, making him one of Blake’s mothers neighbors. It just so happens that Blake is living at his mums temporarily due to a broken leg.

After lots of not so subtle, but still endearing, match making, Blake and Cas get together.

Blake and Cas’ relationship starts as hot as hell fucking, but it soon grows to mean a lot more to each man. Blake’s domination of Cas, particularly in the early scenes, even made me want to switch places with Cas, lol.

Inevitably, in the final chapters, I grew frustrated with both MCs as their lack of proper communication nearly prevented them from staying together. But in true Piper Vaughn style, she gave me what I wanted.

I have only just discovered that this is book 2 in the series- this is certainly not an issue as it can be read as a standalone book. I will definitely be looking up book 1 though and catching up on my missing read.

Would I recommend this book? HELL YES!

I’d recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a simple not too brain taxing, hot as heck read.

All I Desire is Steven by James L. Craig

81qbO8J+V9L._SL1500_Title: All I Desire is Steven
Series: N/A
Author: James L Craig
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (10K words)
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (November 19th 2014)
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Steven is a run of the mill guy, living a simple life that tips over into boring. He sees no way out of his dreary existence until he meets James, who is beautiful, charming, and helps to bring vivid color to Steven’s dull life. But everybody has secrets, and when James’s secret comes out Steven wonders if he should have stuck with boring…
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Review: A cute short story about a young man who has been judged his entire life for being gay, so he should be the last person in the world to judge someone else who is less than perfect. But that is exactly what Steven does to his would be boyfriend James. Once Steven searches his heart and realizes the mistake his made, is the damage done beyond repair?

I really enjoyed all the cute little details of this story. The chance meeting, the immediate connection, literally not being able to take their eyes off of each other. There was a lot of content as well for such a short length, got to see a lot about both young men and their pasts. I would have liked a longer story, I think more could have been explored, and I am very hopeful that the author will continue to follow Steven and James and their ups and downs as they navigate the relationship.

If you are looking for a really fast read with a great, base storyline and a decent amount of romance, give this one a go.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *


Gabriel's City by Laylah Hunter Blog Tour, Guest Post, Review & Giveaway!

Gabriel's City Banner
Hi guys, we have Riptide Publishing’s Laylah Hunter stopping by with Gabriel’s City. Laylah chats about world-building, she brings along a fantastic giveaway and there’s my review for you to enjoy, so enjoy the post and then leave a comment (with email address) for a chance to win some ZOMG Smells perfume oil blends <3 ~Pixie~
Laylah Hunter - Gabriel's City 500x750

Gabriel’s City

(A Tale of Fables and Fortunes 01)

Laylah Hunter

For spoiled young aristocrat Colin Harwood, the port city of Casmile is a buffet of easy pleasures. But when he steps into a pub brawl to help a dangerously outnumbered young man, he is drawn into the seedy underbelly of the city the young man calls home.

Gabriel is a cutpurse and a knife for hire, practically an urban legend. His vision of Casmile is touched by a strange combination of faith and madness, driven by fairytale logic and a capacity for love that he often must suppress to survive. He’s always worked alone, but when a dashing dragon who calls himself Colin saves him in a bar fight, he pulls Colin into his world.

Gabriel’s city is nothing like the refined, socialite existence that bored Colin senseless. Colin finds adventure and excitement there—and maybe even love. But with his layers of finery stripped away, nothing remains to protect him from poverty or danger—except Gabriel. So he must choose: go back to the civilized young man he once was, or fly free as Gabriel’s dragon.

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