Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox

994969Title:  Half Moon Chambers

Author:  Harper Fox

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  FoxTales (November 8th, 2012)

Heat Level: Medium

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   A cop and a recovering addict – no chance for romance there.

Yet Vince, a street-hardened narcotics officer, is having to reassess his life. Six months ago, he hit rock-bottom. A bullet brought him down, and his beloved partner Jack betrayed him. Badly disabled and in constant pain, Vince is flying a desk these days, and it doesn’t suit him at all. His world is looking grim when he meets Rowan Clyde, sole surviving witness to a vicious drugs-related killing.

Rowan doesn’t want to talk. He’s vulnerable, trying to hold his own life together in the wake of a crippling addiction. Vince should have no time for him, and Rowan certainly shouldn’t trust a cop with an agenda to get him onto the witness stand at any cost.

Yet despite their differences, there’s an instant pull of attraction between these two damaged men. Their new bond is put to the ultimate test on the tough streets of Newcastle during a dark northern winter, as each turns out to hold the keys to the other’s survival – and to his destruction.

Product Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Half-Moon-Chambers-ebook/dp/B00A4AOMT6

Reviewer:   Any

Review:  British and Brilliant.

Simply put, I loved this story. Cop Vince narrates the story with a cool, blunt efficiency and a twist of color that makes him a unique character. He’s tough, he’s hardened, yet, after getting shot in a failed drugs bust, he shows us he’s vulnerable too – and somehow, seeing him cope and overcome his pain made him an even tougher character, in my opinion.

Artist and recovering addict Rowan Clyde is deep in the shitter – though this only comes out gradually as the story rises to the climax – yet he manages to be such a beacon of light in this story, and I found his attraction to Vince compelling and, like his works of art, beautiful and erotic.

I love the flawed characters and the mystery elements of this story, and, gah, I was so swept up in the characters that I barely put the book down—and when I did, I did so with reluctance.

Do I really have to wait months for the next Harper Fox release? I’m going to be quite impatient about it, in fact, like Rowan, I seem to have become deeply addicted and I don’t think it’s something I’ll recover from.

I recommend this story to those who like a gritty, well-written story with a crime-suspense flavor to it.

Hurry on up with the writing, Mrs. Fox, I need my next story fix.

Fire Tango by Hayley B. James

FToneTitle: Fire Tango

Series: Elemental Attraction 02

Author: Hayley B. James

Genre: Alternative World, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Super Novel (326pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (7th November 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Devil Fremont’s unwillingness to divulge even the smallest details of his past makes building a relationship with his lover, Leandre, a struggle. Doubt and frustration tear at the couple and put their bond to the test when Fremont’s secrets find him after his ten years in exile and force him home to Spezia to face serious charges.

Whatever mysteries Fremont has buried, Leandre does not believe murder is one of them—though his waiting fiancé is a surprise. As Fremont trusts his lover with his past, a second murder throws him deeper into the law’s hands.

Desperate to save Fremont, Leandre searches for the truth. But the conspiracy he uncovers goes deeper than he ever imagined. With Fremont’s time running out, Leandre must act quickly to reveal the true culprit before he loses his bond mate for good.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3345

Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Fremont keeps his past hidden from everyone. He has secrets that he doesn’t want revealed and it is putting pressure on his relationship with Leandre. When he is forced to return to Spezia, after ten years in exile, Leandre goes with him. But, Fremont’s secrets start to come spilling out and it is only Leandre’s faith that keeps them going. Leandre knows Fremont loves him and he has faith that Fremont will let him in on his past when it is the right time. But, as he discovers Fremont’s secrets, even his faith is starting to take a bashing and Fremont needs all the faith he can get when someone tries to set him up for murder… again.

This is a brilliant story set in a world of Angels, Demons, Devils and Humans. Fremont and Leandre are making their relationship work. Leandre wants more, he wants to know more but Fremont is very cagey about his past. Fremont doesn’t want Leandre to know about his past, because he doesn’t want Leandre to leave him. Fremont’s past is filled with a mystery and that mystery is about to come back to haunt him. When they both journey to Spezia, they are both pulled into a conspiracy of murder, mystery and political intrigue that is a danger to both of them. But, with the help of some friends from Fenian, they just might be able to save them all from death.

This storyline is wonderful. it draws you in from the beginning as you begin to wonder just what Fremont is hiding in his past and you begin to wonder just who could be setting Fremont up. Leandre and Fremont make a wonderful couple. Leandre has full faith in Fremont, but he wants Fremont to open up to him. Fremont would like nothing better than to be open with Leandre, but he fears that Leandre will walk out on him if he knows the truth. Fremont might seem like a fully confident character, but he is quite insecure when it comes to his love life. Leandre is a confident demon and nothing is going to make him change his mind about loving Fremont, not even a murder charge.

I loved the mystery and intrigue, the danger and threats and trying to figure just who is out to get Fremont. You have suspicions, but something always points you in another direction before you come back full circle only to be misdirected again. The story is brilliantly written. The background we are given is great and the world building for Spezia is breath-taking especially for Foxwood. Happily, we see characters from Water Waltz and we are introduced to Fremont’s family and friends, some of whom are very interesting and I would love to see more of.

I will recommend this story to those who love paranormal alternative worlds, mystery, suspense, murder, danger, intrigue, love, belief in a loved one and a happy ending that has hints for whose story might be next.


Here I Am by Evelyn Shepard

es_mt1_iamhere_coverinTitle: I Am Here

Author: Evelyn Shepherd

Genre: LGBT M/M/M Apocalyptic

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (October 30, 2012)

Heat level: Explicit

Heart rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Sawyer never it saw it coming. He never expected Jesse to finally respond to him. He never expected the meteors to take out LeVeque tower. He never expected an old woman to try to eat his face off.

Sawyer thought that when he went into work that night it just be another boring evening at the bookstore. But the impromptu quickie in the bathroom is just the beginning. Sawyer, with his gorgeously infuriating boss Jesse, his best friend Chloe and her little brother Jaden are in for more than a boring night.

The undead are rising up and they will have to find their way through the aftermath. With the aid of Jesse’s wryly sexy ex-lover/best friend Topher, they will attempt to head south to find a safe haven in a world turned to bedlam. But with the government keeping secrets and the infected turning, it’ll prove that the nightmare is far from over.

As Sawyer struggles to come to terms with his new world, he’ll also face the conflicting truth that he is in love with not one, but two, men.

It leads him to ask life’s great question: can you find love in a zombie apocalypse?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/m), violence.

Product link: http://www.loose-id.com/i-am-here.html

Reviewer: Heart

Review:  As a big zombie fan who had a positive experience with one other book from this author, I had to see what I Am Here was all about. An attractive cover and particularly three men on it, worked like a charm and as soon as I got it, I jumped into the zombie apocalypse.

Sawyer works in a bookstore and has the hots for his boss Jesse. Their attraction comes to its peak on the night when there is a meteor shower everyone else just has to see, but instead of solving their boss/employee relationship they end up defending themselves from biting old ladies and the still walking dead. The action, both plot related as well as the sexual, starts right away, and before you know it, you have two guys who are crazy about each other killing zombies. Personally, I really like fast paced stories with well-developed fight scenes and well thought through plot, both of which I found here.

As they run, they rescue Sawyer’s best friend, Chloe and her little brother and eventually meet up with Topher, Jesse’s ex and still a very good friend.

The ménage itself develops rather late and even then I thought it lacked the chemistry which was obvious between Sawyer and Jesse as well as Sawyer and Topher. It’s really hard to incorporate romance into something as gore filled as a zombie story and there were plenty of times where I either noticed the inconsistencies or rolled my eyes at inappropriate situations where the main characters decided to have sex. I suppose it’s a curse when you watch as many zombie related movies/shows as I do, to pick apart each action and pay attention to details.

Anyway, my main issue here was the amount of sex, which frankly pulled me out of this fast paced story. I feel there’s just no room for it when each minute is danger filled and you’ve just spent your day killing people you used to know and actually still have their blood in your hair and clothes.

Sawyer as a character was someone I liked the least. He had his good moments and I do like bratty characters, but his outbursts seemed more acted out than a part of his personality. Topher was my definite favorite and I can’t get over how little there was of him in the story as well as the relationship. Maybe its partially just my impression because I liked him so much, but the story had involved him to a bigger extent.

As apocalypses go, this was a good one. From losing your loved ones, to military involvement it probably falls under ‘classic’ category, but the author has a flair for action and it shows. So if you lack zombies in your life, pick this up and read about what’s it like to find yourself surrounded by people who want to eat you and all the imaginative ways how to escape that fate.

Crucible of Fate by Mary Calmes

crucibleTitle: Crucible of Fate

Series: Change Of Heart 04

Author: Mary Calmes

Genre: Paranormal, Shifters

Length: Novel (234pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (21st November 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In the secret city of Sobek, Domin Thorne is making his way as the newly chosen semel-aten, the leader of the werepanther world. He aspires to make sweeping changes—he’s set goals for himself and the people he chose to bring with him, modeling his reign after that of his friend, Logan Church. But Domin may have set too lofty a goal: his normal leadership style isn’t working.

While juggling a homesick Crane, a moody Mikhail, a bullwhip-wielding Taj, servants with murderous intentions, a visiting ex, and a mate on a dangerous goodwill mission, Domin has to figure out his new role alone. He also must determine how to deal with a conspiracy, all the while falling hard for a man who, for the first time in Domin’s life, reciprocates that love. Whether Domin is ready or not, Fate has stepped in to teach him a lesson: internal threats are just as dangerous as external ones.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3389

Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Domin is now semel-aten and living in Sobek, Egypt.  He is trying to change the werepanther world for the better, but he finds himself struggling to cope with the pressure and it doesn’t help that his mate, Yuri, is off on a peace keeping mission between two tribes. Domin also has dissent in his ranks; people determined to take him down and conspirators who want him dead. Domin learns that he needs those that he trusts most around him and that he can be the leader that is needed even when he sometimes doubts himself.

This book brings us the story of Domin and Yuri as they settle into their new life in Sobek. Domin is struggling to bring about the changes he wants and is being overwhelmed by his new responsibilities.  Even with the support of Crane, Mikhail, Taj and Yuri he is failing to make the impact he wanted. Domin soon learns that he has to trust those closest to him to do their jobs, he has to learn to treat his mate as a mate and he has to learn to have faith in himself. Yuri and Crane both face challenges while Mikhail and Taj have to assert their authority over the tribe.

This story is all from Domin’s POV, so we get a really great feeling for everything that he experiences, from his doubts, his fears and his hopes to the danger he finds himself and those he cares about in, all the way until he becomes the man he wants to be without even realizing it. Domin and Yuri make a great couple, although Yuri doesn’t know the true depth of Domin’s feelings, and Koren *grrr* makes an appearance sniffing around Domin again *grrr*, there are many different dangers that Domin and his friends face and one of those dangers brings Jin to the rescue, and where Jin goes his mate finally follows (when Logan discovers Jin’s whereabouts) which also brings interesting family members to be introduced. There is a hell of a lot of assassination attempts, other dangers, sneaking about and back stabbing going on that I won’t go into but there is no lack of excitement.

Domin really comes into his own in this book; he isn’t overshadowed by either Logan or Jin (who both make an appearance).  Domin really does grab this story by the throat and makes it his, he shines through when he stops trying to copy Logan’s rule and begins his own. When he has his own confidence and stops second guessing himself, he puts Logan’s rule to shame and shows the whole werepanther nation just why he is semel-aten. I must admit that it was strange seeing all these characters from a different character’s POV and although Domin does question himself a lot it was nothing like Jin’s rough rambling lol.

I have to recommend this to those who love shifters, brutal justice, conspiracy, attempted assassinations, hot sex, finding your place in the world and getting your happy ever after.


Third Time Lucky by Morgan Lewis and Raelynn MacDonald

Title: Third Time Lucky

Author: Morgan Lewis, Raelynn MacDonald

Genre: LGBT M/M/M contemporary BDSM

Length: 119 pages

Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 13 2012)

Heat level: Explicit

Heart rating: ♥♥2Hearts 

Blurb: Ron has his ideal submissive in Declan, a feisty blond who challenges him in all the best ways. In Ron, Declan has found a Master he can serve. When Ron suggests they bring a third person into their bedroom to play, Declan has just the person in mind…

Christopher, Declan’s former Dominant, is a close friend of them both and searching for a partner of his own. When Declan invites him to join them, Christopher is more than happy to oblige. But the presence of a third man in Ron and Declan’s bedroom affects their relationship in unforeseen ways. Will Christopher be simply a play partner, or is there room for something more between the three of them?

Product link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/coming-soon-c-2/products_id/1299/?zenid=0f0e5e6023e73cd19dca3b629568f56d

Reviewer: Heart

Review:  This is a short story that seems to promise more than it eventually offers. I was looking forward to a ménage with BDSM elements and while you will find the listed in some form, my expectations far surpassed what I eventually got.

Declan and Ron are in a BDSM relationship, deeply in love and devoted to each other. Declan is bratty and I found him to be somewhat insecure in his relationship, while Ron keeps putting out this brave adventurous vibe while but in most situations comes off completely lost without a set goal in mind.

The two decide that what their relationship needs in that particular moment in time is a third in their bed and they end up inviting Christopher, Declan’s ex Dom.

For any potential readers – you should be aware that this story is primarily sex centered. There’s little when it comes to plot and BDSM is rather mild. It didn’t work for me at all, but then again, I thought the whole dynamics was wrong. Declan was way too mouthy and Ron had no idea what he wanted in bed. The three guys consulted over everything during the act, which just about killed the eroticism as well as any spontaneity that could have been found there. I kept wondering what exactly they discussed beforehand when every single move needed permission. Christopher was the only one who gave me any real Dom vibe, but I never once felt as if he was any closer to Ron and Declan than he was at the very beginning.

To conclude: this book really wasn’t for me.

The One Who Saves Me by Cardeno C.

Title: The One Who Saves Me

Series: Home 06

Author: Cardeno C.

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (212pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (12th November 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: At fourteen, Andrew Thompson and Caleb Lakes become best friends. As the years pass, they stand by each other through family trauma, school, and the start of their careers. They share their first sexual experiences as friends, learning and experimenting. And they talk each other through countless dates and breakups. Decades of trust and loyalty build a deep and abiding friendship —until Andrew suffers a tragedy. Caleb moves in with him, and the parameters of their unique relationship blur.

Wrestling with feelings he can’t articulate, Andrew spirals into self-loathing. Caleb struggles to help his friend heal, but he longs for more than Andrew can give him. After so many years, neither man knows how to break out of his established role. After all, boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3347

Review: This story is part of a series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Andrew and Caleb become best friends at fourteen. Their friendship spans for the next twenty years. They are there for each other through family troubles, school, break ups and tragedy and when they both come out as gay they are each other’s firsts. Andrew and Caleb are best friends with benefits, but what happens when their relationship lines blur?

This is a wonderful addition to the Home series where we see the development of a strong friendship that turns into more and settles into something that neither man realizes. Andrew is searching for the one man who will be his everything; he searches for years going through bad relationships, before he settles for what he can get. And when that ends in sadness, he blames himself and feels guilt over his feelings for his best friend. Caleb won’t settle for second best and keeps hunting for the man for him. He has concerns for Andrew and Andrew’s reaction to the loss of his boyfriend, but dragging Andrew from his depression is harder than he thought and both men finally see what they have been missing all along.

Ahhh, Cardeno C. always writes an incredible story and this one is no different. The story of Andrew and Caleb is very sweet and touching and at times frustrating. Both these characters are incredible men. while Caleb is quite happy to wait for the man of his dreams, dating and taking things slow; Andrew is desperate to find his Mr. Right and throws himself into all his relationships wholeheartedly. And, Caleb is always there to pick up the pieces of his heart. In this story, we see a deep and abiding love that spans twenty years. We see two young men grow up and embark on their adult lives side by side. They share everything together, but as close as they are they miss the obvious… their love for each other.

I loved this story and yes, I got frustrated at Andrew for letting himself be treated badly. But, his desperation to have a steady relationship made him take what he could get. Caleb’s patience is amazing. How he didn’t scream at Andrew to man up and put his foot down proved what a great friend he was. I must admit to being amazed that Caleb and Andrew could never see how they truly felt about each other. But, I suppose that they were too close to see it as more than best friends. The sex between them is very hot and sexy and it was wonderful to see that over so many they still fancied each other rotten.

I recommend this to those who love a friend to lovers story, deep abiding love, hot sex, heartache, frustration and a belated happy ending.


The Broken Road by Anna Lee

Title: The Broken Road

Author: Anna Lee

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (102pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th November 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down by a drunk driver. Confined to a wheelchair, he feels invisible, but Ryen Moore helps him figure out how to be whole again and shows him what real love is all about.

Nearly a year and half ago, Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down when a drunk driver hit his car. To make matters worse, Kason’s boyfriend Blake walked out on him while he was recovering. Now, confined to a wheelchair and insecure, Kason is afraid he’ll never find someone to see past it. Then he meets Ryen Moore in his coffee shop. Falling head over heels for Ryen is easy. When Blake reappears and tries to steal their happiness away, Kason puts his trust in Ryen and realizes that his broken road has led him to love.

CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title contains moderate violence.

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/products_id/1307

Review: Kason was on the way to help a friend when his life was changed forever by a drunk driver. Living life in a wheelchair and losing his lover has knocked his confidence and he feels invisible. But, Ryen sees Kason as a man he could love. Ryen knows all about life changing instances, and just because Kason is in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean he should be alone and Ryen wants to be the man to show Kason what they could have. When Kason’s ex, Blake, shows up Ryen won’t allow him to mess with his happiness.

This is a very sweet story about two men who have both suffered loss and heartache and together they begin to live their lives to the fullest. Kason has been through a lot in the eighteen months since his life was changed and when it comes to meeting a new man he has lost all confidence. believing that no man would want him now he is in a wheelchair. When Ryen sees Kason hanging around his coffee shop, he wants to know the man better and it is better than his wildest dreams when they embark on a relationship. together they begin to move on with their lives and the only bump in the road is Blake.

I really enjoyed this story and the wonderful characters of Kason and Rye. These two men, who have both suffered in the past, make a great couple as they move forward with their lives. Each man being able to understand what the other has gone through. Being a comfort to each other, but much more than that. They fall in love with the person inside. Blake is a character that is a very nasty individual. When Kason couldn’t be the man he used to be, he walked away. But, seeing him in a couple of brief scenes and you are glad he did. Because the way he treats Kason sends shudders down your spine.

A really sweet love story that isn’t too overpowering or over the top. We see aspects of Kason and Ryen relationship as it develops and they get to know each other. We see them fall in love and see how they respect each other and also how they protect each other. The supporting characters are really well written and I am glad that we briefly met both Kason’s and Ryen’s extended family, because they do add a lot to the emotional side of the story. There are a couple of brief sex scenes between Ryen and Kason, which are really hot and show us just how well-suited these two men are.

I will recommend this to those who love men who rise from the ashes of tragedy, who find true love that makes them better men, who have hot sex and plan on living happily ever after.





A Time To Gain, A Time To Lose by Edward Kendrick

Title: A Time to Gain, A Time to Lose

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (124pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th November 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When PI Zane Turner needs help tracking down a stalker he turns to Axel Hayward, a blind profiler. Axel agrees, in exchange for Zane helping to protect him against the man who was the cause of his blindness, a man who has suddenly reappeared in his life.

As the two men, plus Rex Turner, Zane’s cousin and business partner, work to find the person stalking several of the Turners’ new clients Axel and Zane find themselves drawn together in more than the case.

Then Axel is targeted and they must decide is it the stalker or the man from his past who is responsible?

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/products_id/1305

Review: PI Zane needs help tracking down a stalker and turns to profiler Axel for help, Axel asks Zane for help in exchange, to discover why his ex-lover who caused his blindness, has reappeared on the scene after ten years. Together they try to solve the stalker case and the ex problem and become close, when Axel becomes threatened they have to discover just who is the threat… the ex or the stalker?

This is a great story of a slow developing relationship as two men work together to get to the bottom of their puzzles. Zane is a PI who has had several gay men come to him for help concerning someone stalking them. Zane needs the help of a profiler to see if the cases are connected and to get a bead on the stalker and he turns to Axel for help. Axel is happy to help Zane with his case and in exchange he asks Zane to discover why his ex-lover is in town. The ex-lover who caused Axel’s blindness. As the two men work together, they come to like and respect each other and they embark on a slow relationship. A relationship that causes someone to be very upset.

I really enjoyed this story and the way that Zane and Axel decide to take it slow, building a relationship and not jumping into bed together straight away. Zane has a strange case of a stalker targeting gay men. The investigation part of the story is quite interesting and the connections that Zane and Axel discover are a great twist. But, I for one will say you will be surprised when you discover who the stalker is… really surprised. Axel’s problem of his ex-lover is a painful thing for him and when you discover his story it does make you wonder at the man Raoul was. But, amazingly enough, Raoul does begin to redeem himself somewhat.

So, I have to recommend this to those who enjoy sleuthing, slow romances, steamy kisses, a mystery to solve and a happy ending that is a good beginning for a relationship.

Blind Blondie by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Blind Blondie

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (103pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th November 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Sam Campbell is a struggling artist and playboy beach bum who pretends to be a taxi driver to take a good-looking blind man home. Blondie is not impressed and calls the cops on Sam…

Artist and playboy beach bum Sam’s life is turned around when he meets blind Kieran and falls hard for him. Kieran is fiercely independent and doesn’t need a man like Sam in his life. But Sam needs a man like Kieran and it’s up to him to persuade Kieran he’s worth a shot.

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/products_id/1327

Review: Sam is a man on the lookout for an easy lay. But, when he picks up a good-looking blind guy who is looking for a taxi, he decides it’s too much and drops him off at the animal hospital. He is then surprised to get a visit from the police. Sam’s life takes a drastic turn when he becomes obsessed with getting Kieran to go out with him, but Kieran is having none of it and it leads to Sam trying his best to convince Kieran, that Sam can be the man who Kieran needs.

This is a story that quite surprised me with the drastic change in its characters and such an incredible change it was. Sam just wants to laze around in the sun and pick up hot guys. He does just enough art to let him live by and he is perfectly happy with his life. But, when Kieran walks into his life, he wants to change so he can be the type of man who deserves a man like Kieran. Kieran doesn’t need a man like Sam in his life and he doesn’t believe that any man would stick around for long anyway. Kieran finally gives in to Sam’s pursuit. But, the true test of Sam’s new character is when Kieran needs him the most.

This is one of those stories that make you believe that a leopard really can change his spots. Sam is a character that is very carefree and lives his life how he wants to. But, when he is confronted with Kieran, it shakes his very foundation and makes him rethink how he lives his life. Kieran is a guy who has had a hard time and giving in to someone like Sam is just asking for heartache. But, Sam manages to break through Kieran’s defenses and Kieran is later thankful that he gave Sam a chance or three. I really wasn’t expecting Sam to change as drastically as he did, but it makes a powerful impact later in the book.

I must admit to thinking early on that Sam deserves everything that Kieran dishes out. But, as with Kieran he broke down my defenses and I finally saw just what a wonderful man Sam was. The relationship is interesting and I found that they were well suited. The sex between them is really hot and there is some heartache for Sam later in the book, but he comes through with a true heart and with true love.

I recommend this to those who love difficult beginnings and rocky starts, life changing realizations, standing by the man you love and a very happy ending and plenty of hot sex.




Out To Protect by Amber Skyze

Title: Out To Protect

Author: Amber Skyze

Genre: Contemporary, Crime

Length: Novella (102pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (13th November 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥2Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Someone is killing prostitutes and Grant Wesson has been assigned to find out who the killer is. Problem is he just came out to his best friend and partner. Ralph didn’t take it so well, so Grant’s been reassigned to the new kid on the block, Parker Townsend.

Parker is young, sexy and very much in the closet. Grant fights the growing attraction he’s feeling for his new partner, until Parker changes things up. He wants to break the rules and have sex with his new partner.

Against his better judgment, Grant agrees. It’s the hottest sex either of them has ever had, but it’s a distraction. The killer has Grant in his sights. Parker promises to protect him, but it’s his heart that needs protecting.

Purchase Link: http://www.loose-id.com/out-to-protect.html

Review: Grant has just confessed his deepest secret to his best friend and partner Ralph, who reacts badly. Now, Grant is partnered with Parker, a new detective and assigned the case of a serial killer. Parker is unhappy to be partnered with the newly out Grant, as he has his own secret to keep. But, working a case where the killer sets his sights on his partner forces Parker to confront his new feelings and swearing to protect Grant.

This story has a very interesting premise, but the execution was poorly done. Grant gets thrown into confusion when he is assigned a new partner, Parker, when his old partner refuses to work with him anymore because he confessed to being gay. Parker is a new detective who is buried deep in the closet. The last thing he needs is to be assigned to partner with the newly out Grant. Then, they are assigned to work a serial killer case and a random clue points the finger at one of their own… who now seems to have set his sights on Grant.

Grant and Parker are both detectives who are gay. Grant has just stepped out of the closet and Parker is still deeply buried with no intention of coming out. The pair are teamed together to solve a serial killer case. They both feel an attraction to the other, which they each try to suppress, but it’s a losing battle. They are very hot together with just a slight touch of BDSM. Grant has his emotions in slight turmoil with the full-out vile rejection by his best friend and also the suspicions of who the killer is. Parker is very protective of Grant, even though he doesn’t want to be.  Unfortunately, with the killer setting his sights on Grant being the next victim, Parker puts himself in the role of hero.

I was really looking forward to reviewing this book based on the blurb and being honest the blurb didn’t lie… it was the execution of the story that left me disappointed. I can’t see any research of police procedures or policies because, seriously, any cop doing the stuff that was in this book would get kicked off the force with a boot up the arse and a lawsuit with the added bonus of a criminal prosecution to look forward to… unless this book was actually set in the 1970’s – 1980’s (which I doubt based on the mobile phones and computers). I was really disappointed with how the investigation was carried out and the jumping to conclusions based on very flimsy evidence, *sigh* it was all carried out wrong.

I will recommend this to those who love cops getting hot and heavy, a shoot-out, finding killers and a happy ever after.


Geisha Boys by Valario la Martire

Title:  Geisha Boys

Series:   N/A

Author:  Valerio la Martire

Genre: Contemporary/BDSM/Transvestite

Length: Short Story (45 pages)

Publisher: Self-Published (first published in Italy 2009 by Edizioni Croce) English Translation- 2012

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   “I cover my lips with a thin layer of blue colour. I look at myself again.
A distorted figure on a white background. I am the one who doesn’t need it, the one who lives alone out of the House. I am the one who doesn’t have a name because it doesn’t matter, the one who doesn’t have a colour at the right place.”

Outskirts of Rome. An Okiya house in which seven boys live together as geisha; leaded by a transsexual Mama-san. They tell with their own words their love and how they sell away themselves..

Product Link:  Geisha Boys

Reviewer: Cat

Warning: Strong sexual content, violence and you will need tissues.  Not a romance or a HEA.

Review:  Geisha Boys is a very heart-wrenching poignant story of seven young boys plus their Mama-san and how they became rent-boys. I liked how each chapter began with a dossier (character profile) for that character, and then went into his thoughts.  The story has a lot of metaphors and is beautifully written; almost prose like.

I recommend it to anyone that likes something different with no HEA, very rough sex, BDSM, rent boys, Golden Showers, a good cry and a reality check once in a while.

Friends to Lovers by Sedonia Guillone and D.H. Starr

Title:  Friends to Lovers

Series:  N/A

Author:  Sedonia Guillone and D. H. Starr

Genre:   Contemporary, Historical and Romance

Length:  Anthology (177 Pages)

Publisher:  Ai Press (October 27, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Blurb:   What do an advertising executive, an Olympic skater and an 18th century samurai have in common? Each is in love with his best friend and knows he’s found his soul mate. But is Fate destined to give him his heart’s desire? A timeless theme explored in three sizzling M/M stories by two of today’s favorite authors, D.H. Starr and Sedonia Guillone.

It Was Always You (D.H. Starr) A drama club geek and a consummate jock—hardly a formula for friendship. Yet Caleb Richards and Kevin O’Brien have been best friends since high school. Kevin’s free spirited ways brought Caleb out of his shell, and Caleb introduced Kevin to a world outside of sports. When Kevin came out to Caleb as gay, all the things he’d thought were wrong about himself suddenly seemed right…except for his inability to say the four words that could open the door to his ultimate happiness: I love you, Kevin. Years later, when Caleb finally faced his fear and plans to finally tell Kevin, “It was always you,” he’s a bit too late: Kevin tells him he’s found someone. How will a friendship ever become more now?

Blind Love (Sedonia Guillone) After a harrowing seventeen-year separation, Hirata Morimasa leaves his home and secure future to search for his childhood friend, Sho. Blinded by illness when they were children, Sho was sent away, apprenticed to a blind masseur (an anma) to learn his trade, and then disappeared. Desperate to find the other half of his heart and soul, Hirata willingly sacrifices the prestige and security of his father’s dojo to find him. When an anma who looks exactly like Sho crosses his path in front of a gambling parlor one day, the man flatly denies he is Sho. Hirata knows better and is determined to get the truth…and to rekindle what he’d lost with his friend. However, even though Hirata knows in his bones this man is his soul mate, Sho has…changed…in ways Hirata could not have prepared for in his wildest imaginings, changes that could continue to keep them apart…forever.

Skating For Gold (D.H. Starr) Joined by sorrow, Olympic figure skating hopeful Devon Hayes met champion Lance Dawes at a time when both their worlds were falling apart. Devon lost his mother to cancer and Lance’s family rejected him for being gay. When Devon leaves for college, a door seems to close on any hopes for something more than friendship…until Fate provides a second chance. Devon returns home to train with Lance. As the Olympic trials draw closer and their love grows stronger, the tug-of-war between desire and ambition threatens to ruin everything. If they can’t discover what matters most, they might end up with nothing

Product Link:  http://ai-press.net/2012/10/29/now-available-friends-to-lovers/

Reviewer:   John


It Was Always You by D.H. Starr ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Caleb Richards and Kevin O’Brien are best friends since high school. Unbeknownst to Kevin, Caleb has always been in love to him, but he had not found the courage to share his feeling with him since Kevin has a reputation of sleeping around with a lot of guys. However, everything changes one day when Kevin wants to introduce to Caleb the guy he calls The One. This is where things get interesting.

I loved Caleb. He was smart, funny and a very nice guy. He has always been in love with Kevin, but has not dared to confess it to him. I absolutely loved Kevin since he was a real bad boy and a player. I was happy and shocked to know that Kevin loved Caleb as well, thus the name of the novel fits perfectly. On the downside, the story felt a little too long, even though it was a short story. It would have been better if the story was cut straight to the point or reduce the pages of internal conflict of the main character.

Blind Love by Sedonia Guillone ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Hirata Morimasa was a Samurai in training and his father owned a dojo. His best friend was Sho, a blind child who was the son of his father’s servants. But everything is not perfect since at just ten years old, Sho has to leave with a Blind Guild. Against Hirata and Sho’s wishes, he leaves and is never seen again. Before he is taken away however, Hirata promises that he will look for him someday. When Hirata is seventeen years old, he leaves his home and finds Sho ten years later. Everything should have been perfect, but it’s not since Sho does not recognize him.

This novel is not my type, but it was a masterpiece. The author clearly shows knowledge about this era and culture beyond my expectations. At first, I was sad by Sho’s rejection to Hirata since the guy had been looking for him for TEN years. For ten solid years, he looked far and wide for his one and true love. Now, that’s true love! After Sho told us his side of the story, I fell for the kid even more. He was a lost little boy who was force to grow up away from his family, friends and love. I knew then why he behaved that way. Everything about this story was perfect and story line was believable. The author did an amazing job with this short little story.

Skating For Gold by D.H. Starr – ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Devon Haynes is an ice skater who has been training with Lance Dawes. They have been in love with each other, but neither of them have had the courage to say it out loud to each other. When the Olympic Trail nears, they become closer and shared their troubling conflicts.

D.H. Starr is an amazing author. There is no doubt about that. His writing style comes alive on every page, but this was my least favorite story. Don’t get me wrong, the characters and story were great and believable. Everything flew well, but I don’t know why this story felt too long like the first one. Maybe, it was the amount of pages given to the troubling thoughts surrounding the characters. This would have been much better if it was cut straight to the point or reduce the number of pages of internal conflict of the main characters.

I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read three amazing little stories about how friends become lovers and one in the same.