Mirrors by DJ Manly and AJ Llewellyn

Title: Mirrors

Author: D.J. Manly & A.J. Llewellyn

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Super Novel (280pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th April 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Aaron Mayer has lived in poverty, while his identical twin Troy enjoyed a privileged existence. When Aaron unexpectedly hears from Troy, he discovers his twin has committed suicide. In a letter, Troy offers Aaron the chance of living his life…

Troy and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated from the age of two, have lived wildly different lives. Aaron has struggled taking care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, leaving his finances in disarray. Troy, living with their father, experienced luxury. He calls Aaron asking to see him after years of silence. When Aaron arrives at his brother’s boat, his twin has committed suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car keys, his money and… His life of riches.

Aaron, on the run from the loan sharks he owes money to, finds his new life is even worse. Everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated… including his handsome, charismatic husband, Dave Alvarez, who is on the verge of leaving Troy. Can Aaron turn things around for Troy… and for himself? Or are some mirrors just meant to be broken?

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Review: Aaron thinks its providence when his brother phones him and offers to help him out of the trouble his mother landed him in, but when he turns up for the meeting, things are much different from he thought they would be.  With the opportunity to experience the life he could have had, Aaron embarks on an adventure that will take him to the highs of joy and the depths of despair.

This is a story that will grab you by the throat, shake you about and then toss you on the floor like a used towel and you’ll take it then ask at the end ‘but will they find it?’. Aaron is desperate when his brother phones him, so he jumps at the chance to meet him.  But, when he arrives and Troy is gone and there’s a note saying ‘you’re welcome to my life, enjoy’. It doesn’t take him long to take the option that will keep him alive. Dave is Troy’s husband and although Dave loves Troy, he can’t take any more of the treatment that is always being dished out.  When he returns from a business trip Troy has changed for the better and it has him reconsidering his plans.

A brilliantly written story that didn’t take the easy option of the twins knowing everything about each other.  They were strangers who hadn’t seen each other since a very young age. When Aaron takes over his brother’s life, he struggles with even the simplest facts, like where his brother lives. At first, it’s a struggle for him to fit into his brother’s shoes, but he bluffs as much as he can with the help of a list his brother wrote. I loved the way that Aaron contemplates how he is going to pull it all off and then the guilt he starts to feel as he begins to realize exactly what kind of man his brother is and then even more guilt as he realizes that everyone would hate him if they found out the truth.

There is a damn lot going on in Troy’s life that Aaron gets pulled into and how he bluffed like he constantly did was amazing. There are lots of secrets that become unraveled, mystery and suspense and there are a couple of twists and some violence. There are a lot of bitter feelings and betrayal, cons, lies and confessions and the reactions of some of the characters were well written and fantastically portrayed. This is one of those stories where not everything is as it seems and there are secrets inside secrets and you sit there shaking your head as you realize that someone is playing the long game.

The relationship between Aaron and Dave is far from easy, as Aaron tries to play Troy and he can’t have Dave divorcing Troy or they might find out who he really is. I really wasn’t sure about Aaron stepping into those shoes, but the authors both handled it well and they managed to blend it into the story where it seemed natural between Dave and Aaron when they do become intimate.

This story I am recommending to everyone as we have mystery, suspense, murder, secrets, twists, violence, lies, and cons and amidst all that we have a love developing that is sweet and some hot sex to sweeten the deal. P.S. Karma is a Queen bitch.