The Brat by Patricia Logan

51VrE-831yL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Brat
Series: Marine Bodyguards, #3
Author: Patricia Logan
Genre: Romanctic Erotica
Length: 262 pages
Publisher: Westburg Publishing (February 8th 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Charles Fordham III has been expelled from Oxford and sent home with his tail between his legs. The self-professed “brat” has always gotten away with things because of his father’s influence and money.

Poor Chas is in for the surprise of his life in the form of a tall, well-muscled, former Marine bodyguard… but even more daunting days may lie ahead. Have his years abroad prepared him for the expectations of his father when he’s forced to live up to his legacy?

Tate Heston returns home from Iraq when his beloved career is cut short by an IED. He’s used to turning boys into men and then leading them into battle where sometimes the good guys lose. This makes him even more hesitant about taking on a job guarding a spoiled brat, but he believes he can probably do what he does best… make young Chas a man.

Not everyone wants to see the brat succeed in his father’s place. Things have been running just fine for years and the return of Charles Fordham III and the shake up his arrival causes, has his family’s enemies in a panic.

But as the boy assumes his rightful place, Tate understands sometimes a man must take his fight to the enemy… regardless of battlefield… or boardroom.

ISBN: e000000001471

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Sexy ex-military bodyguards, a spoiled brat, traitors galore!
That is only a few things to expect in this super sexy, nail-biting suspense story. Clear some time. You won’t want to put it down.
Chaz doesn’t want a bodyguard when he arrives back home from college. After years of being away, he feels unwanted and is very defiant and rebellious. Ex- Marine Tate Heston has more than a handful with this young man.

But not all is as seen. Once Tate gets to know Chaz, he sees a brilliant, misunderstood, young man. Just as the things heat up for the two and Chaz is settled with Tate, the twists begin, and we are one wild rollercoaster of these twists and turns.

I loved this story. There are may characters involved, and the story will certainly keep yo o its toes. I will say there were so many views, that the way it kept changing from one to the other was a bit jarring at times, but once you figured out the speaker, it wasn’t so hard to follow, even though one speaker was a secret to the very end. We even get to see a few favorites from the first two books.

If you like sexy marines, bodyguards, mystery/suspense, millionaires, older men/younger men, and some hot man-sex, this is definitely for you.

Though this is a book three of a series, I think you can read it as a standalone though the other two are well worth the read!

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