Bent Arrow by Posy Roberts

51I0lDX5UGL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Bent Arrow
Series: N/A
Author: Posy Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (82 pages)
Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press (September 3, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Sometimes curves in the road take you right where you belong.

Luther Almond’s life working the Bakken oil field is perfect—short-lived jobs, temporary housing, and easy hookups. That’s one reason he won’t move home when he inherits the lake house. When Erik Heat bends over to fix Luther’s pipes, his tattoos hint he might be up for more than working on the drain. The last thing Luther expects is to want more from this guy than one night.

Every time they’re together, Luther is more grounded and Erik more confident. When the lake house demands attention, Luther asks for Erik’s help. There he imagines a more permanent life, one where he stops running. But he wants Erik by his side. Can he find the courage—and the words—to ask?

ISBN: 9781311953292

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Erik Heat is a former Hockey Player that was forced to leave that dream behind when he got injured. He worked the oil fields for a while; until some co-workers found out he was gay and decided to play a prank that went too far. Now he works as a plumber for temporary housing.

Luther Almond has spent his life running, constantly on the move. His job in the oil field offers him the opportunities to move from place to place, hook up with random guys no strings attached, and make a pretty penny while he’s doing it. When Luther and Erik hook up for one of those no strings attached romps, neither man thinks it could become anything more.

But then one night becomes, two, then three, which turns into sexting and friends who can talk to each other, help each other out. Soon, it threatens to become something permanent… if both men can learn how to bend.

This was just a fast fun read. I love those one night stand stories that turn into something more real and passionate, which is what happens for Luther and Erik. They understand each other in a way no-one else seems to, they fit together. There was a bit of angst and not communicating which annoyed me a bit, but overall I really enjoyed this short, sexy, romantic story.

I’d recommend it if you are looking for quickie, I blew through it in no time at all, and it left a smile on my face.

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