Falling In Love With Crazy by Dane Waters

dw_fallinginlovewithcrazyTitle: Falling In Love With Crazy

Author: Dane Waters

Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural

Length: Novel Plus (240pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (15th May 2013)

Heat: Moderate – Explicit  

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie 

Blurb: Economics professor Ryuu Tanaka suffers through the embarrassment of playing softball with his students to get closer to the man sitting under a nearby tree. Ryuu finds Daniel to be more attractive, more intelligent, and more mysterious than any human being has a right to be. Despite the fact Daniel isn’t gay, possibly isn’t all there, and isn’t interested in any future conversations, Ryuu has no intention of letting Daniel walk out of his life for good.

Avoiding arrest as a stalker is only the first hurdle Ryuu must overcome to be with Daniel. Once he does, their friendship quickly turns into a love that has Ryuu planning long nights with the perpetually horny and submissive Daniel bound and at his mercy. But Daniel’s failing mental stability forces Ryuu to delve into Daniel’s past. Ryuu learns Daniel’s real last name, the possibility of a child and that the man in his bed may not be Daniel at all.

Ryuu is desperate to keep the certifiably insane Daniel from slipping into his fantasy world with Armor, the version of Ryuu Daniel has created in his mind, but a homicidal student with a crush has other plans.

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Review: Ryuu goes to great lengths to meet the beautiful man in the park. Plays softball with his students, follows him, and hangs around a coffee shop until he finally gets a date with the man. Ryuu finds Daniel fascinating and interesting even though Daniel says he isn’t gay, isn’t interested in coffee or conversation and has just a slight problem with reality. Ryuu is put through his paces as he tries to get Daniel to fall in love with him in five days, but Ryuu believes Daniel is worth every second. But, as Daniel’s mental stability fails Ryuu has to dig into his past and makes several discoveries. And that isn’t Ryuu’s only problem when a student who has a crush on him shows his true colors.

This is an absolutely brilliant story that has huge doses of humor, light-hearted teasing and then crashing reality. Ryuu is a very confident man, he knows he is attractive and appeals to many men. So when he sees a man he likes, nothing will stop him from at least talking to him once. Daniel has a past that is shrouded in mystery, with mental health difficulties and preferring to be alone. Daniel isn’t really ready for a man like Ryuu to burst into his life, but as the two get to know each other, Daniel needs Ryuu to help to keep him tethered to reality. 

Oh. These characters are fantastic. They had me chuckling throughout the book. Ryuu and Daniel are brilliant. they strike sparks off each other and when they finally come together physically they are perfect and sexy. Ryuu is a man who won’t give up on Daniel, no matter what obstacles are thrown in his path, even those that are put there by Daniel. Daniel is a much more complex character. He is honest and pretty open, but some things he just won’t talk about, and he has a nasty habit of getting lost in his head. Daniel has plenty of ghosts in his past, many of them terrible and each one has left its invisible mark on him, God, you just want to smother him in love and protect him from the world and his own mind.

Although much of the book is written with humor towards the end of the book it becomes more somber as someone who wants Ryuu for himself gets nasty and Ryuu sees the reality of Daniel’s mental health problems. This book is wonderfully written. It draws you in with its great characters. It keeps you entertained with its humor and keeps you reading with the mystery of Daniel’s past. Oh and the ending, it was so wonderful that I am hoping for an update of Daniel and Ryuu in the future.

I have to recommend that this story be put on everyone’s must read list, especially if you love confused young men, finding a way for love, humor, great sex, a touch of mystery, a touch of danger, determination never to give up, great characters and a brilliant storyline with a wonderful ending.



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