Callum of Drakkar Coven by Leigh Jarrett

13605249Title: Callum of Drakkar Coven

Series: Drakkar Coven #1

Author: Leigh Jarrett

Genre: Paranormal / Erotic Romance / Vampires

Length: Novella (32,000 words)

Publisher: Steambath Press (April 12th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Laramie had grown up listening to stories regaling Lord Callum’s strength and beauty, but also warning of his ferocity and bloodlust. But was it true? Were Lord Callum and his brothers really vampires? Laramie’s first glimpse of Lord Callum set his heart racing, partially out of fear, but mostly out of fascination and Lord Callum took note of that, pleased to have found his next plaything.

Content Information: This book contains graphic depictions of male/male sexual practices, graphic language, and other content that some readers may find objectionable, including vampires, blood consumption, infidelity, and death.

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Review: What happens when your simple life gets disrupted so profoundly you can’t make up from down? What happens when instead of marrying to your betrothed and have a bunch of kids, you end up a pleasure slave for the Lord of the land you live upon? What the Hell happens when said land Lord is a powerful, sadistic, and cruel Vampire who in all rights thinks you’re his livestock?

Well, this story certainly has a horror touch to it with the play of emotions and the glaring turnabout of the human from top of the chain into prime and only food material. I liked the way the author went about this concept here. The logic stand for a fictional character was good and since I like my Vamps bloodthirsty this appealed greatly to me.

However, there were things I’d rather were different. For example, the mutli-PoV’s killed the story for me. As in, literally this book could’ve been a lot better if there wasn’t a different PoV for every character we met. The whole mystery, secrecy of thoughts, and intensity died a miserable death due to the storytelling.

The author makes it up to us though with a very nice and unconventional couple. Remember how I said that the vampire here saw humans as livestock? Yeah, he grew them, helped with the crops and life, but when the population grew and villagers had thoughts about expanding, BOOM, the vamps hit and there was a decrease of the population and no need for expanse expenses. Brilliant as it was, it was quite a bit sinister too. Loved it!

In one such hit Lord Callum’s and his brothers gather nearly 40+ “breeders” from the village down the hill and our dear, dear Laramie, who was planning his wedding in two weeks’ time ends up on Callum’s harem… Yup, you guessed it. Our Lord has a taste for men (it is an m/m read, what’d you expect?). Laramie’s fiancé ends up entertainment as well but for the harem’s boys.

Now what I found incredulous and just didn’t work with me and the whole vapm-visciousness, is the fact that Sarah, the fiancée, remained a nice lovely virgin the entire read… Yeah! I think not!

Laramie however gets fascinated by the cruel Lord and taking the advice of the Harem’s caretaker, he proceeds to take advantage of said fascination, and make himself interesting for the monster that might or might not kill him on a whim. What Laramie didn’t expect though was how well into said monster he was going to get soon once he was introduced to the ins of man on man “lovemaking.”

I liked how the plot went from there on. It was interesting and quite engaging. The corpses all around the place made me think Lord Callum was a real slob, but it made for a creepy feel and well served to terrify pretty much everyone who stepped Callum’s quarters.

Now take care and have in mind that the author uses many things that might make this book unbearable if for example you don’t like scenes that engage in blood play and blood drinking when it comes from a human on human. Or if you’re against “watersport” kinks, you might want to know there is one such scene in the book, which I did find kind of fascinating in the context. Yeah, it was a bit hilarious when it happened, and the why it happened.

So anyway, all in all this book was quite nice, I enjoyed it, would’ve loved if it was better polished of course and if I could hear that scary/creepy music in my head that I usually do when I read dark/horrific books. I do recommend it though. It’s a nice read and quite entertaining.

P.S.: Timothy was one character I did not like how the author spun the tale around. One minute he’s vomiting his guts off from the very idea of having anything to do with a vampire, the next he’s on Oleander’s bed? Nope, didn’t work.


Sins of the Fathers by Edward Kendrick

51cbacab2db19c61b7d6077a57b5c7a1.image.300x450Title: Sins of the Fathers

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Crime (police/detectives/PI), Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery

Length: 190 pages (36,174)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (10/19/2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: When ex-priest Mark Collins is suddenly catapulted to fame as a super-model, he discovers his boss may be trafficking with the Mafia. Then the game becomes one of ‘who do you trust’, a decision he must make if he’s going to survive.

When ex-priest Mark Collins is suddenly catapulted to fame as a super-model, he discovers there is more to it than he expected. With the help of Paul, his boss’s assistant, he manages to weather the promotional gigs. Then there is his blossoming involvement with Angelo, a police detective he met soon after arriving in the city.

Everything is thrown into disarray when he finds out his boss may be trafficking with the Mafia. When he’s attacked, his life soon becomes a game of ‘who do I trust?’ Will it be Angelo or the very appealing FBI agent who puts him into protective custody to keep him alive until he can testify?

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Review: After Mark was defrocked, he moved to New York from the mid-south to start over and blend in. He finds a job as a waiter and makes a couple of friends there. One day he is walking and a man spots him and asks him to fill in for a model shoot. He is offered a big job and gets famous. Then the twists really begin.

I liked this story. I really liked Mark. His character is very likeable. The storyline is intriguing and the mystery was interesting.  The first twist really caught me by surprise. I would have liked to seen a bit more connection between Angelo and Mark and a more heated romance between Mark and Paul. But overall, the story was interesting and worked for me.

I recommend this if you like a romance with a bit of mystery and intrigue with a surprising twist and a satisfying ending.


The Caldwell Ghost by K.J. Charles

71yxDOrJ-FL._SL1500_Title:  The Caldwell Ghost

Series:  The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal 01

Author:  KJ Charles

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Short (17 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (October 9th, 2013)

Product link:

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: When Robert Caldwell inherits a haunted house, he calls on ghost-hunter Simon Feximal to rid him of the supernatural menace. But the ghost is stronger than either man realizes — strong, angry, and desperate for release. Trapped in a haunted house with a dangerously attractive ghost-hunter and a sexually frustrated spirit, can Robert survive the night intact…and will he want to?

Reviewer:   Pammie

Review:  A Torquere Press Halloween short

I loved this quickie read. Robert calls on Simon when he finds his home is haunted. Simon has a fairly unusual way of communicating with the spirit world, but when Robert inadvertently steps out of Simon’s protective circle, they have to take drastic measures. By the end of the story the unhappy ghost, of a man so untimely killed, is finally satisfied.

If you like a short, hot, and spooky read, this is for you.

The List by Sandra Bard

PrintTitle: The List

Series: Proud to be a Vampire

Author: Sandra Bard

Genre: Paranormal/Vampire

Length: Novella (33K)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (October 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Gavin Summers’ quiet, academic life is shattered when he is attacked by a mugger and rescued by Dillon, a member of the Night Watch. Soon Gavin finds himself embroiled in anti-vampire propaganda, vampire politics, and the dangers of associating with vampires in a city where vampires are being killed daily, forcing him to make a choice: remain neutral or stand with the vampires.

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Review: A brief rundown: Gavin works at a University under the supervision of a Professor that is a staunch vampire hater.  One evening coming home from school, a mugger attacks Gavin and a member of the night watch saves him. The Night Watch is a vampire group that helps protect humans.  He finds Dillon interesting and wants to know more about vampires but his professor drags him into the Anti-vampire movement.

I really loved this story! The story line has multi stories that blend quite well without over complicating the story. There are twists, intrigue and mystery. The romance isn’t in your face and moves slowly. For a short story, this is very well done and wraps up all loose ends and comes to a very satisfying conclusion. This is an author I will be watching for more!

If you like Vamps that don’t sparkle, intrigue, and a bit of romance this is a great read!

By the Moonlight by Jax Steele (Audio)

BytheMoonlightAudTitle:  By the Moonlight

Author: Jax Steele 

Genre:   Vampire Romance

Length:  1 hour and 5 minutes

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (November 14th 2009)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Happy with an eternity of seducing women for both pleasure and blood, vampire Jared Sinclair is surprised when his longtime friend Byron encourages him to sample the pleasures that might be found in a man. It’s during a sensual encounter that Jared discovers the real reason Byron wants him to expand his palate … because he wants Jared to taste him*Wet Dream*

Product Link through Dreamspinner:

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Reviewer: Tams

Review:  Short, Sexy and Steamy… my three favorite colors are available in audio? Who knew!

Jared and Bryon are vampires and friends, they’ve spent centuries fucking and feeding their way through the populous. Jared takes his pleasure from women and Byron takes his from men. But Byron has always wanted to take Jared as well, now he just has to convince Jared to let him.

I loved the feeding ritual itself in this story. When a woman was at her peak, so to speak, that is when her blood was the richest. Soon enough Jared learns from watching Byron and then he finally decides to feeds from a man, in more ways than one, and it is even more delectable than his former female lovers ever were. Just wait until Byron gets him into bed, his head might explode!

I would love a longer story of these two vampire lovers escapades across the globe. I hope that this short was just a snack. The narrator was pretty decent added to the storyline. He had a sexy, sultry voice that he kept throughout, with just little inflections here and there to let you know if it was Jared or Byron speaking. Super short, super sexy and super cheap. You could knock this one out in the car on the way to work, and have a much better day!

Love on Site by Neil Plakcy

18468305Title: Love on Site

Series:   N/A

Author: Neil Plakcy

Genre: Contemporary

Length:   Novel (230 pages)

Publisher: Loose ID (October 7th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit ~ LOTS of action between the Main Characters

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer:   Eli/Mandingo

Blurb:It’s mid-May, and Manny Garcia has just graduated from Florida University (FU) with his bachelor’s degree in construction management and landed his dream job, working for handsome Walter Loredo on a warehouse project just west of downtown Miami. He’s living in a condo on South Beach with two of his brothers from the gay frat at FU, Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Manny has a thing for older men, particularly construction workers, and he’s got a real crush on Walter, even though he thinks the boss is straight. At first Manny’s able to keep his South Beach life and his work separate. Then he runs into one of his co-workers on Lincoln Road when he is out with his roommates, and he’s outed. Can he keep his job and win his boss’s love?

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Review: I love the title of this novel. I just wish I could connect more with the story.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the story line. There is a clearly developed plot and characters and they are laid out very simply and methodically for the reader.  The writing is very clear, clean and well constructed. It’s a very easy story to follow. The problem I had was that I kept waiting for the ‘oomph’ to jump off the page at me and to connect with the characters. For some reason I couldn’t find that elusive connection with the men.  The story was laid out for the reader rather than allowed to develop and enfold the reader.  And, while Manny and Walter feature heavily in the story, you don’t feel them as characters – they don’t do anything to really resonate with the reader so that their personalities are not just described but rather also shown. For a book to sparkle, it must ‘show’ not ‘tell’ the reader.

Halfway through the book, my strongest connection was to a reprehensible character, Camilo, because his actions and speech while that of a douchnozzle, was clearly designed to have an impact on the reader and it did.  I really wanted to care about Manny and Walter, but I kept feeling like I was on the outside looking in, rather than being side by side with them in their love affair. Case in point was their first elicit trip to Naples which should have been fraught with tension and excitement for both them and the reader, but instead it was flat, even their sex seemed slightly wooden (no pun intended).   

There are several great plot developments. On paper this is a flawless story with good characters, even paced development and while there’s no major crisis, there is enough conflict woven through the storyline to keep the reader interested in wanting to know what would happen.  The issue is the ‘sizzle’ – there simply isn’t any, even though there is LOTS of action between Manny and Walter. There is a lot of reference to ‘Cuban drama’ and the plot does call for that drama, but it’s never delivered.

Burning Ashes by H. Lewis-Foster

BurningAshesLGTitle: Burning Ashes

Series:   NA

Author: H. Lewis Foster

Genre: Contemporary

Length:   Novel (193 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 10th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer:   Eli/Mandingo

Blurb: Intelligent and confident, Australian cricketer Nat Seddon is one of the world’s best bowlers. He’s openly gay, but keeps his private life to himself, everything under control. But on the last day of his team’s “Ashes” tour of England, he meets Scott Alverley, England’s promising new batsman. Nat tries not to be attracted to Scott, but he can’t help finding the privileged young man handsome and endearing. Nat is tempted by a little end of tour fun, but finds himself playing agony uncle to a virgin. Instead of going home to bask on a beach, he spends a wet week in the north of England with Scott. Try as he might to resist, he can’t help falling hopelessly in love. 

The hectic sporting calendar is a persistent obstacle to their growing romance; Nat and Scott are rarely even on the same continent. They make the most of the time when they can be together, but the months apart take a toll on Scott, professionally and personally. The possible solutions are nearly unthinkable, but if they are willing to make sacrifices that will change their lives forever, they might hold on to the love they found in the Ashes.

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Review: I’m from the British West Indies so I get and understand the whole deal with cricket.  If you aren’t British, then the fact that the whole story centers around cricket may not be exciting to you.  But I appreciate a story that is breaking the macho world of sports.

The story begins by focusing very carefully on the two men and the people who are their immediate spheres of reference.  As their relationship matures, the reader is introduced to more and more characters.  This technique allows the reader to learn more about Nat and Scott as they interact with others.  It also broadens their lives and the reader is able to see the characters as more three-dimensional and not just fixated on each other – they have lives, friends, families and careers which must be accounted for amidst their love for each other.

The story is told by both Nat and Scott and fluctuates between both their voices so there is a very balanced view of the characters.  BUT, if you are looking for a story with extraordinary heat and sizzle, then Burning Ashes is not for you. However, if you are looking for a story that tells the tale of two men who meet, learn to love each other and face some obstacles to be together, then you will enjoy this story.  Nat and Scott’s tale in Burning Ashes covers a few years and so is different from the normal fare in that while there is insta-love, the story is about what it takes for these two men to sustain their relationship past the first blush of attraction.

Coronation by Grace R. Duncan

CoronationLGTitle: Coronation

Series: Golden Collar #1.5 sequel to Choices

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Genre: BDSM / Historical

Length: Novellas (47 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 25th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: When a country crowns a new ruler, the people rejoice. For most, it’s a time to put away old fears and look to a future of peace and prosperity. But for Teman, a pleasure slave in the land of Neyem, the coronation of his love and master Bathasar fills him with new fears.

Assassination rumors roll through the country—and Bathasar is the target. And Teman knows a malik has many duties. Bathasar may not have room in his life for devotion to a slave—a lover he can’t publicly claim. The love they have might shine brighter than the crown’s jewels, but only if they can keep it alive against all odds.

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.

Product Link: (free read)

Review: And this short story comes back with my favorite slave Teman and his Master and Malik of Neyem, Bathasar. If you haven’t read the first book, Choices, then this story might come a bit as a shock or ludicrous to you, especially some of the scenes that have the slaves displayed naked and wanting in court. You might also have a bit of trouble truly understanding Teman’s conditioning – and I must admit that in the first book Teman’s training was perhaps my favorite – and his ability to be available at all times. So if you’re new to this series I strongly recommend you read the novel first.

Now, back to this story, the theme here revolves mostly at Teman’s fears and how his and Bathasar’s life might change after the coronation. We’ve already read in Choices how Bathasar was more than willing to refuse his throne for Teman’s sake, but having the worrisome brain that he has and constantly over thinking things, Teman cannot help but doubt that their life together is truly going to be as easy as it’s promised.

Honestly, I expected a bit more from this read. Knowing Teman, his abilities, his conditioning, his instincts, and the easy way of this author in writing a truly intense sexual scene, I was a bit let down. While the plot made you worry about a possible attempt to murder Bathasar, all that simmering tension was left unexploited. I am assuming it was left like that only to be picked up in the next book, Deception, that is well on its way, still though I had so missed Teman’s incredible acrobatics and was frustrated that I didn’t really get to see them.

Another thing that I loved reading in the first book was the edging scenes and the final “award.” As I said, this author can write some wicked smut, but while the edging took part here, it was lightly described and the best part of it was simply skimmed and left to the imagination. Yes, I suppose the purpose of this story was to highlight how well in love Malik and pleasure slave were with each other. I suppose the real focus had been on making everything about the coronation a pledge from Bathasar’s part to always love Teman, and the sentimental side was more important. Very good and sweet if you’re in to that, but damn it if I didn’t want this to be more on the aggressive side of the things.

I any way, if you’ve read and enjoyed Choices you ought to pick this one up and have yet another glimpse at this romantic couple.


New York Cowboy by Lisa Worrall

17158866Title: New York Cowboy 

Series: New York Cowboy 01 

Author: Lisa Worrall 

Genre: Contemporary 

Length: Novella (101pgs)

Publisher: White Stiletto Press (23rd October 2013) 

Heat Level: Explicit 

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3½ – 4 Hearts 

Reviewer: Pixie 

Blurb: It’s been six months since Vance Wolf buried his father. Driven to an early grave by the constant harassment of the new owner of the neighboring property, Andrew Blackwell. Now Vance’s cattle are disappearing faster than he can replace them and their cash flow has been wiped out by the new barn they had to build after the other one mysteriously caught fire. The local sheriff’s pockets are being lined by Blackwell, so Vance knows they’re on their own and is at his wits end. Then his mother suggests they open up the ranch to business types as a cowboy camp. 

Adam Prentiss arrives at Wolf Creek Ranch on a team-building exercise with the four colleagues in his department. He is not the cowboy type, but has no choice as his boss, and father, has sent him to Wolf Creek with instructions to delve into the financial status of the ranch and report back to him. Falling for Vance Wolf had not been part of the plan, but the connection between them had been instant. But what was he more afraid of? Disobeying his boss or Vance finding out Adam’s father was in fact Andrew Blackwell and he’d been sent to help him appropriate Vance’s land by any means necessary?

N.B: 20% of the royalties for each copy sold will be donated to The Friends of Roxburghe House in memory of my friend, Keith Donald, who lost his battle with cancer in September. Roxburghe House is the hospice who cared for Keith and continue to care for those who wage their own war with this barbaric disease – thank you.

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Review: Vance is fighting an uphill struggle trying to keep his ranch going. The once thriving ranch, has suffered major losses, due to a neighbor trying to drive him to sell. But, Vance and his mother are made of sterner stuff and although it sticks in his craw, he accepts his mother’s suggestion of opening up the ranch as a cowboy camp to city slickers. Adam and his team are ordered to Wolf Creek Ranch as a team building exercise. After he arrives, Adam is ordered to dig into the finances of the ranch by his father. But, why would his dad want to know that? While doing as his dad asks, Adam falls for the sexy rancher and decides to dig deeper. especially when it looks like his father might have just ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. But, will Vance ever forgive him when the truth comes out? And can Adam truly stand up to his bully of a father?

Hmmm??? Sexy alpha cowboy, sexy hot city boy, and an intriguing storyline, what more could you ask for to cuddle up to in the approaching autumn nights? Vance is our super sexy cowboy who has suffered the loss of his father and the slowly dwindling stock on his ranch. He wants to take his shotgun and show his neighbor, Andrew Blackwell, what happens when you mess with a rancher’s business, but quieter minds prevail and he opens his ranch up to the city boys and corporations to keep it afloat. Falling for a city boy was not in Vance’s plans. But, he can’t resist Adam. But, what will he do when he discovers just who Adam really is and his reason for being on the ranch? Adam finds himself torn when he falls for the sexy rancher. His father wants information, but the more Adam finds out, the more he is disgusted by the man. But, Adam has more than his own fear of the man to contend with. Adam has to choose a path to follow, but it will be a bumpy ride to find happiness. 

This is a really great story that has brilliant characters who get laid bare before us. We don’t just get to see the tough exterior or the sexy confidence; we get to see their vulnerable and compassionate sides that make us fall head over heels for them. Both characters are wonderful to get to know and we see the story from both their perspectives. It draws us in as we see the suffering they have both gone through at the hands of Andrew Blackwell. We see a beautiful relationship developing, but one truth nearly shatters it all and we see the desperate scrabble as one of them tries to repair the damage.

There are many cowboy stories floating around, but this one has firmly placed itself in my read-again file. It’s at times like this that I am thankful for eReaders because the pages can’t be worn through (pgs 41-42) as I have a couple of scenes that I will be perving over repeatedly *wicked laugh*. Lisa Worrall gives us a great story with a wonderful relationship, some angst and drama and some hot sex scenes (even the solo one *wipes brow*) and a delightful confrontation and a great connection between Adam and Vance. 

Now boys and girls I have to recommend this to you if love sexy confident cowboys, hot city boys just trying to protect, a great storyline of overcoming the dastardly bully, grabbing hold of happiness and fighting for what you want. 

Bloody Kiss by Mell Eight

18329498Title: Bloody Kiss

Series:  Proud to Be A Vampire

Author: Mell Eight

Genre: Paranormal / Vampire

Length:  Novella (17K)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (October 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Lis had been enjoying his school trip to Egypt until a statue came to life and drank his blood. Back home in Boston, nothing feels or tastes or smells quite the same, he’s plagued by strange dreams, and has a craving that nothing seems to satisfy—until the statue shows up again.

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Review: Lis was on a school trip to Egypt when he fell into a crevice and landed on a large statue. He was so thankful the statue broke his fall to death he kissed the finger of the lovely statue and thanked it for saving him. The Statue comes to life, and he falls into blackness. Waking up heading home things become very different and he finds things aren’t what he always thought after telling his best friend Jass about his new dreams.

This was a different type of story. I have mixed feelings about it. The story line is good. There isn’t a lot of emotion involved. I found it a bit skippy going from dream to reality with no warning. I think it needed to be longer and more story after Cey arrived.

If you like witches, and vampires you may like this story.

Reviewer: Thommie Heart Rating: 3 Hearts

Review: I liked this story a lot. I enjoyed it most of it and the fact that it was so romantic without being sappy was a great bonus.

The plot was a peculiar one, I haven’t often seen Vampires mixed with Witches in such a balanced way. Cey was a vampire created by the sheer ignorance of his Master. Instead of acquiring himself a human servant as he initially wished for, Cey’s old Master accidentally created a vampire. A big mistake at that. After a series of events best left for you to read Cey got himself cursed by witches. However permanent the spell was though, one of the witches gave him a window. He’d be free from the curse if he’d willingly been given a bloody kiss and in thanks at that. What are the possibilities of that ever happening especially since he was hidden away where no one would ever find him.

Enter Lis, a college studen on a school trip to Egypt to study The pyramids and the ancient majestic art. The valley of the Dead at his feet and he manages to fall through a hole into abyss. He should have died in there if not for a huge statue that prevented his fall and he got away with only a few scratches and drops of blood. Now who among you would even contemplate to kiss said statue in thanks..?

Oh now, you see how it goes from there. It was lovely indeed. I got better as the story went. I loved this setting, I loved the characters, I loved Lis’ best friend and his grandma too. The whole idea was very enticing and I read this in one go nonstop.

Now, in all honesty, this was a bit tame for a Vamp story, especially one so vicious and blood lusty as Cey was painted to be. The end also left me a bit unsatisfied there. The old manners Cey had were acceptable, but I expected more out of modern Lis, than that flowerly reply in the end. Yes, I saw the necessity of his mannerism there, but still. There were also feelings of a non-disclosure left behind. Had me wonder will the author come back with a sequel for this or was this done?

In the whole I liked the story though despite the fact that I wanted more. Quite a romantic read for the romantic fans of the genre.

Marked by Garrett Leigh

MarkedLGTitle:  Marked

Series:  Roads book #1.5

Author:  Garrett Leigh

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Short (20 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (October 14th 2013

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Missing Moment from Slide

It’s been six months since Ash shuffled into Pete’s life and turned his world upside down, and six months since they sat in an all-night diner plotting Ash’s theoretical solution for Pete’s faded, botched tattoo. Pete has just about given up hope of Ash ever fulfilling his promise when one day the end of a long shift finds Ash waiting for him.

Tonight is the night.

Ash is ready, and it seems the time has come for him to leave his mark on Pete in more ways than he ever imagined.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Short, Sexy and Steamy!! This is an extended scene from Slide; book one in the Roads series.

Although Slide left a little something to be desired for me, this novella was kind of fantastic. Set somewhere along the way within Slide, Ash is finally going to ink Pete. The session quickly turns erotic and passionate as Ash’s mere touch sends Pete spiraling into hormonal combustion every time! And I learned a lot more about these characters in just a few short pages.

Getting marked hurts like hell, but the pain becomes passion and desire soon enough for Pete. With the ink still sore and fresh, Pete shows a rare vulnerable side to his lover. And it was nice to see Ash take charge for a change. The descriptives of how Ash felt inside Pete were what made this novella more erotic and downright sexy. AND it’s a free read, bonus!

The Choosing by Annabelle Jacobs

Choosing[The]LGTitle: The Choosing 

Author: Annabelle Jacobs 

Genre: Fantasy, Coming of Age 

Length: Novel (208pgs) 

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (18th October 2013) 

Heat Level: Moderate 

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts 

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Jerath is facing the biggest problem of his life. When boys in his Shapeshifter village Eladir get their fangs, they must endure a coming-of-age rite called the Choosing, so they can take on their animal form. The rite is performed on the full moon, but the trouble is the Choosing involves having sex with a girl, and Jerath’s only interested in boys. Even if he manages to somehow get through the rite, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find a mate in his village, where opposite-sex couples are the norm.

Even worse, he may miss the rite altogether after raiders attack his home and take several young men prisoner. Jerath will need the help of warriors if he’s to free the captive shapeshifters, so with his best friend, Serim, he flees south to find aid. Along the way, they meet Meren, a handsome warrior whose attraction to Jerath is instant and very much returned. But with the next full moon approaching and available time for the prisoners to undergo the Choosing running out, Jerath’s love life is far from his only worry.   

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Review: Jerath is impatiently waiting for his fangs to drop, but he is also filled with dread. When his fangs drop it is a sign of his coming of age and he will have to perform the Choosing rite on the full moon if he wants to have his animal form, but the rite calls for sex with a female and Jerath only likes boys. But, Jerath also has a bigger worry when his village is raided and the males are taken, Jerath and his best friend Serim have to seek aid from the southern lands before time runs out for some young villagers and they lose their chance at the rite. Jerath discovers his mate on their journey but Meren, a young warrior, can’t leave his own village and is unsure if he wants a permanent partner. 

This is a great coming of age story that has a wonderful fantasy storyline. Jerath is the young man we follow in this story as he comes of age, finds his mate, and seeks aid to rescue his village. We see the difficulty he faces as he both longs for and dreads his fangs dropping, he watches his village being raided, and he undertakes the journey for aid and then the rescue of his fellow villagers. On top of that, we see his relationship with his mate as it goes through the ups and downs that both young men face. 

I did enjoy this story and was only disappointed with one aspect of the story, which I will come to later. The world that is described comes to life as we delve deeper into the book, we see a fascinating culture as the villagers work and live together, and their customs as the full moon approaches. We see the deep and loving friendship between Jerath and Serim and then the unsure new relationship between Jerath and Meren and the difficult decisions they have to make. There is some excitement and danger as they rescue Jerath’s fellow villages, but there is also fear as a misunderstanding comes to light. Meren and Jerath are a wonderful couple and suit each other perfectly once they both decide they know what they want, they are really sweet and cute, and as they experiment with each other and further their relationship, they are hot. 

The problem that I had with this story is the rite that Jerath had to undergo. He HAS to have sex with a female to become a shifter, and seeing as he is very much gay, he had to take a special berry that would help him out… so he was drugged. I really had a hard time making sense of that part of the storyline especially seeing as his mate was male. The Goddess decided that the males can shift if they go through the Choosing ritual with a female but will lose the shift if they don’t…. so why would any of the males be gay?…. or their mates male?, it sticks in my craw that these men are forced to have sex with a female to get their animal half and they have no choice…. they lose a part of themselves if they don’t. And yes, the mf sex is very much in evidence and although it was handled beautifully, it still pissed me off.   

I recommend this to those who love a fantasy world with shifters, young adults coming into their own, discovering something you have always longed for, finding love in trying times, danger and rescues and a wonderful happy ending. 



Serenading Stanley by John Inman

SerenadingStanleyLGTitle: Serenading Stanley

Author: John Inman

Genre: Contemporary / Humor

Length: Novel (234 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 14th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Welcome to the Belladonna Arms, a rundown little apartment building perched atop a hill in downtown San Diego, home to the city’s lost and lovelorn. Shy archaeology student Stanley Sternbaum has just moved in and fills his time quietly observing his eccentric neighbors, avoiding his hellion mother, and trying his best to go unnoticed… which proves to be a problem when it comes to fellow tenant Roger Jane. Smitten, the hunky nurse with beautiful green eyes does everything in his power to woo Stanley, but Stanley has always lived a quiet life, too withdrawn from the world to take a chance on love. Especially with someone as beautiful as Roger Jane. 

While Roger tries to batter down Stanley’s defenses, Stanley turns to his new neighbors to learn about love: Ramon, who’s not afraid to give his heart to the wrong man; Sylvia, the trans who just wants to be a woman, and the secret admirer who loves her just the way she is; Arthur, the aging drag queen who loves them all, expecting nothing in return—and Roger, who has been hurt once before but is still willing to risk his heart on Stanley, if Stanley will only look past his own insecurities and let him in.

Product Link:

Review: So, this is the second work of Inman that I’ve picked up – first being Shy – and the main character here is also shy, imagine that! So I think I have to pick up more of this author’s work to determine if he has a thing for shy guys.

 As it is, I loved this story. It had all the humor and hilarity I expected. The story was a mix of events waiting to happen and the main idea here is either that love is catching, or that Belladonna Arms had something about it (it must have been the heat) that made people coupling like crazy.

But let me start with a way that will make sense (if that is even possible). This is the story of how Stanley, a shy guy that has been suffering for twenty-two years in his mother’s loving arms (she is a bit suffocating) has finally made up his mind to go and live on his own. The apartment he finds is on the sixth floor of a lovely building that has no elevator and is hot as hell. The landlord is an enormous mount of a man who could very well be a truck driver (he had the bear look down to a T) if not for the equally enormous taffeta dress. By the time they make it to the sixth floor for Stanley to see the apartment, a rather alarming event occurs causing Stanley to scream for help and the fifth floor tenant who happens to be a nurse come up the stairs running.

There, I said it. That’s how this incredibly hilarious story begins. At this point I want to add that this story is told by an omniscient voice, a storyteller if you will, giving it more the feeling of a tale being told by a very hilarious guy. It also gave you the power of knowing everything that went around as well as people’s emotions and thought. That in itself was not bad for the hilarity of the plot however; I didn’t quite like it when it came down to the romance of the story.

And that bring me to this couple and to the fact that I disliked the hell out of them by the end of the book. It actually started fine, more than that really. Stanley was this funny guy (without him meaning to of course) and the shy persona appealed to. But oddly enough, I didn’t get to see that persona, except when it came to Roger, the astonishingly handsome, gorgeous nurse. Now, I just felt that Stanley had this huge case of tongue-tied when it came to Roger, because with everybody else he displayed no such thing as shyness. It was explained of course the how’s and the why’s, but he just lost that appeal for me there. The second reason I disliked him by the end was the dragging of the story caused by his antics. A gorgeous guy hits on you and you reject him for fear you might fall in love? No, just no. As for Roger, this character was awfully charming till the moment he said I love you and they weren’t even dating yet. Yes! We have a serious case of instant love here, and that was the only reason this book didn’t work so well for me, or should I say the romantic part. I just couldn’t get with this couple at all. Some might say, but you had no problem with instant-love when reading Shy. And yes, I didn’t mind it there because that couple was way above the real of real and the story simply took you in a hilarious ride where you were too busy gasping for oxygen between laughs. As it is the case, while the rest of this story is awfully good – I loved the characters and the Belladonna’s tenants – but it wasn’t enough to take me with it and keep me spellbound.

If however you don’t mind the love at first sight thing, that this book is a lovely romance with a great hilarious backstory to keep you on the balance between love and laughs.


Becoming Sir by S. Dora

2358-210x336Title: Becoming Sir

Series: (Calling The Shots #3)

Author:  S. Dora

Genre: D/s/BDSM

Length: Novella (62 pgs)

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (October 25th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Seeker

Purchase Link:

Blurb: Isaac prefers to keep the D/s part of his relationship with Tom strictly private. One day, however, he reads about a non-commercial BDSM club with a playroom for hire…

Committed couple Isaac and Tom have recently discovered they want to explore BDSM, and especially D/s, as part of their committed relationship. There are still doubts and questions, but Isaac knows how to wield his favourite cane for his submissive’s painful pleasure.

S&M is also a very private thing for the otherwise out and open pair.

That is, until Isaac reads an article about a non-commercial BDSM club. He meets one of the volunteers, who shows him the playroom. He’s impressed by what he sees and decides to give his beloved sub a very special treat.

Their experiences with D/s during the months since Tom first said, “I want you to tell me what to do,” have left a deep and positive impression on both men. One day, Isaac takes a decision that he knows will influence the rest of his life with Tom.

Review:  The third offering from S. Dora Calling The Shot’s series rings very true with two working class individuals exploring not only their new May September relationship but also how to provide for each partners emotional needs.  One often finds romances that gloss over the thoughts that newfound Dominants experience; however, Becoming Sir managed to hit the highlights nicely. 

I applaud the writing style of S. Dora and the realism of the characters.  Though at times there were points of the BDSM lifestyle that seemed to be crammed into the short space of the story.  In point of fact my only chief complaint would be that it could have gone further and been taken into the novel arena.  Overall, a solid 3 stars for Becoming Sir. ~;p


Under a Crescent Moon by Mercy Celeste

underacrescentmoon_8001Title: Under A Crescent Moon

Series: N/A

Author: Mercy Celeste

Length: Novel (195 Pages)

Genre:  Romantic Suspense/ BDSM

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing, October 25th, 2013

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Murder, mystery, sex and magic. It’s just another typical night under a crescent moon…

New Orleans Police Detective Taylor Campbell has done his best to leave Xander Cooper alone. Years ago, he joined the Army to get away from the temptation of the younger man. But a series of murders around Xander’s restaurant has Taylor running scared. And when he happens upon Xander holding off a group of thugs, his honor is forgotten.

Xander Cooper fell in love with Taylor when he was a teen. Now an adult, he’s waited and watched and hoped that Taylor would one day see him as more than a little kid meant to be avoided. He didn’t expect murder to bring Taylor to his bed. For Xander, giving Taylor his heart is easy. Letting him in on the family secret is another thing all together.

He didn’t expect that Taylor would have secrets of his own. Secrets that make a little thing like Xander being a witch seem tame…

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, rough sex, mild BDSM, dubious consent and cheating.

Product Link:

Review: Taylor did everything he could do to leave Xander alone. Even as far as joining the Army. When he comes back, he joins the Police Department and became a New Orleans Police Detective. Xander has always wanted and loved Xander. ever since he was just a teenager. Xander’s parents were killed on 9/11 and he came to live with his aunt. Where he met Taylor. Who took care of him when he got there. But even then, Taylor realized he felt something for the younger man. Now when danger comes to Xander, Taylor knows where he needs to be. But, he also needs to tell him the truth about his life. The fact that he has a wife and a child on the way, but that it isn’t how it sounds.

Showing both of them that love can overcome even the hardest roadblock. There is a lot of anger and love in this story, along with pain and danger. This book has wonderful characters with a lot of emotions and a great story plot. I loved this story and loved the emotions that it brings out.

To the Bone by Erin O'Quinn

51XYozEk18LTitle: To the Bone

Series: The Gaslight Mysteries 03

Author: Erin O’Quinn

Genre: Historical (1923), Mystery, Action

Length: Novel (218pgs)

Publisher: Amber Allure (28th September 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The time is 1923, and the place is a fantasy city in Ireland. Two unlikely men have formed a partnership: good-natured Michael, who keeps a serious secret, and sulky Simon, who has plenty of reasons to be angry at the world. Michael has stalked the standoffish Simon from the beginning, and Simon has consistently rebuffed him…yet not enough for Michael to give up a dedicated pursuit of the handsome investigator.

As private eyes, the men have a case to solve; to find more than a score of stolen paintings, and especially one small valuable work of art worth more than all the others. But the case grows more complex the deeper they look into it. Soon Michael and Simon find themselves searching not just for a thief, but also for a citywide ring of criminals. And the closer they get to the paintings, the closer they find themselves to a killer.

Into this mix steps a man named Moshe—a pesky, secretive, nosy man who is nevertheless a brilliant investigator himself. He gives both the men fits, burrowing like a tick into their very private affairs, so close they have a hard time evading him.

Can the investigators solve a series of crimes, take care of the interfering Moshe, and drive their own intense relationship all the way to the bone?     

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Review: This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Simon and Michael are back and their partnership as investigators is a lot easier than their relationship behind closed doors. As Simon and Michael come to terms with what they share, they still have work to do and they discover there was more to the ‘Brown man’ than they first realized. Picking up a case for missing paintings, their investigations lead to the discovery of a connection to Simon’s family, and they stumble across a citywide criminal ring. Throw in a secretive man called Moshe who won’t leave them alone and they have an interesting couple of days ahead of them.

If you have read the previous stories in this series then you know that Michael is a confident man who is cheeky and cheery, but has found himself infatuated with an uptight man. You will also know that Simon is that uptight man who is still struggling with what Michael makes him feel, but he is becoming slightly more relaxed and not quite as grumpy as he portrays to be. Their adventures together usually ends with injury, capture and danger but they usually get their man and this story is no different with more characters adding to the intrigue. 

As they work together on the new investigation, we see how they complement each other, but it is still not easy especially when a figure from Simon’s past sticks his neb in. The investigation is interesting and leads to a bigger investigation with Michael and Simon turning to Pinkerton’s and making a deal. Moshe is a man with surprises and who keeps his secrets close to his chest, so close in fact that he makes Michael look like a blabbermouth, but if Moshe really wants Simon’s co-operation then he has to learn to share. 

I really liked this story and the progression of Michael’s and Simon’s relationship, although from the first story to now it has only been a matter of days it does seem longer and Simon’s reticence adds to the overall effect of it being drawn out. I love the way that Simon works through what he is feeling rather than jumping in feet first and Michael seems to be getting Simon’s nature better and backs off a little in this one, letting Simon come to him and make the first move. At times, the story does seem to take place a lot in their heads as they think and dissect what is happening between them, and reliving certain couplings but it doesn’t take away from what is going on around them. We also see how their relationship is heating up with a lot more sexual activity taking place with *gasp* Simon taking the initiative more. 

I recommend this to those who love historicals, great characters coming to an understanding, an interesting investigation, secrets being revealed, an ending that is oddly hot, and slightly touching. 

Bar None Anthology (Torquere Press)

51Cj8YFe8MLTitle: Bar None Anthology

Author: Kiernan Kelly, Ba Tortuga, Julia Talbot, Sean Michael

Length: Full length Anthology (223 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (September 24th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Do you like your bartenders hot and sexy? Do you like it when they get up close and personal with some of their patrons? Then you’ll love Bar None!

Kiernan Kelly goes into outer space for Kind of a D.R.A.G., the story of bartender Max and a robot who’s more than your standard nuts and bolts. On the other hand, Julia Talbot’s men stay firmly planted on earth, and in nature, as werebear Seamus deals with grumpy bar owner and werewolf Hugh and a dangerous animal poacher in The Blue Moon Bar.

BA Tortuga revisits Shane and Galen from the Stormy Weather series in Bartender Rescue. This time Shane’s the one working too hard and Galen has to remind his bartender how to have fun before they forget how to be a couple. In Flair, Sean Michael goes to the Hammer club where flair expert Nathan is hired by Xavier to teach the staff some bartending tricks, but it’s Dom Jarrod who winds up showing Nathan a few tricks of his own.

Don’t miss out on these four sexy tales of bartenders and the men who love them.

Product Link:

Review: Four stories that have you glimpse at sexy bartenders in hot and needy situations. Admittedly, not one of the stories resembles the other and that is a great plus in my books. Here is a more specific review for each of them. Enjoy!

Bartender Rescue by BA Tortuga 2.5~3 Hearts

Hmm, well this was definitely not the fun, happy-go-lucky kind of read I thought it would be. It rather had this melancholic vibe, a bit depressing, and it took a lot of the fun away. This story follows Shane and Galen, and if you’ve read The Stormy Weather Series then you already know these characters. If not it’ doesn’t matter because the story stands easily alone and you can follow it without a hitch.

Shane is finding himself in a weird situation where he’s literally transformed from a beach bum to a five bar owner. It’s a big success really, but with it comes great responsibility and stress. Things are going so bad that from his point of view everything is going down and fast. Running five bars is not an easy thing to do when everything depends on you. The only constant in his life his love for Galen, but now even Galen is not enough to help him from this dead-end situation. If something doesn’t give, he might just lose it.

Galen on the other hand has everything he ever wanted. Most of all and everything he got Shane, but lately Shane is rarely there always running to one bar or the other, rarely sleeping and day by day seeming more lost than ever. Along with him, Galen feels at a loss of what to do and how to help his lover overcome this thing that is literally killing him.

It’s a rescue mission kind of read, but I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy it much. The erotic part was hot as hell, but it had me thinking it was too much and always so tinged with despair. I still feel like I have a heavy burden pressing down my chest and can’t really breathe. Weird reaction!

Kind of a D.R.A.G. by Kiernan Kelly 3.5 Hearts

Oh, my. This story was fun. It certainly brought a smile or rather smiles on my face.

Artificial Intelligence, outer space, superior androids, and a plot filled with surprising twists that leave you in a dreamy land of possibility and charming emotions. Yup, I liked this story.

Max is a bartender in a remote prison planet hating his life. His Boss went off the planet for vacations without leaving any way of contact behind, his second in command popped dead. The two Queens androids started a destruction phase from cutting off a stripper’s penis and setting him on fire to messing up the D.R.A.G. machine after creating the most disturbingly HOT android ever made. Disturbingly HOT because there is no way you look at “Ben Dover” and not get instant erection. With everything falling apart and Max not being able to control or put a full stop on this destructive wave he fears he’s going to get his ass handed when Boss finally gets back… Let the twists begin!

From that moment on, this story is incredibly funny. Yes the Queens’ antics were hilarious (loved their names by the way), Ben Dover the new stripper was a huge surprise, Max’s life as it unfolded was a knock over, but what I pissed myself laughing was the part when Boss came… back.

Yeah definitely a worth reading space tale this one.

The Blue Moon Bar by Julia Talbot 3 Hearts

A bear behind the bar and a wolf as a boss, now there is a combination that is bound to bring sparks and fireworks.

Hugh is the most grumpy, growly, irritating boss ever made. Seamus is seriously trying to control his bear and not rip this crazy wolf’s head off. He loves his job, his boss trust him more than one would think, but that riding his ass as hard as he can is getting old news. Perhaps the crazy wolf needs to get laid and get rid of his irritation. And wouldn’t Seamus love to be the one to relax that sexy son of a bitch.

This was a nice story, with growls and fights in place to make you appreciate the wild side of these shifters. We even have poachers hunting for bears and a rescue mission that while it failed, or was a bit late, it led to some hot erotic scenes. If only the villain of the story wasn’t so flat, it would’ve been a much better one.

Still quite a nice read and the wolf-bear mating was one I liked a lot.

Flair, a Hammer Story By Sean Michael 4 Hearts

Oh damn, this Hammer story is one of the best I’ve read so far. So freaking fun, hot, sexy, and sweet. Damn great!

Nathan is a professional bartender, an entertainer. Writing books, traveling and training other bartenders. He’s hot really and the picture painted is so appealing, he’s simply irresistible. A honey trap for Jarrod who enters Hammer Club only to see him there while training the other subs/bartenders. He can’t help but ask Nate for dinner and from that moment on, the flirt begins. Only problem is Nate isn’t into the lifestyle and is a bit scared of anything involved. But there is a bright side that Jarrod can’t ignore; Nathan is a natural sub without even knowing it. And what a wonderful challenge to explore this man and open his eyes to the world of BDSM.

As I said this is one of the best Hammer stories ever. The sensuality in this read is huge and drags you in its depth like a drug-induced dream. The sensations are sublime, the plot actually intriguing and enticing, the characters both are quite alluring and Jarrod’s confidence make your heart beat faster whether you like it or not. Loved it!


To Serve the Count by Cassandra Pierce

18311510Title:To Serve the Count 

Series:  Proud to be a Vampire

Author: Cassandra Pierce

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (15,600 words)

Publisher: Less than three Press (October 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Cast out of his village when he is caught kissing another man, Rupert seeks refuge at the mysterious Castle Blutstark. But refuge means carrying out unusual duties for his new master, the enigmatic Count Kaspar, and he starts to wonder if Blutstark is a place of safety after all.

Purchase Link:

Review: Rupert leaves his village to see if he could find Devereaux after his father kicked him out for kissing the other man. Rupert heads towards Castle Blutstark to seek a job and see if Devereaux is there. What he finds changes is quite unexpected.

This is another fun read. It’s short and to the point but page turning. I love this take on Vampires its more semisweet. The Vampires aren’t exactly sparkly but they are more in control of themselves. The story is fast paced, quite intriguing, and fairly hot. A great read for Halloween!

I recommend this is you like semisweet stories a little action a couple twists, sexy but not explicit mansex, and a satisfying ending.

Reprisal by Alessandra Ebulu

4b1675d327dbb1c9f553a34edf2c1ea019bc5a64Title: Reprisal

Series:  Proud to be A Vampire

Author: Alessandra Ebulu

Genre: Paranormal /Vampire

Length: Novella (21K)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (Oct 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Aden is trying to solve the mystery of a drug that rots human innards. Alec is struggling to capture the person responsible for a rash of vampire murders. The only way to solve their separate cases is to team up, but with drugs, vampires, and murder involved even that may not be enough.

Purchase Link:

Review: A quick rundown. Aden is investigating a drug cartel that is connected with the death of his brother. He is assigned to work with a Vampire police Aden that is investigating the deaths of several vampires that look like Dark magick or witchcraft is involved and possibly linked to the drug story Aden is investigating.

Ok. I really loved this story. The reason for the 4 instead of a 5 though is simply it was a bit skippy. I understand a lot of that was that there was so much going on here and putting it in a short story was hard to do. I would have loved to seen this played out in full length with a bit more description and details and consistency. The characters were great. The story line is interesting. Several subplots that connected to the main one and the beginning with Aden’s brother was awesome and creepy. I almost cried. I also liked that it wasn’t as predictable as it seemed. Great job! I’d definitely read this if it was made into a longer story or even another one of Aden and Alex. I thought they made a great team.

I highly recommend this story if you like a good mystery, witches, dark magick, reporters, and sexy vampires with dreadlocks!

The Scarlet Tide by Stephen Osborne

ScarletTideLGTitle: The Scarlet Tide 

Series: A Duncan Andrews Thriller 03 

Author: Stephen Osborne 

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal

Length: Novel (200pgs) 

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (11th October 2013)

Heat Level: Nil     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3 – 3½ Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Duncan Andrews, a private detective who specializes in paranormal cases, is back, along with his usual gang. Robbie Church, his boyfriend, is a ghost. Gina, a centuries old witch, is his best friend. And Daisy, Duncan’s bulldog, just happens to be a zombie. Odd man out seems to be Nick, a history teacher. He’s a normal, living human. 

Duncan’s latest case leads him to a rock band in Indianapolis called The Scarlet Tide. It doesn’t take Duncan long to realize all of the band members are vampires. He sets out to destroy them, but runs into trouble with the charismatic leader of the band, Dominic Hunt. Duncan ends up under Hunt’s psychic control, and is forced to examine his relationships with Robbie and Nick, as well as his attraction for Hunt. Can Robbie and Gina help Duncan break Hunt’s psychic grip? Is there any hope the vampire can be destroyed once and for all?     

Purchase Link:     

Review: This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Duncan is asked to find a young man when his boyfriend comes to him begging for his help, discovering the details leads Duncan to suspect that the young man has fallen victim to some paranormal villainy and he takes the case. With the help of Robbie, his ghost boyfriend, and Gina, a witch, he discovers a band who are all vampires. But as he sets out to destroy them, he finds it hard to dismiss his attraction to the Dominic, the leader of the vampires, and his dark allure. Duncan is forced to confront his feelings for Nick, his friend, and Robbie as he tries to resist the vampires call. 

Okay this is the first story in this series that I have read but there was enough detail so I didn’t think I had missed anything from the previous books, you could easily pick up any of the books and be comfortable reading them. It was very easy to pick up that Duncan is devoted to Robbie, even though Robbie is a ghost Duncan still loves him, but Duncan feels an attraction to Nick. The relationships are going on in the background as Duncan investigates the missing young man and then the hunt for the vampires, but it constantly lingers in Duncan’s mind. 

This really isn’t an easy book to review as although we have a fantastic vampire storyline we also have the complicated relationship between Duncan, Robbie, and Nick, which is really tangled up with feelings, longings, and impossible love. If you have read the previous books then you know how Duncan hasn’t been able to let Robbie go or to commit to anything more than friendship with Nick, but we discover that Robbie might just take the decision out of Duncan’s hands. 

The vampire aspect is exciting as Duncan pits himself against them and tries to fight them alone before calling his friends for help. Nick also has some surprises in store for us with a choice he makes. The story is really well written and you get drawn into Duncan’s life very easily, you follow the storyline at an easy pace and there is no confusion as to what is happening. The relationship aspect is complicated and seems to be a long story arc so we will have to see in the future, what is going to happen between Duncan, Nick, and Robbie. 

I recommend this to those who love the paranormal, complicated love lives, excitement, investigations, danger, a great storyline and an interesting ending.