In Deep Water by Kaje Waters

Title:  Into Deep Waters

Series:  Love Is Always Write

Author:  Kaje Harper

Genre:   Historical

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Goodreads M/M Group Free Read

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts                                                                          

Blurb:  Two young sailors – one a working-class artist from California, the other an upper-middle-class pharmacists from the East Coast – meet onboard the Japan-bound U.S.S. Gageway in April 1942.

This was dumb. It was stupid to get involved with someone, to care about anyone in this soul-numbing war. That was like opening yourself up to be flayed. And yet how could you help it? They were all closer than brothers, these men he fought beside.  And that one man, well, there was nothing brotherly going on there.


“…Given the choice, don’t you think they would have rather had this, what we have in this room, than died without it?”

Product Link:  Free download available in multiple formats.

Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  Oh WOW Oh WOW. Into Deep waters is such a well-written heart-wrenching and breath-taking story. It is absolutely beautiful. The characters are so well done that I felt like both of them. I could feel their lust, their love, their fear, not only of the war, but of being found out and the consequences that held at the time. The story covered a very long time span (sixty years), but  not once did it get slow or  dull. I laughed ,I cried, I sighed, I cheered, and I worried ( I won’t tell  you why I worried, since I don’t even like saying if a book has a HFN or HEA) .

Now, for just a bit about the story. It starts out in World War II after Pearl Harbor. It is about a sailor Danny meeting a new sailor, pharmacy assistant Jacob. Jacob actually trips staring at Danny thus getting the affectionate nickname Trip from him. They fall (hehehe… literally couldn’t resist the pun) in love or at least lust at first sight. Jacob is two years younger than Danny. They met secretly and have sex (well fondling and kissing), until they get a leave and actually get to be alone and have sex. The war gets as heated as the lovemaking and their ship is destroyed .( I have no nails and bleeding fingers from the chewing of hoping they find  each other and at least they are safe.  So do they find each other? Do they get discovered? Just how long does their love last? I’m not telling you will have to read the book yourself. I will say this much after reading the prompt I just knew I had the end figured out had me an entire box of tissue waiting, I was wrong….

Who do I recommend this book to? Everyone!! If you like a good sweet Romance (yes, I am a hopeless romantic) with really hot mansex. This is for you. If you’ve never read M/M romance start here.  If you have ever dreamed of the perfect love and forever love… This is f or you. And it’s free so what are you waiting for… Hurry go get it…Be prepared to swoon…Kaje you have a new fan!



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