Subjection by Alicia Cameron

Demoted1-Subjection_Reveal_MEDTitle: Subjection
Series: Demoted 01
Author: Alicia Cameron
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Slave-fic
Length: Novell (196 pages)
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing (28 April 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4
Blurb: In a world where intellect and achievement are valued above all else, a young man risks everything to save his brother from a life of slavery. Thrown into a harsh, unyielding world where slaves are treated as less than animals, Sascha struggles to come to terms with everything he knows being ripped away from him, but a life of success could never prepare him for his life as one of the Demoted. Sinking lower and lower, Sascha begins to lose hope, but the whim of a mysterious, wealthy man has the potential to change all that.

Cashiel has a dark history that he guards carefully. Between family and business and politics, he rarely has time for a slave, much less a lover. But when he sees a young man who reminds him of the very history he is trying to escape, he makes an impulse decision that he’s not sure whether to regret or not. The slave could expose everything, or he could be the most valuable asset that Cashiel has ever acquired.

Cashiel and Sascha share desires, hopes, and a home. Each man is limited by status, hindered by history, and desperate to succeed.

The question is, will that be enough?

ISBN: 9781622342242

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: This was a really interesting read, although up front I am going to say you should stay clear if you take issue to reading a main character who suffers slave-type sexual exploitation and abuse (not necessarily from the other main character, but it is borderline). It is a very specific genre but I feel in the unrecognisable world created it works well.

Sascha became a slave in order to save his brother. He became a sex slave but is badly abused at the brothel where he worked. But the knight in not so shiny armour, Cashiel, buys Sascha when he needs to find a slave for Peace Day celebrations. It’s nowhere near as sleazy as it sounds, I assure you. These characters work well together and it really helps that we get to read the story from both Sascha and Cashiel’s POV. There is more to both Cashiel and Sascha than meets the eyes and their story is definitely not at an end. The next instalment shall prove interesting.

But I am left wondering what type of world where after another two further world wars is society so severely deteriorated that the “demoted” – basically those without a high IQ – are sterilised and brutalised in order to completely recondition them to become slaves?

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