He is Mine by Mel Gough

Title: He is Mine

Author: Mel Gough

Genre: Psychological Contemporary

Length: Novel (322pgs)

Publisher: Mel Gough (September 7, 2018)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: For you, it was just a fling. For me, so much more…

NYPD detective Brad Moretti’s life is in tatters. A relationship destroyed by his boyfriend’s bipolar disorder has left him feeling guilty, inadequate and emotionally scarred.

Vivienne Aubert seems to have it all – a Hollywood career, supermodel looks, and a director husband about to make it big. And yet, a one-night-stand with rising superstar Damien Thomas makes Viv wonder if she hasn’t settled for second-best. Used to getting her way, she embarks on a ruthless quest to make Damien hers.

Unaware of Viv’s fatal attraction, Damien returns to New York, where a chance encounter with Brad sparks a prompt and rapidly growing affinity between the two men – which Viv is determined to terminate.

Can Brad head off her delusional desires before she destroys his newfound happiness, or will he fail to protect yet another lover?


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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: You have three mc’s in this story. One who is an actress, Viv, and destructive when it comes to someone else’s happiness, one who just wants to raise his daughter after a divorce, Damien, and one, Brad, who just broke up with his mentally ill boyfriend. You mix these three together and you get one messed up situation. I am not a fan of m/f so Vivienne having so much page time in the book really threw me out of the story. Not to mention her messed up way of thinking and actions she took to cause a problem for Brad and Damien.

Brad and Damien seemed solid at first until Viv’s interference. I really have no words to express how I actually feel after reading this story. Though it was a really good read I could not get past the female character. It bothered me that she had such a huge role in an m/m story.

Needless to say overall it was an o.k. read for me.

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