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Lissa Kasey FrictionFriction by Lissa Kasey

Seiran Rou finds school more challenging than most. Not because he’s not intelligent or can’t follow along in class, but because he’s different than all the other students. He’s a male witch in a society ruled by females. That’s no minor problem since Magic Theory is his major.

His visits to his sometime lover, Gabe Santini, provide him a safe and uncomplicated haven to escape to, until one night when his fear of commitment drives him away. He learns that monsters aren’t the only things that stalk their prey.

In the end he may discover he was safer with the vampire than anything his college life has to offer.

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Friction Dominion 0.1

Decadence by Lissa KaseyLisa Kasey Decadence

For vampire Gabriel “Gabe” Santini, being in love with the only trained male witch in a female dominant society is not an easy thing. Seiran Rou has more issues than just a phobia of commitment. A recent rash of attacks and harassment at school has left him withdrawn and edgy.

Making a cake for his mother was never really about making Tanaka Rou happy, and Seiran wears his heart on his sleeve as he tries, yet again, to please her. But Gabe has an idea how to put a much needed smile on Sei’s sweet face. Starting with “helping” make the frosting and showing Sei that pastry can be more than a little decadent…

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Decadence Dominion 0.2

Lissa Kasey ResolutionResolute by Kissa Kasey

As the only male witch enrolled in magic studies, Seiran Rou deals with harassment and indifference on a daily basis. When his on-campus job proves to be too much, he quits and turns to the only person he can handle asking for help—Gabe, vampire, bar owner, and Sei’s occasional lover.

Sei had never seen himself as a waiter, but he’s willing to do just about anything to stay in his apartment, as long as it means he doesn’t have to involve his overbearing mother, Tanaka Rou.

He takes the opportunity that Gabe gives him, and with the help of the waitress who’s training him, he learns that his natural assets are more than enough to win anybody over.

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Resolute Dominion 0.3

Consequences by Lissa KaseyLissa Kasey Consequences

Another new moon, another change, and Gabe has warned Sei to stick close to him. When the cat’s curiosity leads him away, Sei is catnapped and only Gabe can save him from a terrible fate.

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Consequences Dominion 2.1 

Lissa Kasey DevotionDevotion by Lissa Casey

A Dominion Valentine’s story

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Devotion Dominion 3.5 

Samhain by Lissa CaseyLissa Kasey Samhain

A free Dominion Short. Note this is a look forward after book 5, which has not been released yet.

Download for free from Goodreads: Lissa Kasey – Samhain Dominion 4.5

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