Cattle Valley Mistletoe by Carol Lynne

5140WdjMsULTitle: Cattle Valley Mistletoe
Series: Cattle Valley, #2
Author: Carol Lynne
Genre: Contemporary/Holiday
Length: Novella (69 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-63-4
Publisher: Totally Bound (December 31st, 2007)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: The Reverend Casey Sharp loves his church, his congregation, and his community. He just wishes they loved him in return. Paying for the sins of his predecessor has left him feeling like an outcast.

Contractor Halden Kuckleman, loves his quiet life. After a childhood trauma, Hal gave up on love and God. When hired by the church to finish work on a new meeting room, he tells himself it’s just a job like any other. He’s fine working on the addition as long as Reverend Sharp doesn’t try to save him.
With a tight deadline for getting the room finished, Hal begins to wonder how he’s going to get the work done before the annual Christmas Eve party.

When Casey offers to lend a hand however, he begins to wonder if the willowy minister will help or lead him straight into temptation.

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Review: This is book two in the Cattle Valley series and is best read in sequence. This is a beautiful and touching story.

It shows that a Reverend can be loving and caring, instead of one that judges and condemns. Casey loves his church, his congregation and his community, however he felt like he was missing something. He felt like an outcast because of his predecessor being an abusive jerk. The man is spending the rest of his life in prison, but the community still felt like Casey had to prove to them that he was a good man, a good Reverend. He had wanted to have a big hall built for Christmas parties, and dinners. However, it was so close to the holidays it was getting harder to find someone to help build it. He had contacted Halden and asked him.

The only problem with that is Halden hated anything and anyone religious. Casey just had to show him what he can offer to the man. His love, attention and all that goes into it. When Casey gets violently ill due to stress, Halden starts realizing what he is feeling for the man. He is falling in love with Casey, now all he has to do is get over his anger at god.

Casey loves Halden, but Halden is afraid that once he tells Casey why he is angry with god, Casey won’t want him anymore. They have normal difficulties that every couple has, however he needs to help Halden turn back to god. You can tell from the way they act with each other though that they love each other. You can also tell that they will do everything in the powers to make their relationship work. The sex between these two will set the sheets on fire. They have so much passion and spark that you will be fanning yourself down every time you read this.

I loved this story, just because most of the times you hear about religious people talking down to those they think are in the wrong. They condemn people for being who they are instead of welcoming them with open arms. However, Casey being a Reverend and gay might be the only difference there though. He comes off as gentle, loving, caring, and so open that you can’t help but love him. I would go to one of his sermons that’s for sure. He helps anyone that needs it, but feels like he is fighting against the wind because of the last Reverend. Halden goes out and talks to the congregation and gets them to realize that his man is a decent and caring man. Enough to even draw out the hate and turn it into love for Halden.

I would recommend this story to anyone who needs their heartstrings toughed a little, two very sexy men, smoking hot sex, great community, and lots of love. I loved this book and cannot wait to read book three.