Ranger's End Game by Lee Oliver

Lee Oliver - Ranger's End Game Cover sTitle: Ranger’s End Game

Series: Northern States Pack #1

Author: Lee Oliver

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy 

Length: Novella (100 Pages)

Publisher: Lee Oliver (February 3, 2017)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Aiden Chalmers doesn’t want much out of life. The inheritance from his grandmother would be nice. After all, he was supposed to get that on his twenty-fifth birthday and that was three months ago. But his father, Alpha Chalmers of the Northern States has insisted he won’t release the money until Aiden has completed a week long training camp. The youngest of six brothers and having suffered a hard upbringing, Aiden figures anything would be worth going through so he could be free of his father. It’s only for a week.

Ranger doesn’t like people and he especially doesn’t like his latest assignment – training a bunch of wannabe alphas for some goodness only knows reason. As the top assassin for the shifter council, he’s starting to think either someone wants him dead, or he’s being punished for a transgression he knows nothing about. But matters take an even stranger turn, when on the very first day of training, he scents his mate.

Things were never going to be easy for Aiden and Ranger. If the training camp wasn’t hard enough, a missing will, the full secret about Aiden’s inheritance and the little matter of Ranger being hired to kill his mate by a council member all add to their problems. If Ranger can keep his mate alive for the week, then maybe they will have a chance at a long and happy future. But it’s a big if.


Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N380YDX

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story is the first book in this amazing series and it does hint about the next story, however it can be read as a standalone.  However in my opinion I would read it just like any other series.  

I have read many stories by this amazing author in her other pen name, Lisa Oliver.  Her stories have a way of getting to you, and the characters just make you want to cuddle up with them as well.  Now we know that paranormal’s are not real life, but the way they are told you would think they were.  Each conflict that a character has, you will actually find in real life.  Such as our sexy little Aiden.   

Aiden’s mother passed during his birth, leaving his father to raise him.  His grandmother when she died left him a trust fund, but his father won’t give it to him until he passes one camp course.  What Aiden doesn’t realize is something else is going on as well.  He also finds out that the one leading the camp is his mate.

Ranger is the strongest and deadliest of all assassins.  He doesn’t know why he was to lead this training group but he is bound to find out.  What he doesn’t expect is one of the young recruits to be his mate.  To top it off this is a camp to train future assassins, but none of the group know it.  You survive or you don’t, but damn if there is something shady going on.  He has been asked to assassinate his own mate and you can guess who is behind it.

Now I had understood that this was not a spin off from any of Lee’s other series, but I would like to know about Shadow’s story.  It doesn’t come off as fluid as many of her other stories does and seems a bit off.  The romance part is not as sensuous as one would expect and the sex scene is not what one would have expected.  It didn’t develop like the way I would have liked.  Now other than those issues I had with it, let’s just say I was not let down at all.  The guys are downright drool worthy and I loved the little twist this one had.  Ranger is one sexy assassin that can kill with well you know.  Aiden doesn’t really come off as an alpha, and is a bit of a push-over, but I can see him in the future with his pack.  

The secondary characters are a hit with me, and I would like to know who has Cam’s underwear in a twist, but will have to wait till the next story.  I do wish for a bit more into these guys past and how they got to where they are now though.  Overall this story was fun, suspenseful and I had a blast with it.  It had quite a bit of meat to it which was surprising for a one hundred page story. 

I have always loved Lisa (aka Lee)’s stories and will continue to be.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  This one was a hit with me.

Snowblind by Eli Easton

Eli Easton - Snowblind Cover sTitle: Snowblind

Series: Dreamspun Desires #29

Author: Eli Easton

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense

Length: Novel (196 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1 Mar 2017)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb:  Snow, steam, and secrets.

The latest snowstorm carries something unexpected to the doorstep of Hutch’s secluded Alaskan cabin: a stranger named Jude, the most beautiful man Hutch has ever seen. Jude says he’s in the area for a ski trip and that he fled a domineering lover, thinking he could make it into town. But Hutch is a suspicious SOB and treats his unwanted guest warily. The problem is Jude isn’t just gorgeous, he’s funny and smart and flirtatious.

Two gay men snowed in for three days—things happen. Really good things. By the time the storm clears, Hutch finds himself a little too attached to Jude Devereaux, San Francisco-based male model. But is Jude what he claims to be? Or is he entangled in the secrets Hutch moved to Alaska to escape?

ISBN: 978-1-63533-146-2

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/snowblind-by-eli-easton-8127-b

Reviewer: Prime

Review: I’m not really sure how I feel about this book. I didn’t outright dislike the book, but at the same time I didn’t love it. I think it had more to do with the depth (or lack thereof) of the plot rather than the writing style. I’ve read and enjoyed books by Eli Easton in the past. So I think, for me, this is one of those books where it was good enough but certainly not my cup of tea.

The blurb for this book really only covers the first half of the book. The second half of the book is only addressed by two questions at the end of the blurb. The story opens with Hutch, who lives isolated in Alaska, finding a man stumble upon his cabin. Jude is basically hypothermic when he finds his way to Hutch’s cabin, but with his “sob story” (as I like to call it), with the two hot men snowed in for a few days the stage is set for a fun time. But not everything is as it seems. When the snow begins to clear reality brutally comes crashing down and Hutch has to face that not only can he not run from his past, but not everything is as it seems in the present.

I really can’t say anything else because there is no hint in the blurb and I don’t want to spoil things. However, suffice to say if you like a bit of intrigue – spies, military and whatnot – then you might well enjoy this story. For me, I think, something about the flow of the story didn’t go well for. Everything just happened – bam, bam, bam – we were told the facts but I never fully felt the emotions of the MCs despite the fact that I really, desperately wanted to.

Midnight Romance by A.M. Halford

A.M. Halford - Midnight Romance CoverTitle: Midnight Romance

Series: Itayu Lake #5

Author: A.M. Halford

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (115 Pages)

Publisher: Siren Publishing  (November 16, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb:  Adriano has left his coven seeking solace away from the city life—and his cheating ex-boyfriend, Lyle. He comes to Itáyu Lake and discovers a complication he never wanted: Ignacio. Though he never wished to find his mate, Adriano isn’t dumb enough to ignore fate.

Ignacio was getting tired of waiting. After months of waiting on this lake, his mate still hadn’t showed. A full moon night changes that when Adriano literally drops from the sky and into his arms. He realizes he’s got a lot of work to do to convince his mate they belong together, but he’s willing to do it.

Instantly, sparks fly between the two. Their relationship is complicated when Adriano’s past follows him to Itáyu. In the middle of all this, Hunters have returned to figure out what happened to Butch and what is really going on at Spirit Valley and Itáyu Lake. When Ignacio and Adriano get involved, things turn dangerous—for both sides. 

ISBN: 978-1-68295-598-7

Product Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/midnight-romance

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Itayu Lake collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.  

 It has been sometime between books and have forgotten how much I truly enjoyed this series.  When a new book comes in, I usually go back and read the series once more to get caught up and sure enough I still found it quite enjoyable.  The play of emotions, the quirky characters and the dangers of hunters are just a bit of what you get into with this book.

Adriano has been dating Lyle for close to eighteen months, but bringing a twink to their bed was the last straw.  So he leaves his coven and almost ends up pancaked or fried.  Yes you have guessed it our sexy man is a vampire.  Thankfully his mate saves his butt and is about to have a fun time.  That is until his goofball ex shows up. 

Ignacio has wanted his mate for some time, and would you look at that.  He just falls from the sky.  However his mate hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to mates.  His father and mother ended their marriage when his father found his mate, and it didn’t go as planned.  So he never really looked for his.  Now Ignacio has to show him just how much fun a mate really is.  That is while dealing with hunters and Lyle, of course if you want to know more you’re going to have to read the book.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I enjoyed this story and the play between the characters.  They are a blast to read about and I cannot wait for the next book to come out.  I just hope it is not a really long wait.  Although I was late finding this one so I am off to go check the book store.  It is a fun story and I can guarantee that you will have fun reading it.

Searching for Home by Sydney Lain

Sydney Lain - Searching for Home CoverTitle: Searching for Home

Series: Omega in Hiding #2

Author: Sydney Lain

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (101 Pages)

Publisher: Sydney Lain (December 25, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Just a short few weeks ago, Jonah gave Alex his heart. But as the New Year approaches, Alex realizes Jonah’s fears run so deep, introducing his omega to his secret playroom calls for baby steps. That’s a tall order for size-10 feet that never learned to walk tip-toe.

Jonah is grateful for his alpha’s protective presence, but the remnants of his old, dysfunctional life threaten to pull him right back into the nightmare he thought he’d left behind. And he’s afraid turning to Alex for help will destroy the only dream he’s ever dared to hope would come true.  


Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NCNYXV9

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Over the years one gets use to certain books and they have an expectation of what they would like to read.  Now I have read several stories by this author and have pretty much loved them all.  However this one I had just a few issues with it.  The other thing was I don’t mind books that continue about the same character as the previous book; however they lose their lustre with me.  I seem to lose interest in them just as fast.  

Now in this one we have Alex getting ready to move his little omega mate in with him.  However it would seem Jonah has been keeping some secrets and it just might get him in trouble.  Although the trouble he would get from his mate, he might like that kind.  Our poor little Jonah has zero confidence and trust.  He thinks his alpha is going to lose interest in him, and Alex is just going to have to well if you want to know what Alex needs to do, read the book.

Now I like the whole omega and alpha story but this one takes it a bit too far for my taste.  I mean Jonah comes off as a very weak young man who is too needy.  Whereas Alex is the mean, powerful alpha who just adores his mate, which is great.  However I feel that there is something really missing between these two.  I mean omega’s might be smaller and might be weaker than the others, but to make him come off like he did just didn’t really work for me.  I was not as into this book as I should have been and that was a big disappointment.

Building A Home by Megan Linden

Megan Linden - Building A Home CoverTitle: Building a Home

Series: Harrington Hills 02

Author: Megan Linden

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (128 Pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (October 11, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5 Hearts

Blurb: Dating a younger guy wasn’t anywhere in Zack’s plans, but can he ignore the instincts of his wolf?

Zack Harrington noticed David Dewitt the first time the guy showed up in Harrington Hills, but their first meeting was far from perfect. A few months later Zack still can’t forget about him, and now when the two of them belong to the same pack, their paths cross even more. The problem is, David is barely twenty-two and Zack still remembers how stupid he was at that age.

David knows he’s young, but he’s tired of hearing about it all the time. He’s not a kid and he hates being treated like one, even—or especially—by the hot deputy sheriff. But as they get to know each other better and the sparks between them turn hotter, David’s willing to leave that behind.

Can they move past the age difference and their own personal hang-ups?
Or will they ultimately fall into a trap of miscommunication and hiding?

ISBN: 978-1-78651-466-0

Product Link: https://www.pride-publishing.com/book/building-a-home

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Harrington Hill’s collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.  

I have been reading romance and paranormal’s for over 30 years and can honestly say that I love a good paranormal romance more than any other kind of story.  It was not until 5 years ago that I started read m/m romance stories.  There is just something about them that pulls me in faster than any other story.  Now usually there is fighting and danger, so this story was peaceful and really different.  If it wasn’t for the fact that they did change shapes in the story I would have believed it to be a contemporary story.  So it was a nice change to the same old, same old.

Zach is about eight years older than David, and he sees that a relationship between them might not be so good.  But damn he just can’t keep his eyes off the man.  Ever since he came into town with his brother to join the pack, he has been staring at the man.  Now in this one there is no talk about fated mates or mate’s period.  Well there is but not the way one would expect.  Zach is a tough cop in a small town that is surrounded by werewolves and humans.  They seem to co-exist like any other town.  So he has to figure out what to do with his attraction to the sexy wolf.

David is very young, and has been given a hard time with it by his brother, his bosses and customers.  However now he is the boss and he is still being treated like the kid.  Even the deputy is doing it, but damn David wants that man.  So read the story if you want to see what happens with these two men.

This story is perfect for when you are trying to take a break or when you just need the sun to shine for you. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end. It also gave me everything I could want in a book. I can honestly tell you that this is going to be one of those types of series. One that I will have to read over and over.

I love the way all the feelings they felt was involved in this story. It was the perfect story for me and I loved it. I can’t wait to read the next story.

Unspeakable Words by Sarah Madison Guest Post & Excerpt!

Sarah Madison - Unspeakable Words Banner

Hi guys, we have Sarah Madison popping in today with her upcoming  expanded re-release Unspeakable Words, we have a fantastic guest post and a great new excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

Sarah Madison - Unspeakable Words Cover

Unspeakable Words

(The Sixth Sense 01)

Sarah Madison

Special Agent John Flynn is everything that Jerry Parker is not: dangerously handsome, coolly charismatic, and respected by his peers. Special Agent Parker is dedicated and meticulous, but his abrasive personality has given him a reputation for being difficult. When new information on a cold case appears, Parker is assigned to work with Flynn, and sparks fly as their investigative styles clash. Contact with a strange artifact changes everything when it bestows unusual and unpredictable powers on Flynn…and the two men must learn to work together before a killer strikes again.

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2010.

Release date: 10th March 2017

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Point Shot Trilogy by V.L. Locey Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

V.L. Locey - Point Shot Trilogy RD Banner

Hi guys, we have V.L. Locey popping in today with the release of her boxset for the Point Shot Trilogy, V.L. shares an excerpt with us and she has a brilliant giveaway, so check out the post and click that giveaway link! <3 ~Pixie~

V.L. Locey - Point Shot Trilogy Cover

Point Shot Trilogy


V.L. Locey

Two Man Advantage

Victor Kalinski, all-star forward for the Boston Barracudas, is one of the biggest jerks in professional hockey. Before long his aggressive attitude gets him shipped off to play in the minor leagues.

Furious, he takes to the ice with equal amounts of skill and scathing sarcasm, which doesn’t win him any friends—except for good-natured alternate captain Daniel Arou. He won’t take any of Vic’s crap, and he won’t take no for an answer.

But Vic’s troublemaking is pulling his career one way while Dan’s talent is pushing his in the other. However much they scorch the sheets, they might soon be separated by more than Vic’s fear of being hurt.

Game Misconduct

Life has been treating Victor Kalinski well, which is a surprise for the ginger-haired forward with the venomous tongue. His career is somewhat stable, at least for another season. His relationship with Cougars alternate captain Dan Arou is deepening, despite the fact that Daniel has yet to come out of the closet.

It’s typical Kalinski luck when a puck bunny he shared a drunken night with several months ago slaps him with a paternity suit. Despite the sizzling passion and painfully heartfelt connection between them, Dan doesn’t take the news well, and heads back to Canada alone.

If he wants to make things right and win back the man he loves, Vic has no choice but to swallow his pride—and nobody’s prouder than hotheaded, ego-driven Victor Kalinski.

Full Strength

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, Victor Kalinski was one of the best and most controversial ice hockey players in the pros. This year he’s playing in the minors, has a paternity case pending, and has just been vindictively outed to the world by one of his own teammates. 

But he seems to find life in the tiny town of Cayuga to his liking. A large part of that is Dan Arou, the Cougars’ alternate captain and the man who now holds Victor’s heart. Surely venomous, viper-tongued Victor hasn’t been mellowed by love!

Well, perhaps a little. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t intend to get sweet revenge on those who’ve hurt the man he loves and the friends he’s somehow made along the way.

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