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Jaxx Steele A_Vampires_WeddingA Free Read from Jaxx Steele

  February, 2012

(A supposed scene from Indian Blood Moon)

What happens when your vampire lover wants to spend eternity with you? Why you have a wedding of course. Enjoy this free read where Magnus and Dante have A Vampire Wedding …

Both books can be downloaded here: Jaxx Steele – Lunch Break & A Vampire Wedding

Lunch Break-a free read!Jaxx Steele lunchbreak
August, 2011

Sergeant Clemons watched the clock trying to make time go faster. Finally the golden coin came letting him know it was time to go. He clutched it in his hand, barely able to contain his excitement. When he arrived at the rendezvous point, he found that he was not the only who was excited about their lunch break.

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