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In Liam's Wake Cover2Title:¬†In Liam’s Wake

Series:¬†Toy’s and Soldiers 01

Author: Ashlyn Forge

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy    

Length: Novel Plus (439pgs)    

Publisher: Ashlyn Forge (7th October 2013)   

Heat Level: Low РModerate     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb:¬†For eight years, Liam Baldwin has been trapped underground in ‚ÄėThe Colony‚Äô. His best friend and fellow detainee, Riley Scott, is comatose. Only Riley knows how to get out, but as the fifth year of his slumber comes to a close, Liam‚Äôs hope of ever seeing home again has faded.

Now he’s faced with two options: Continue in his quest to revive Riley despite amassing staggering debt as well as the wrath of bounty hunters and vengeful mutants, or leave the past behind–leave Riley behind–and give his life, his body, his mind, his loyalty over to the establishment by becoming a soldier for The Colony.

Two roads, one path, and no return.     

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Review:¬†Liam was unwillingly brought to ‘The Colony’ with his now best friend Riley eight years ago. Now stuck underground his only hope of a way out is if Riley wakes up from his five-year coma, but although he clings to his hopes of returning to the ‘Outside’ he has the opportunity to improve his lot by joining the Elete soldiers. Can he give up his dreams of returning home or should he throw the security away on the small hope that there really is a way out?

This story has a very¬†dystopian feel to it, leaving you feeling like we are reading about an all-new world or about survival after an apocalypse, but it isn’t, it is a secret land that is whispered about in legends… Atlantis, Shangri la or Avalon but it is far from the paradise that we dream about. Liam and Riley were dragged to ‘The Colony’ against their will, they were forgotten about then left to fend for themselves, now several years later Liam looks after Riley as best he can, but Liam’s habit of gambling against the odds always backfires. When Riley wakes up from his five years coma unable to remember much of anything, Liam’s hopes of a way out begins to fade and he becomes desperate.

This is a great story that is very involved and has many mystery connections, there are many interesting aspects that we discover the longer we read, and the characters are interesting and varied. Liam is a dreamer, he dreams of returning to New York and his life and refuses to accept the life he now has, he has the opportunity of a lifetime but his dreams are too much to let go of. Riley is messed up he can’t remember much and Liam is nothing like the Liam he remembers, as time progresses he himself begins to change and there is a huge mystery surrounding him.

Although this is a great story, I did wish there was some explanation to explain ‘The Colony’ rather than the clues that were dropped throughout the book. I found myself struggling with the setting until I figured out they were on Earth but in a secret underground world, with very rare people. This is a brilliant storyline that you will leave you both frustrated and desperate for more, you will love and hate the characters as we follow them through the difficulties they face and the difficulties they bring on themselves. We see many story threads that are just at the beginning but we do get a sweet though awkward relationship between Liam and Riley.

I recommend this story if you love science fiction and legends merging, fighting for your freedom against the odds, and finally accepting your place in the world, an honest sweet love, and a twisty ending that raises the eyebrows in surprise.

Ashlyn Forge BioIn Liam's Wake full cover

Ashlyn Forge spends most of her days self-editing, writing, and editing. Her love of
storytelling, and the imagination in general, has put her in an on-and-off
relationship with Writing for a number of years. She is particularly drawn to
anything resulting in blurred lines between magic and science, as is evident in the
surreal world of her Toys and Soldiers series. Her literary ambition in life is to see
one, if not all, volumes of the Toys and Soldiers Series tucked neatly under
everyone’s pillow. If it were not for the discordant jumble of ideas clamoring for
attention in her head, she would also take up crocheting.
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