Beyond Duty by S. J. D. Peterson

Title: Beyond Duty

Author: S.J.D. Peterson

Genre: Military, DADT, Slight BDSM

Length: Short (28pgs)

Publisher: Goodreads M/M Romance Group & S.J.D. Peterson (4th June 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Part of the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s Love is Always Write event. Story Prompt

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Sexy Marine sitting on the floor, shirtless with just fatigue pants, another sexy Marine leaning down with his hand resting on the other Marine’s lower stomach. Matching tattoos on their shoulders and upper arms.


Dear Author,

He’s been in my life for two decades. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ended too late for us as we were months from retirement. We spent so much of our lives in the closet, hiding our love that I worry if we can hold it together when we’re out. I’m scared of losing him. For me, he’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen still and I know he could get guys half my age without trying hard. Why would he stick with me now? But he always knows…he knows when I need him to center me—to remind me of what we have. We’re in it together to the end.

If an author selects this…I LOVE BDSM. Please, please…

Edited to clarify: I see the man facing forward as a sub and the other man as his Dom. They’ve had stolen moments over the years but never the time and privacy to truly explore their D/s needs at the level they have desired. Now they do since they have retired. I enjoy a little angst (no cheating) but definitely want a HEA. Moderate BDSM would work great. Author, up to you if you take this mind. Ultimately, author, if you pick this one I’ll be pleased no matter what you do to give my guys a story!




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Review: Gunnery Sergeant Gunther ‘Gunny’ Duchene & Macalister ‘Mac’ Jones are both Marines who are coming up for retirement, now DADT is two months from being repelled and it gives Gunny an added worry that Mac will now go looking elsewhere as he no longer has to hide.

Oh, SJD.  give you a little prompt and two military men, and you pull up your big girl panties and come up with a right sparkling little gem. Gunny and Mac have been exclusive for the last ten years, after Mac had a brief brush with blackmail. But, now as they come to the end of their careers, Gunny is starting to panic a little and he has no idea why, until it hits him that Mac could have anyone he wanted now without having to hide. Mac has a different idea about what will happen with their retirement, but he notices a change in Gunny and gives him what he needs most, together they can both lay their fears to rest.

A very well written short story that amazingly shows the needs and fears of Gunny very well (I mean amazingly because it’s so short, not because of the writing or anything like that 😉 ). Gunny has been coasting along very well for the last twenty years having Mac as his best friend and f**k buddy; although for the last ten it has been exclusive. But, now as the time of their retirement approaches he is beginning to panic as he realizes that retirement means Mac could go off in his own way and find someone new. This I found to be a very angsty part as Gunny is too scared to broach the subject with Mac and it was very telling that Gunny never even thought about himself looking elsewhere even before his revelation. Mac has his own plan and that plan very much includes Gunny, but as Gunny is a bit off kilter, Mac decides to help him clear his head with a little light bondage.

So, all in all…a really good short that was worth every penny. Oh hang on, it was free. Okay, so it was still really good and it has a very good selection of emotions that Gunny works through. The sex is mega hot, the slight BDSM is very well portrayed and carried out well, and Gunny final sees his relationship with Mac for what it really is. Mac is a very sure character, there wasn’t any doubt in his mind what he wanted, and I just don’t think he ever realized that Gunny was unsure of him.

Well, hot sexy military men, a touch of BDSM, some angst, a sharing of feelings and a happy ending what more could you want in a book? It’s free as well… fine, it’s a great story that you really get into if you read the blurb/introduction, as that gives you a good mind-set as to the main characters state of mind. I highly recommend that you read this story because it will have something for everyone.




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