Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon

Title: Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Author: Josh Lanyon

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Gay Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  Sometimes the adventure chooses you.

Lover of fine poetry and lousy choose-your-own-adventure novels, Professor Sebastian Swift was once the bad-boy darling of the literati. The only lines he does these days are Browning, Frost and Cummings. Even his relationship with the hot, handsome Wolfe Neck Police Chief Max Prescott is healthy.

When one of his most talented students comes to him bruised and begging for help, Swift hands over the keys to his Orson Island cabin—only to find out that the boy’s father is dead and the police are suspicious. In an instant, the stable life Swift has built for himself hangs on finding the boy and convincing him to give himself up before Max figures out Swift’s involvement in the case.

Max enjoys splitting an infinitive or two with his favorite nutty professor, but he’s not much for sonnets or Shakespeare. He likes being lied to even less. Yet his instincts—and his heart—tell him his lover is being played. Max can forgive lies and deception, but a dangerous enemy may not stop until Swift is heading up his own dead poets society.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that Josh Lanyon’s smart, sexy, sophisticated stories may prove hazardous to your heart.

Review:  This is a great suspense/mystery that keeps you on your toes. Swift somehow manages to find himself in grave danger, just by helping a kid out. Max is furious that Swift helped out his murder suspect and is soooo not happy that he seems to keep holding things back.

From Swift’s musing’s I took a dislike to Max but as the book developed I realized my mistake and it was because Swift seemed to live in his own little world and didn’t notice anything but himself really, So it wasn’t so much as Max holding the relationship back, it was neither of them communicating and just letting things slide. The description of Swift’s battle with his addiction was poignant and his finally seeming to need Max made me smile as Max seemed very eager to help.

The Mystery is great and you really can’t see where it’s going until near the end, and you really do wonder how on earth did a Professor of Literature seemed to fall right into the middle of it all.

So all in all a cracking good read and you’d be insane to miss it.




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