Clarity of Lines by N.R. Walker

18754176Title: Clarity of Lines

Series: Thomas Elkin Book #2

Author: N.R. Walker

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (103 pages)

Publisher: Totally Bound (December 13th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Book two in the Thomas Elkin series.

When some lines blur, others become crystal clear.
Sometimes it’s not the two people in a relationship who fight falling in love, sometimes it’s those who love us that fight against it the most.

Finally, together, forty-four year old Tom, and twenty-two year old Cooper, are ready to show the world they’re together. They’ve established their relationship is worth it, and want to share it with their families. Both men thought accepting the age difference was their adversity to overcome, and theirs alone. Their loved ones, however, will prove them wrong. For their families, lines are drawn and start blur. Through a series of events, life shakes Tom’s foundations, the lines for him have never been clearer.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: This series and this writer just keep getting better! The writing is very smooth, and the passion between Tom and Cooper is sophisticated, fun, and comforting. The dialogue, the wit, and even the sexual content in this book are set at just the right volume. The erotic scenes are not in your face, they’re not crude, but they still burn with tons of passion and love, some of the best I’ve read.

You can feel the ease and the trust between these two, and they complement each other so well. Even faced with challenges of an un-accepting family, and some friends who still have a problem with the gay issue let alone the age issue, Tom and Cooper are still confident enough in themselves and each other the weather the storms of any long-term relationship as well as the storms of life. Not as much architectural lingo for this art geek, but I still like how the whole story flows.

This series is a great escape from stress and angst, it swept me away for hours of enjoyment and I immediately dove right into book three….it was just that good.