Cowboy Rules by Carol Lynne

20721544Title: Cowboy Rules


Series:Buck Wild 02


Author:Carol Lynne


Genre: Cowboys and Western, Gay, Contemporary


Length: Novella (21K)


ISBN: 9781781849774


Publisher: Totally Bound (February 14th 2014)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: This is book two in the Buck Wild series, see the full series listing here


Rules are made to be broken. Cowboy rules are made to be shattered.

Although ex-con, Cash Wiley, loves working at the Rocking W, being around Shane Ackerman and Dub Walker is the favorite part of his job. He’d had the chance to be with the two men a few months earlier, but he’d blown it before it could happen. He’d ruined everything because he’d refused to have sex without strings attached.

Stupid didn’t begin to define how he’d felt the following day or every day afterward. Shane took his breath away and Dub was the kind of man Cash had always dreamed of having at his side. It was the rule that stood in his way.

How could he promise to not fall in love when he already had?


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Review: I love anything cowboys and Carol Lynne is a master at hot, sexy cowboys. This story picks up after Cash had turned down the offer to join Shane and Dub in a threesome. He didn’t like Dub’s rule that it was no strings attached.  He wanted more, especially from Shane. Shane Loves Dub and always has, but he can’t help how much he wants Cash.  Dub loves Shane and is happy with him, but he has always needed more than one man and he is aware that Shane needs more than just him; however, e has a fear that if he isn’t careful Shane will leave him for another man. So anyone that plays in their bed has to stick to the rule.


I liked this story but it is a pretty basic ménage story. This one did focus a lot on the lure of the three and wasn’t rushed into the ménage, I did like that.  The actual sex was fairly hot.  The emotional part was nice and deep and we did get all three men’s feelings. I did like that also. 


If you like cowboys, ménage, horses, Barbecues, and hot man-sex this is for you!

Fingerprints and Muddy Feet by Carol Lynne

18885796Title:Fingerprints and Muddy Feet

Series:  Cattle Valley 30

Author:Carol Lynne

Genre: Contemporary/Western/Ménage

Length: Novella (87 pages)

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (December 20th, 2013) Available now for early download.

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: This is book thirty in the Cattle Valley series; see the full series listing here

Making room for two children in a busy household won’t be easy, but leave it to Nate, Ryan and Rio to do it with plenty of laughter and tears along the way.

At the age of eighteen, Nate Gills was forced out of his family for being gay. With hush money in his pocket and anger in his heart, Nate fled Washington DC for Chicago to start a new life. Although he eventually found love with two wonderful men, he buried his feelings of abandonment behind a façade of confidence.

When a horrific accident takes the lives of his younger brother and sister-in-law, Nate is forced to revisit the emotions he’d worked so hard to bury. In a twist of fate, Nate is named guardian of a niece and nephew he’s never met, putting him into direct conflict with the father who shunned him so many years earlier.

Will the threesome who have spent years enjoying sexual pleasure whenever and wherever the mood struck, be able to adjust to having two children in the house? Or will they lose their relationship along the way?

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Review: This is book 30 in this series. Trust me this is my first one, and it stood alone perfectly. But, I sure do want to read them all. I just have to figure how to find the time since if they are like this one, you won’t want to put the book down once you start. Then you will want to read the next one. So, perhaps a week of reading vacation is in order.

Nate gets word that his brother and sister-in-law both die in a plane crash and that his sister-in-law has named him as guardian of their kids and estate. This opens some old wounds that Nate had let fester over and buried.  Being in a three-man relationship with two very different types of lovers can they survive bringing two young children into the fold and can Nate deal with the reopening of old wounds at the same time?

Oh wow, is this book awesome! I loved all the characters, main and supporting and can’t wait to get hold of this entire series to learn more about each of them. I found Nate, Rio and Ryan extremely intriguing and the small hints of their past made me really want to read the rest of these books.  But for now, I will focus on the present with these men.

I found this one of the best three men ménages I’ve read in a while. It doesn’t seem to focus on one person, yet it doesn’t seem overly easy, and shows a twinge of jealousy and real emotions. They have been together long enough to know each other’s quirks and needs.  They break off into pairs and make love; not always just the three, they change positions, and they do things alone, all of this made it feel more real for me.

I liked how it did cover all three men’s viewpoints and didn’t feel too jumpy and it showed the kids feelings and emotions also. I did think the kids accepted things a bit too easily, but Hannah not being super accepting helped there. I also liked that Ryan voiced his opinions and fears to Rio that he really didn’t want kids, but he wanted to try to make their relationship work. I loved the realism and realistic feelings, while still very sexy and hot. Speaking of hot, some of these sex scenes you need a fire extinguisher they are so hot, yet very tasteful. Kudos to the author for that!

I can’t think of a thing I didn’t like or would want different. This is definitely my kind of book, loving, heartfelt, emotional, yet real enough to be believable and extremely hot and sexy and tasteful.

I recommend this if you like long series, different characters, cowboys (yippee), mayors, sheriffs, (ah, men in uniforms) children, loving relationships, ménage and very hot sensual tasteful mansex.

Seeing Him by Carol Lynne

18071135Title: Seeing Him

Series: Unconventional In Atlanta Book 1

Author: Carol Lynne

Length: Novella (54 Pages)

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing, November 2013

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Physical and emotional scars drove Jonah to a life in the shadows, but Trevor is determined to draw him out of the dark and into his arms.

After spending months in a military rehabilitation hospital, Jonah returns from active duty only to find himself homeless. Jonah retreats to life in the shadows to hide his facial scars. He takes up residence in the parking garage of the Meliá Hotel where he watches a striking black man come and go from his work inside the hotel. What Jonah doesn’t know is that General Manager Trevor Sharp is also watching him.

Trevor spends his days and most of his evenings at the Meliá, working hard to prove he is the best man for the job. Unfortunately, between his hours and past heartbreak’s, he doesn’t have much time for love. When a handsome man comes out of nowhere to save him from an abusive ex, Trevor makes it his mission to find out who the man is.

Trevor eventually builds a friendship with Jonah and works to draw him out of the shadows and into his arms, but will he stay there?

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released as part of the Unconventional in Atlanta anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. 

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Review: This story was so tender and caring, that I can’t wait to read it more than once. It showed what sometimes happens to our military personal after the war.

One man notices and takes the time to help another, before realizing he is in love with Jonah. Trevor has such a big heart and is so loyal that you can’t help but love him and want him to succeed. Jonah is a wonderful man who was injured fighting for his country and is down on his luck trying to get his life back in order. Both men have such a deep understanding of the fact that they are both falling in love and that there needs to be an equal footing to every relationship. The sex between them is tender and full of compassion. I think this is the perfect start to a longer book. To see them go further and make a life for themselves.

I can’t wait to read it again. It shows the possibilities of a love between two men and a passion to make a go at it.

Ghosts of Alcatraz by Carol Lynne

GhostofAlcatraz-lynneTitle: Ghosts of Alcatraz

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (102pgs)

Publisher: Wilde City Press (1st May 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Love is a powerful force. Unparalleled, unpredictable and often unforeseen. Yet it can surface in the most dangerous of situations. Suffocation, mutilation and dismemberment aren’t the normal outside influences that bring two people together, but inside the newly refurbished Alcatraz Prison, anything can happen.

As inmates begin dying in shocking and sometimes gruesome ways, the deaths prompt Warden Jensen Black to bring in sexy parapsychologist, Brian Phipps. With the help of Brian, Jensen hopes to get to the bottom of what is killing the men he is responsible for. But what he didn’t count on is falling—and falling hard—for the smaller man with the heart of a lion. The question is: will their love survive against the ghosts of Alcatraz?

This book was previously published by Loose Id (2009) and Silver Publishing (2011)

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Review: The setting for this book is 2020. Jensen Black is the Warden at the recently reopened Alcatraz, but the prison is plagued with unexplained deaths, seventeen in as many weeks. Jensen calls in parapsychologist Brian Phipps to pin down what is causing the deaths and is surprised at the sexy man he meets. Brian is called in to investigate some gruesome unexplained deaths at Alcatraz, meeting the sexy Warden is a nice surprise and they quickly fall for each other, but malevolent spirits have other plans.

This is a great paranormal story but sadly lacks in the romance stakes. Jensen has been plagued with horrific deaths at Alcatraz, but the deaths are even worse because of their unexplained nature. That’s where Brian comes in; Brian is a parapsychologist who discovers that Alcatraz is haunted by more than just one evil spirit. Jensen and Brian have an instant attraction and they waste no time acting on it and they rapidly fall for each other. Laying the spirits to rest is harder than Brian hoped for and Brian and Jensen uncover a terrible secret that is over fifty years old, both men along with Jensen’s friend Fisher have to risk their lives laying old ghosts to rest.

The paranormal aspect of this story is brilliant. The reopening of the world’s most notorious prison and its subsequent horrific hauntings is awesome, the mystery and secrets that have been hidden for so long is a brilliant twist, and two men finding love during the stressful dangerous time is great. The murders are gruesome and chilling, more so because of the circumstances surrounding them, the long forgotten secret is one that surprises and I have to say brilliantly thought of.

The one thing that let this story down was the rushed relationship between Brian and Jensen, they are hot together, they seem a great match but they fall in love much too quickly. Within a very short space of time, when they don’t really know each other and in a very high-tension time, they declare their love for each other and it was just wrong. It felt rushed and it was dissatisfying. If we had seen them, together when they weren’t in danger or in a hospital bed, but in a more natural setting then it might have worked better.

I recommend this is you love horrific hauntings, evil spirits, a secret that is over fifty years old, hot men, hot sex, a great story line and a happy ending.


Shadow Soldier by Carol Lynne

Title: Shadow Soldier

Series: Cattle Valley 26

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (88pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (20th February 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Deacon McConnell spends his days as a Cattwood-carver and his nights as head of one of the most secretive government agencies in the United States. When he meets a man troubled by his time spent in the Middle East, Deacon feels drawn to the pain in the handsome man’s eyes. He makes the decision to help Aaron Ellis any way he can.

Dishonorably discharged from the Army, it takes everything Aaron has to get out of bed each morning. He’s become used to faking his way through life, putting on a happy face when the situation calls for it is a lot easier than dealing with his buried memories.

The day Aaron wanders into Deacon’s store for the first time, the last thing he expects is an immediate connection with the shop owner. For the first time since leaving the service, Aaron begins to believe there may be light at the end of the dark tunnel. The nights he spends in Deacon’s arms slowly begin to drive the shadows from his heart.

After years spent serving his country, Deacon yearns for a normal life. The move to Cattle Valley is the first step, opening up to Aaron the second. When duty calls Deacon out-of-town, he begins to wonder how much more he’ll be forced to give up for his country.

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Review: Deacon owns a furniture store selling his own creations, but he is also the head of a secretive government agency. Asked by a friend to help Aaron deal with his problems, he decides that he will. But, when he meets the young man he is drawn to him in ways he thought were long dead. Adam was given a general discharge from the army, but the guilt he feels over the deaths of his comrades affects him greatly. When he meets Deacon, he feels safe and attracted to him, so he decides to see if Deacon returns his feelings.

This story is well written. Deacon has secrets that he doesn’t want getting out. Adam doesn’t want anyone to know the real reason that he left the army and Deacon has done an in-depth background check on Adam as a way to know everything, so that he can help him. These two men end up together and help each other in some small way, but Deacon has a confession to make to Adam and Adam finds it hard to accept that a man like Deacon would be interested in him.

Okay, I liked this story as it delves into the territory of survivors’ guilt and we get a good feel for both Aaron and Deacon. But, what we don’t get is a full understanding of what either of them went though. We get given hints, i.e. Deacon’s car was purposely driven off the road injuring him and killing his lover. We get told that it had to do with Deacon’s job, but that’s it… It’s mentioned that Adam has scars on his chest and that he was held at gunpoint for three days, but not much more. Seriously, it’s as though all the really good bits were cut out.

Deacon and Adam’s relationship does move fast, but the burning down of the store forced that and the sex between them is hot. Now, some of you might be put off, but there is a twenty-one year age gap. But, to be honest with you, the only time that I remembered that was when the author brought it up, which was a few times. But, neither character ever really worried about it and there was no angst or arguments about it so to me the age between them was negligible.

So, I will recommend this to those who love damaged heroes, May – December relationships, hot sex, a good story-line and a happy ever after.




Confessions by Carol Lynne

Title: Confessions

Series: Cattle Valley 25

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (95pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (21st November 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Government contracted mercenary, James “Priest” Evans, slides back into town after a mission gone very wrong. Haunted by his latest kill, Priest’s job is weighing heavily on his mind for the first time in memory… In Cattle Valley to heal and re-evaluate his life, Priest didn’t expect love but that’s exactly where’s he’s headed.

After a devastating and very public breakup, Luke Hatcher has given up on love. He’s more than happy to enjoy hot and heavy sex, but that’s as far as he’s willing to go. When he runs into Priest, Luke believes their mutual lack of trust is perfect for a short-term holiday affair.

Their steamy affair takes an unexpected turn when Priest makes a bedroom confession that will forever change the way he views life and love. Will the confession bring them closer together, or will it send Luke packing?

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Review: Okaaaay. Luke is having trouble mentally since a horrific car accident he attended and luckily Priest sweeps into town to take his mind off it. Priest is having suspicions after his last job and he starts to dig deeper to find out the truth. In the meantime, he thinks it’s a great idea to pass a little time with Luke and get him out of his system.

This is a quite well written story that is a bit outlandish but has some mega hot sex. Luke is struggling to cope as an accident brings up memories of when his mother died.  When he sees Priest again he snatches the chance to get to know him better; little knowing how easy it would be to fall for him. Priest is in Cattle Valley for a little downtime and decides to relax with Luke, as his last job catches up with him Luke is placed in danger because Priest cares about him.

I liked Luke and Priest, they seemed like nice men and they seemed to have more going for them than just sex. I must admit that Cattle Valley has begun to pall for me as the stories are getting more outlandish… ‘cuz really, Cattle Valley becoming THE gay, military and Assassins retirement ground is just a bit too much for me to grasp and there seems to be a hell of a lot of killing going on as well nowadays.

I can only recommend this to those who adore Cattle Valley, love Assassins, a hint of mystery, a senseless kidnapping and torture, hot sex and a happy ever after.

Fall by Carol Lynne

Title: Fall

Series: Seasons of Love 03

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (91pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (26th September 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: For over ten years, Sidney Wilks and Grady Nash have devoted their lives to each other. With their relationship solid and thriving, they each turn their attention to their careers.

Nash loves his job as a day trader but hates what it’s doing to his body. The hours of sitting in front of a computer combined with his love of beer begin to take a toll on his aging body. Worried that he’ll lose Sidney to the hot muscled construction worker his partner works closely with, Nash decides to get his body back into shape, no matter the cost to his overall health.

After the death of his father, Sidney is so busy dealing with the years of hurt and betrayal at the hands of Jackson Wilks that he doesn’t notice the warning signs of Nash’s dangerous new lifestyle. When Nash’s sex drive falters, Sidney turns the rebuffs inward instead of looking at the bigger picture.

It will take the counsel of a close friend to open Sidney’s eyes to what is really going on, but will it be too late?

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Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order. Nash is starting to worry about his body image and thinking Sidney will no longer find him attractive. Meanwhile Sidney is trying to cope with how his father’s death has left him feeling and trying to reassure Nash that he loves him no matter what shape he is in.

This book and entire series is a wonderful example of a true relationship, showing us the ups and downs, the happiness and worries and the secrets that we will keep from each other to save our partners from worrying over the years. This book covers two years from Nov 96 – Nov 98 and shows how Sidney’s and Nash’s relationship is progressing, it shows us the love they both still have for each other, that the sex is still hot and that they have their ups and downs as well, a perfect story for a rainy day.

This story is well written and progresses well, the characters are great and their relationship is realistic. Even if you haven’t read the other books in the series you won’t feel lost reading this, because even though it does mention things that have happened in the other books you don’t feel like you have missed anything.

I will recommend this to those who want to read about… long established loving relationships, hot sex, suspicions and doubts and the everyday realities of relationships.


Incoming Freshman by Carol Lynne

Title: Incoming Freshman

Series: Campus Cravings 13

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Gay MM/ Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 1/2Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  Three years ago, Chet Sloan left a promising job as Offensive Line Coach at the University of Arizona in an effort to put distance between himself and an Incoming Freshman. Bobby Ray Sikes first came to Chet’s attention as a high school sophomore when he took his small Arkansas town’s football team to a state championship. For two years Chet watched Bobby Ray Sikes play, knowing the boy was meant for greatness. When he recognized his feelings had grown from adoration to something more, Chet ran. In an effort to save his career and Bobby Ray Sikes’s chance to one day go professional, Chet took a job at North Central Idaho University.

For three years, Bobby Ray Sikes played for a team he hated. Not only was he expected to act like the rest of the guys on the team, but the one man he’d agreed to play for had left him high and dry. After reading an article on BK House, a privately funded all-gay dormitory, in OUT magazine, he decides to do the unthinkable and transfer colleges his senior year.

Most coaches would be thrilled to learn a two-time All American was transferring in to play ball for their team, but Chet’s feelings for Bobby Ray Sikes haven’t changed. Will he be forced to run again or can he coach the man he loves?

Review:  It’s been nearly 3 years since we last saw the boys from Campus Cravings and I have to say Carol Lynne hasn’t let us down with the story which re-starts the series.

Bobby Ray Sikes knows what he wants for his future and it includes Chet Sloan in his bed and his heart. Chet thinks he knows what Bobby wants and what he needs and that’s Football. Bobby tries to make Chet understand that there is more to his life than football and he doesn’t want to go pro. Chet only wants what is right for Bobby and tries to keep his feelings to himself.

Even though these two say they love each other it’s been 3 years since they last saw each other so they don’t really know the men they are now, so they have to get to know one another again, another happy ending for the Campus boys?

There was one thing that puzzled me though… early in the book it say’s Chet’s starting to lose his hair at the age of thirty-two but later he says he’s fourteen years older than Bobby, but Bobby is twenty-two?? So is he thirty-two or thirty-six?? Anybody with an answer please leave a post.

I think anyone who’s read and liked the previous books in the series will like this one as well as it follows in the same vein, so thumbs up from me.