Gilbert by Bailey Bradford

Title: Gilbert

Series: Leopard’s Spots 05

Author: Bailey Bradford

Genre: Paranormal, Shifters

Length: Novella (143pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (6th August 2012)

Heat: Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: One sexy snow leopard shifter finds his mate and more, now Gilbert Trujillo just has to convince Jihu Warren to trust his instincts and give them a chance to be an unexpected family.

Gilbert Trujillo has watched his two older brothers, Tim and Isaiah, find their mates. He’s not sure he’s ready for such a commitment himself, even if he does kind of envy them at times. His life is about to get a lot more complicated, and if he can survive and protect the ones he loves, Gilbert just might have more than he ever dreamed possible.

Jihu Warren hasn’t known much in life other than that he was to be used to further his species. Amur shifters were bordering on extinction, and a breeding program had been established decades ago. Jihu’s desires were of no consequence. He sees no way out, no hope, until he hears rumors of Bae, a half-brother he’s never met, who escapes from the demands of the lepe. Given hope, Jihu fights for his freedom and in his search for Bae, he runs into a sexy snow leopard shifter named Gilbert Trujillo instead, and Jihu finds out there are some things, and some people, worth risking everything for.

Fate throws Gilbert and Jihu together, with a twist. Jihu’s senses have been altered by the injections given him while in captivity at Chung-Hee’s lepe. He doesn’t know who to trust, and will have to depend on himself rather than using the enhanced senses he normally has.

Together, he and Gilbert, along with a new family Jihu is quickly coming to love, will have to battle the shifters who want Jihu back at almost any cost.

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Review: Jihu has been forced into the Amur shifters breeding program.  His grandfather, Chung-Hee, who is the leader of the lepe, made sure of that by chaining and drugging him. But, now he has escaped and needs to find his brother, Bae. Gilbert is hoping to find his mate, but is surprised when his mate appears at his brother’s home with a baby in his arms. Now, he has to convince his mate that he means no harm and will help to protect him from his grandfather.

This is a good novella where we discover the true depths that a power-hungry shifter will go to in his quest to save his species. Jihu has some issues to resolve when he finally escapes from his grandfather’s clutches. He had been forced to have sex with a woman and produce a child. Jihu knew what would happen if he didn’t get away, but there was no way he would leave his son behind. Gilbert is thrilled to find his mate and is delighted to have a son through him. He will do anything in his power to keep them both safe and with the backing of his family sets out to ensure all of Jihu’s family is safe.

This is an enjoyable story that shows us the love that can help a person heal from past wrongs. Jihu has to face what happened to him and with the love of Gilbert begins to heal. Gilbert is the perfect shifter for Jihu and together they make a great couple. The sex between them is hot and spontaneous (as long as they make sure baby is asleep). The continued story of the lepes and the forced breeding program is good, as well as how completely out of control Chung-Hee becomes. I liked how Gilbert’s family came together to help and the support they showed Jihu and I really like how Jihu is lost and despairing when he finally gets to Bae and Isaiah’s home.

I will recommend this to those who love shifters, a touch of angst, hunting for baddies, danger, a sweet baby and a happy ever after.


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