Whiskey and Moonshine by Elizabeth Noble ~ Audio Review

Elizabeth Noble - Whiskey and Moonshine Audio Cover lwe024Title: Whiskey and Moonshine

Series: Dreamspun Desires

Author: Elizabeth Noble

Narrator: John Solo

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 6 hrs, 51 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (20th June 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Like a well-aged whiskey, master distiller and old-money entrepreneur Malone Kensington is elegant and refined. Unfortunately he’s also a perfectionist who is more dedicated to the suc-cess of his generations-old company than his own love life.

That company needs a public spokesman.

What Colton Hale lacks in sophistication, he more than makes up for with the charisma that’s al-lowed him to survive on the street from a young age and charm his way into the lucrative – if overwhelming – public position at the Kensington Distillery. When Mal takes Colt under his wing, hoping to polish off his rough edges, opposites attract and a passionate romance blossoms de-spite the differences in age and background. But can it survive a Kensington Board of Directors who believe Colt is nothing but a gold digger and a kidnapper determined to profit from the love of Mal’s life – dead or alive?

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Review: Whiskey and Moonshine is standalone romance set in Tennessee, obviously amongst whiskey and moonshine stills by Elizabeth Noble. This was published as part of Dreamspun Desires, which is always a plus for me. The fact that John Solo is the narrator is another plus for me.

I really haven’t heard too many books narrated by John Solo lately. However, it is always awesome to hear the man perform. He is one of those narrators that has a voice that suits so many different genres of romances and different types of characters. I love how Solo manages to convey the emotions of both Mal and Colt, the two MCs. I always enjoy his performances and this is no different. It enhanced my experience and my enjoyment of the book. Overall, an excellent narration that I cannot fault.

This is a completely charming and sweet romance. The story focuses on the Kensington Distillery which produces whiskey and moonshine, and the very sexy man who is dedicated to his family’s company and making it more accessible for the younger generations that is the focus of this story. To do this it is decided that they need to employ a young, passionate person to be the PR face of the company.

The story opens with Colton Hale, he’s twenty-four and has been living on the streets of Toledo since he was fifteen. The most recent run in with violent thugs has Colton ready to make a new start, so he gets the first bus that will get him out and his new adventure starts. The bus ride brings him to the Kensington family’s whiskey distillery. They’re a rich and hugely successful distillery in Tennessee. Colt manages to get himself a job and just six weeks later shows his ingenuity and passion for his work that leads him to another job for the company.

Mal, the head of the Kensington family company which had been previously run by his mother, sees a lot of potential in Colton. There’s the potential Colton has to help sell the whiskey brand on social media and help the company branch out, but he has to hold back his attraction for the man, even though he knows Colt’s shady past. The two men work well together and Mal decides to use the age gap between them as the excuse he needs to mentally force himself from pining for his social media face of the company.

I’ve read this story before and while I remember liking it, I forgot about the awesomeness that was multiple references to the Joss Whedon TV showed Firefly. Because I’m a nerd and a browncoat and the fact that it features so prominently in a book I enjoyed was shiny. I’m a total sucker for Firefly. Because of that I see the name Mal and I think Captain Malcolm Reynolds – though I can never say I was disappointed to realise that this Mal is short for Malone. But it is sweet and smart Colt, who hasn’t had the best 9 or so years of his life getting into Firefly into the book that got to me. I really enjoyed the imagery conjured when Colt mentions the last line in the theme song, relating it to the backdrop of the rambling Kensington distillery/estate. But the best part, when everything seems to be falling apart Colt uses a Firefly reference to get Mal to help him.

This was a really enjoyable story. The characters were relatable and felt accessible to the reader, or at least to me. Again, the Firefly fan in me was totally appeased. While this isn’t actually set in a boardroom this is still at heart a story about a powerful CEO finding love in an unexpected place. So, I suppose if you like any romance set around vineyards and in boardrooms then this is one to enjoy. There is also an interesting celebrity element, where Colt navigates the world of social media and gains fame as the face of the Kensington brand. Others may also enjoy Colt’s storyline which is very much a rags to riches tale.

Single by R.J. Scott

R.J. Scott - Single Cover 9203ikTitle: Single

Series: Single Dads 01

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (238 pages)

ISBN: 107307224X

Publisher: Love Lane Books (14th June 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Ash wants a family, and is determined to continue with a surrogacy he’d begun with his ex. Bringing baby Mia home, he vows that he will be the best father he can be. Nothing in this world matters more to him than caring for his daughter, not even accidentally falling in lust with the doctor next door. Challenged by his growing attraction to Sean, and confronted by painful mem-ories of his family, Ash has to learn that love is all that matters.

When ER doctor Sean moves in with his friends next door to sexy single father Ash, he falls so quickly it takes his breath away. The sex they have is hot, but Ash is adamant his heart is too full with love for his daughter to let anyone else in. Why is Sean the only one who sees how scared Ash is, and how can he prove to his new lover that he desperately wants the three of them to become a family?

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Review: Single is the first book in RJ Scott’s Single Dads series, which its pretty easy by the end of this book to see that this is following smoking hot first responders in their quest for love.

I’ve only recently got back into reading RJ Scott, and most of that has been her hockey romances. Before that I read some of her Ellery Mount series. Regardless, I knew that this is an author whose writing style I enjoy, I find the plots engaging and the characters totally relatable and irresistible.

This is perfect for anyone that loves men and babies/children, single parents finding love and of course if you love a sexy doctor! I feel it ticks all the character traits that are irresistible for many romance readers.

The story follows Ash and Sean.

Ash is the single dad of the story. He’s wanted children for so long and had started investigating surrogacy with his ex. When his ex (a marine biologist that gives the rest of us a bad name, lol) leaves just as the surrogate got pregnant, Ash knew he was on his own. Life as a solo is parent is hard, obviously, no one would ever say that it is a walk in the park, and this was what really had me drawn into the book. It was not a rosy picture. Ash had so much support from his twin sister, who has two children of her own, but he now he had to get back into his own home and start a routine for his little princess, Mia. He’s stressed and so when one night he has his new, albeit drunken, neighbour banging on his front door one night when he finally got Mia to sleep, Ash is pissed off.

That drunken neighbour was one of the three very single men who moved next door, who Ash hasn’t met at all yet. After a bad call, that particular neighbour went out on a bender to drown his sorrows. His friends wrangle him after it was clear that the he stumbled to Ash’s place because the homes look so alike. This is how he meets the other two neighbours, but it’s Sean in particular that just makes Ash feel more discombobulated.

Sean is an ER doctor, not the most glamorous of first responders, but he is a doctor, and in romances where all us fickle people swoon over certain types, a doctor is certainly up there. Sean is instantly attracted to Ash, but is going to have a difficult time to make it through the man’s defences. First because of the awkward introduction to each other, and then later because Ash is completely stressed out trying to be the best dad in the world.

And while love isn’t instantaneous, these guys slowly get to know each other, which Mia in the mix. That is what I liked the most, this wasn’t an instant happy family. They had a simmering chemistry that complimented the overall tone of the book and the characters that I really liked. It is sweet and gentle, but there is depth to the characters and some depth to their emotions (although not as much as I would want of the latter).

This was a wonderful story and the ending hints to us about book 2, which I’m totally excited for.

Precariously Mated by Jessamyn Kingley

Jessamyn Kingley - Precariously Mated Cover djvu7fTitle: Precariously Mated

Series: D’Vaire 14

Author: Jesamyn Kingley

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novel (487pgs)

Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley (October 24, 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: At the tender age of eighteen, Prince Niko Kyrkosdraconis finds himself at a dragon fair, trying his best to maintain his strict schedule of rituals that have followed him since birth, when Fate steps in. The appearance of two strangers alters the course of his life, and Niko sets upon an unforeseen path. Centuries later, Niko is doing whatever he can to pick up the pieces of his shattered world. Unsteady and uncertain, he struggles to place faith in both himself and those around him. Much to his surprise, he finds himself with a new best friend who he grows to trust like no one else before.

Royal Duke Costas Draconis is happy to be back with the men he calls family after ten years of caring for his irascible parents. Having a knack for money, he is once again entrusted with making the dragons prosperous. Costas is surrounded by loved ones and thriving on the outside, but deep inside he yearns for his mate. Then Niko comes into his life. Costas loves the time they spend together, especially their nightly talks on the roof deck, but he must constantly remind himself that the man is not for him.

Niko and Costas go to great lengths to hide their feelings for one another and everyone else, fearful that the future holds nothing but heartache. But things are never what they seem, and Fate will always have the last word, even when you doubt her. As the obstacles before them are slowly peeled back, will Costas and Niko find a way to call each other mate? The road ahead is precarious, and in the end, Fate will have her say, and only then can Niko and Costas prove that the strongest hearts will prevail.


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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This was wonderfully written story about Niko who was once a prince but when he finds his mates in Chrys and Damien’s parents his own father sends him to them cutting him off from the rest of his family. I was absolutely pissed at the way Niko’s mates abused him. There are no words to express my deep admiration of Niko for making it out sane and alive.

This story focuses a lot on Niko’s OCD. I myself suffer from it as well just not the extent Niko does. I understood his need for stability in those daily rituals. Costas was a gem, he understood Niko and as such was there for him every step of the way. I was so thrilled when Niko finally got his wish.

A lot happens throughout this story. Niko finds new friends and family that protect him against those that would harm him. There are ups and downs but in the end with love, patience and an abundance of support Niko finds out who he can really be in the right environment with those who care for him around.

Another great addition to the series. Fantastic read.

Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss by C.W. Gray

C.W. Gray - Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss Cover dfcask98dTitle: Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss

Series: Holiday Omegas 01

Author: C.W. Gray

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: C.W. Gray (October 22,2019)

Length: Short Story (46 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Heart

Blurb: Sonny is an omega witch with a huge crush on the alpha bear shifter next door. Unfortunately, every time they meet, Sonny’s normal sassy personality disappears and he becomes a shy, babbling idiot.

Leo is captivated by the adorable kitchen witch that lives in his apartment building, but what could Leo possibly offer him? Thanks to his ex, Leo knows he’s not exactly the greatest catch. The problem is, Leo’s bear knows Sonny is his mate.

Fed up with their awkward mating dance, Sonny and Leo’s friends decide All Hallows’ Eve is the perfect time to cause a little mischief to bring the two together.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Sonny is a sweet omega witch who has a major crush on the next door neighbor. But it would seem Leo likes him just as much. Leo is a bear shifter who has found his mate. However they have been basically avoiding each other for some reason, yet it only takes a few friends meddling in to have them humping like bunnies.

It is a cute little story that I had not realized was that short. It was pretty entertaining and I actually thought it was a blast. The characters were a blast to read about and I liked their friends even more.

I can honestly say that this is one of those cute stories that will be read many times over.

To the ends of the earth by Michael Gouda

Michael Gouda - To The Ends Of The Earth Cover ner6chrTitle: To the Ends of the Earth

Author: Michael Gouda

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Short (60pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 31, 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.75 Hearts

Blurb: What do you do when when your lover is out to kill you?

After university, Johnny dated a mysterious and influential man who never disclosed his profession. Now, following a quarrel, Johnny suffers a series of attacks—attempts on his life that his lover has the power and influence to perpetrate.

With nowhere else to turn, he must rely on his childhood best friend. But can Johnny trust him? With time running out and the world against him, Johnny must solve the mystery himself if he wants to survive.

ISBN-13: 978-1-64405-233-4

Product Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This story was told by Johnny and seemed a recounting of his life. We get to to know about his best friend Jacob, Johnny falling in love with a secretive man named Lex and attacks on Johnny. I liked the story but it felt a little monotone to me.

The mystery of who was out to kill Johnny was interesting but I wanted more.

Overall this short story was a good read.

How to Shield an Assassin by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - How to Shield an Assassin Cover msrt7hTitle: How To Shield an Assassin

Series: Unholy Trifecta 01

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (October 13, 2019)

Length: Novel (269 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Heart

Blurb: It’s not stealing if you’re stealing it back….

Ari had a game plan for life. Shoot people. Get money. Hang out with fellow criminal friends. He saw absolutely no reason to change that plan until one dark night in Memphis, when a little girl reached out to him with pocket change and a desperate plea for him to help her.

Adopting an abused little girl off the streets was, needless to say, not part of the plan. Ari had no idea what he was doing with an eight year old. He especially didn’t know how to juggle taking contracts and raising a little girl.

Things get more complicated when the mercenary, Carter Harrison, approaches him with a job. He needs Ari’s expertise to get into the very high-security museum, Knowles, and steal back Monet’s Water Lily Pond. The job isn’t an easy one. He’d need more than the two of them to make it happen. It’s further complicated because Ari’s not sure what to do with his new daughter while working this job.

And for that matter, how’s he supposed to handle the sexy mercenary?

ISBN: B07Z4263WC

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Ari and his twin, Luca, were orphaned and sent into the foster care system. One came out a lawyer and well Ari is the assassin. He was damn good at his job and with the help of his two friends, he was even better. There was one basic rule that he followed and it was no harm came to kids. So when a little girl came to him for help, lets just say he now has a daughter. One that might just beat them all.

Carter is in some need. He is hired to steal back a painting from one of the high security museums. He is hired by an unknown to get a stolen painting from a private museum and return it to another. He could go in and get a kid back but this one was a little harder to work. He liked working with a team and it looked like he might have found a good one.

No one would take a job by an unknown even for a big payday. That would say that he is not as sure of his job or his life if he did. Also who goes to check up on an assassin where their kid is without getting the heads blown off.

Remi is unlike any kid I know and comes off not so positive in this story. While the idea of an assassin adopting some random kid just because he felt bad for her is a bit strange, it was still a good add into the story. However the fact that she doesn’t act like she really should is the problem. Just because someone helps you doesn’t mean you automatically trust them. Also the characters don’t act like assassins, mercs, thieves and hackers. Once in an assignment you don’t change it, yet they rushed a job that was supposedly not able to do. It just came off wrong. You get the mention of Luca, the meeting between them all set up but then it stops. You don’t get to see it through.

Then there is the security they are going through, and lets face it, it just doesn’t pan out. Now on the flip side of the coin, the story is still pretty entertaining. I might have griped about the characters but lets face it they still were a big hit with me. I like the way they interacted with each other. It is a slow burning romance and for once it worked out all right with this story. I am not a fan of the dual voices in the story, but I think the part that drove me nuts is the author put their name ahead to know who was talking, but lets face it it was easy to figure it out right off the bat.

Over all I really liked the story and can’t wait to see what the next book has going on.

Mending the Rift by Shea Balik

Shea Balik - Mending The Rift Cover cnz47hTitle: Mending the Rift

Series: Druid’s Curse 08

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novel (211pgs)

Publisher: Shea Balik (October 31, 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: The END is NEAR!

The Fae must be defeated if Brandr and Logan hope to find their happily ever after. Only by working together will have any chance of Mending the Rift and saving humanity.

The end would be upon Brandr and his friends soon. The only question, would Brandr be able to find his fated one in time? He feared he was too late when he arrived to find the field empty. Then the Veil opens again and hell rains down upon him as the Unseelie pets attack. But when Brandr was too injured to move, the Druid he was destined to claim as his own flees in terror. Talk about demoralizing.

That did not happen. Not even in some weird fantasy could Logan have imagined that a dead man could come back to life. And he had definitely been dead, since Logan had to put his head back on his body. But when he was faced with the truth, that the man was immortal, Logan has to admit to being…intrigued.

But as Samhain draws closer, the danger around them increases as the Fae converge. The Fae must be defeated if Brandr and Logan hope to find their happily ever after. Only by working together will have any chance of Mending the Rift and saving humanity.

ISBN: 9780463570180

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This story was so good with the addition of Logan and the new kids. I loved Brandt and Logan together. Logan’s power was off the charts and very much needed in this addition. As with the others in the series you get a well written beautiful story about druid’s needing to stop the fae from coming through a rift and taking over. There were heart stopping moments that had me on the edge of my seat.

A lot happens throughout. There are twists and turns that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am sad this is the last book. I wanted more about Fen considering Aed cursed him as well. Even though he helped the vikings he was more in the background. I wanted to know how he escaped the fae. Is there a love interest for him, as eternity is a long time to spend alone and Aed never said in the curse he could not find someone for him.

I loved the entire series. Each druid possess a unique ability that will help mend the rift. But Logan was the last one needed to accomplish this. A Fantastic end to an amazing series.

Highly recommended.

Spell Cat by Tara Lain ~ Audio Review

Tara Lain - Spell Cat Audio Cover cnw74NTitle: Spell Cat

Series: The Aloysius Tales 01

Author: Tara Lain

Narrator: K.C. Kelly

Genre: Paranormal, Witches

Length: 6 hrs, 48 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (17th June 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But Killian can’t pursue a physics professor – or a human. As the most pow-erful male witch in 10 generations, Killian must bolster his dying race by reproducing – despite the fact that he’s gay.

Even a fling with Blaine is out of the question, because Killian has been told sex with humans drains his power. But if that’s true, why can young human Jimmy Janx dissolve spoons with the power of his mind? If Killian can sort through the lies he’s been fed, he’ll still face his biggest obstacle – convincing rational scientist Blaine to believe in magic.

With his ancient and powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

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Review: Spell Cat is the first book in Tara Lain’s paranormal romance series, The Aloysius Tales. This narration is actually from the recently published second edition from Dreamspinner Press. Before coming across the audio of this story, I’ve not read either edition of this story. However, I thought the plot sounded interesting and more often than not I’ve really enjoyed Lain’s work (probably with a preferences towards her recent stuff than the older stuff).

The narration of this book was performed by KC Kelly. Who did a good job, creating tones and voices not only for the two MCs, but a whole host of minor characters, which also included a couple “European” and “Russian” type accents. It was honestly a great performance and I think this is one of those books where I wouldn’t enjoy as much if I simply read it book myself.

I will admit, I did a bit of research, because from the blurb I found it confusing as to why the series was called the Aloysius Tales. Then I actually started the book and then I realised: Aloysius is the name of the damn cat.

The story starts with Professor Killian Barth, a history professor who specialises in the history of witchcraft. The subject he teaches is popular – from kids wanting easy grades to others who find it cool to study witches. He also happens to be a bona fide witch, the most powerful witch for 10 generations and is known as the witch master, a powerful figurehead in the community. The witches are dying, the witch elders telling everyone that this is because witches have been diluting their powers by “mixing” with humans. And being the most powerful male witch means that his power-hungry mother and another power-hungry elder, have orchestrated an arranged marriage between Killian and the most powerful female witch to ensure the purity of the witch line. The biggest issue being that Killian is gay.

This makes Killian a heart breaking figure because he has never allowed himself some measure of happiness. He has been told his whole life having sex with humans will deplete his powers and make him weaker, yet he is comfortable and prefers to be in the human world. Perhaps worst of all, when he meets physics professor Blain Genneau, there is an instant spark of attraction between the two men. Which only serves to make Killian more miserable.

The story, shortly after Killian is introduced to his new familiar, the black cat Aloysius, is Killian’s battle to be find out what exactly is behind the whole “humans deplete a witch’s power”. All to find a way out of his arranged marriage and maybe even find some kind of happiness, no matter how temporary. Killian is definitely the main character here, although Blaine I felt got about as much “air time” as the secondary characters such as Killian’s fiancé Lavender and Killian’s strange student Jimmy Janks. In some ways that didn’t feel very fair to their romance, but for the overall story it worked that this was predominately told from Killian’s POV, and Killian has a lot of thing going on.

I recommend this one to those that love paranormal fiction, in particular those that like witches and magic. This is a first in a series which follows the influence of familiar Aloysius on the witch community and the love lives of a select few. I’m keen to hear or read more.

Twice Baked by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - Twice Baked Cover s njer64Title: Twice Baked

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (193 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-591-5

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (8 Oct 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: When the pickiest eater in America is tapped to judge a cooking competition along with his chef ex-boyfriend, will it be a recipe for a second chance… or disaster?

Luke Walker’s humor about foods he can’t stand made him an internet celebrity and his blog, The Pickiest Eater in America, a huge hit. He plans to bring that same lighthearted comedy to the show—but he won’t be the only host.

Meyer Thibodeaux might be a famous chef, but he’s solemn, uptight, and closeted. He’s also Luke’s ex. As different as they are, the sparks between Luke and Meyer never really went out, and as they work together, each begins to see the other in a new light, and the passion between them reignites, hot as ever. But secrets, gossip, and rumors on the set could sour their reunion.

Purchase Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Twice Baked is a standalone novel by Andrew Grey. I love Andrew Grey, I’ve never encountered a book of his I didn’t dislike or couldn’t finish. For me, the winning appeal is always the writing style and the three-dimensional characters who almost always develop along the way and learn a thing or two. This is actually the second book of Grey’s I’ve read recently where he has done something different to what I’ve become used to, but it still has all the hallmarks of a sweet Andrew Grey romance in my mind.

The main characters are Luke Walker and Meyer Thibodeaux.

Luke’s opinions on food is almost like everyone’s inner child – there is always some texture that is just so gross it makes you dry reach, or there is something that is said to be so amazing but taste like week-old dirty socks. Luke has a great sense of humour and because of that he has been able to make a name for himself with his blog, declaring him the Pickiest Eater in America. He is unashamedly himself and he has made it work for him. So much so, when a cooking competition, not that dissimilar to Masterchef, needs a new judge he is approached. He and the producers of the show are of the same mind – they want to inject humour along with his natural personality which makes the show more accessible to those intimidated by high cuisine. The only problem is that his ex, Meyer, is also a judge and while he has never had closure over the ending of that relationship, Luke is ready to go in and be an adult when it comes to be in the same room, let alone the same TV show, as his ex-boyfriend.

Meyer doesn’t take Luke’s reappearance in his life quite so easily. Again, Luke is his ex and that comes with a natural uneasiness, no matter how things ended between them. But he has major concerns that Luke will make a mockery of show that he had helped create by being a judge. Meyer is a celebrity chef and the back story is that he essentially left Luke behind to pursue his career.

However, the sparks are still there between them. The passion between them is felt through the words. Luke and Meyer, at first, don’t appear to have changed much from when they had last known each other, but being together in the same world again brings them together. And they do indeed realise that things have changed for them, they eventually realise that they have grown as people, and they continue to grow through the course of this book.

Luke and Meyer’s biggest problems stem from a lack of communication when they had first been together. Their current obstacle is to now balance their personal lives and professional life as famous TV judges. Now that they are nursing the spark of romance, which is now fragile, they learn to trust each other when things on set start to go wrong. There is intrigue on set and it’s easiest for them to be honest – to each other, and as much as possible, the world.

This a great second chance romance novel, I think anyone who likes that would not be disappointed. Added to that those that love cooking reality TV shows and like a bit of heat in the kitchen will probably also enjoy this one. There is loads of charm and romance.

That Time I… Survived My Teens by Craig Barker Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Craig Barker - That Time I... Survived My Teens Tour Banner

Hi guys! We have Craig Barker popping in today with his memoir That Time I… Survived My Teens, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $5 Amazon GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Craig Barker - That Time I... Survived My Teens Cover er74n

That Time I… Survived My Teens


Craig Barker

The Saturday prior to starting this memoir, my ex-fiancé and I had two of his work friends over for an old-fashioned games night. And when I say “old-fashioned,” I’m talking about dice, cards, racking up your points on an abacus, etc. You know, the things people entertained themselves with before politicians blamed every violent fart that wafted their way on video games.

Stop doing that.

Anyway, seeing as I didn’t know who these people were and would’ve much rather spent the evening on the sofa with our dog, I was less than optimistic. If anything, the whole ordeal was going to be like sitting through a Christopher Nolan movie. Sure, I’d say I was having a great time to fit in, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have a clue what was happening and I’d probably need to take a nap midway through.

Hours before they arrived, just as I’d started to have those “what if I accidentally say something so obscenely offensive or mind-numbingly stupid, I’ll be haunted by the memory of it for years to come” thoughts, my ex ran down into the basement in which I dwell, his eyes frantic, and begged—
“Please don’t talk about choking on dicks when they get here.”

Come again?

“Please, Craig. That kind of talk makes them uncomfortable. Don’t do it.”

I felt a flurry of emotions in the picosecond it took for his words to register: amused, bemused, offended. It sounded like a joke, but his face was full of fear—a fear that I would be unequivocally crude to these complete strangers, and that my behavior would burn bridges he obviously wanted to keep erect (more on erections later).

That was when it hit me like a pair of loose-hanging nuts to the taint; a realization that I, Craig Thomas Barker, had a pattern of behavior that stretched across my life since adolescence—
I’m the person you get warned about before meeting. I’m the person that gets warned before going anywhere.

Like Carrie Bradshaw, “I couldn’t help but wonder” why that was. So, in order to understand who I am today, I decided to take a look at the years that shaped me. I spread my life out on the table, lubed it with the flare of artistic exaggeration, and went at it until I found my answer.

This isn’t so much a memoir as it is a gay’s journey to discover himself; don’t expect structure, coherency, or a thoroughly thought out narrative with a climactic closing paragraph that gives any of this dribble closure. I’m no one special, I’m not famous, and I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said before, but I have lived a life, and all twenty-six years of that life has culminated in a single sentence—
“Please don’t talk about choking on dicks when they get here.”

This memoir explains why…
And it was cheaper than therapy.

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Claiming Marcus by Jocelynn Drake Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Jocelynn Drake - Claiming Marcus Blitz Banner

Hi guys, we have Jocelynn Drake stopping by today with her new release Claiming Marcus, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant $25 Amazon GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Jocelynn Drake - Claiming Marcus Cover ntr74
Cover created by Design by Drake https://www.designbydrake.com/

Claiming Marcus

(Lords of Discord 01)

Jocelynn Drake

Vampires slaughtered my family.

No one believed me until I met some new friends, who promised to help me get justice.

But nothing prepared me for Marcus Varik.

Tall, dark, and mind-numbingly sexy.

But he’s also shy, protective, and adorably eccentric.

Oh God, I should have never agreed to betray him.

Hopefully, it’s not too late to fix my mistake before I lose more people I love.

Claiming Marcus is the first book in an MM paranormal romance series that has vampires, betrayal, annoying brothers, music, heartbreak, hope, sexy times, and a raven named Ozzie.

.•.•.**❣️ Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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Something Wild by Anna Martin Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Anna Martin - Something Wild RTBANNER-94

Hi guys! We have Anna Martin popping in today with the tour for her new release Something Wild, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~ p.s. keep an eye out for Prime’s review coming soon!

Anna Martin - Something Wild Cover nrth38

Something Wild


Anna Martin

The South Pacific Archipelago is home to a tiny island community of around three hundred scientists… and twenty thousand dinosaurs. As a paleogeneticist, Kit Sterling leads a team studying the dinosaurs to unlock the unanswered questions of evolution.

But there is something more dangerous than dinosaurs on the islands.

Head ranger Logan Beck discovers evidence of poachers, while rumors of a black market for dinosaur leather swirl around the community. Kit and Logan haven’t always gotten along professionally, though that has nothing to do with their attraction to each other. So when they’re thrown together to save an injured infant dinosaur, their professional disdain turns into a clandestine romance.

With not just the injured dinosaur at risk, but all of the precious dinosaurs on the islands too, Kit and Logan have to figure out how to balance their budding romance without letting their careers go extinct.

.•.•.**❣️ Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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33 Degrees of Separation by Rain Carrington Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Rain Carrington - 33 Degrees of Separation RTBANNER-110

Hi guys! We have Rain Carrington popping in today with the tour for her new release 33 Degrees of Separation, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $35 Amazon GC so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Rain Carrington - 33 Degrees of Separation Cover nrh474

33 Degrees of Separation

(Legacy 03)

Rain Carrington

I’m Ian, and this is my story. Like the others, I have a legacy. I was raised with the best of everything, one of the riches kids I knew. That isn’t the legacy, however. That is to be a part of something I didn’t want, and never asked for it’s tearing me apart, but I can fight it. With some help, I can fight it.

Meeting Pat Castaldo, the hot, muscled FBI agent was the beginning of a life I thought was ending. I am terrified I’ll get him killed, and others, if I can’t stand up to my father and the other men that make up the terrible secret society. My family has been members for hundreds of years, and it was supposed to be passed to me. I don’t want it, but I took it, and I took it to end them once and for all.

In the middle of all this, I am falling in love. That was a surprise, and one that possibly terrifies me more than the Gilded Grail. This could hurt, and I could get this beautiful man killed, along with a lot of others if I fail. My money may be able to solve some of my troubles, but there is much more that it can’t.

I’ve never had to be brave or fight for anything. This is my fight, though, and I will win. I’ll win it for my friends, for humanity and, maybe most of all, I’ll win it for Pat.


Raised in wealth most could only dream of, Ian Andrews III didn’t know another way of life existed until he went to college and learned about the world. There he met friends and came down from his palace to try to be like everyone else, but he had too much money to achieve that.

When he was set to finish graduate school, his father took him on a trip to learn the destiny that had been chosen for him. He would become a member of the Gilded Grail, a secret society that had members whose families had been a part of it for hundreds of years.

He was a legacy, and there was no choice for him. He would become a member, or he’d die.

Learning about this secret society, hearing their ways and goals, then going through the initiation, he was terrified and ran off to hide away from them and everyone.

His best friend worried when he’d been gone for days, his phone left in his room, not a word from him. Calling in help, it came in the form of an FBI agent in town on business. He was doing a favor, checking up on the missing college student, and right away smelled trouble. When he saw Ian’s computer history and the name Gilded Grail, he knew he had to find Ian.

Once he did, he learned the secrets that no one outside the order knew. Together, they decided to try to stop them from a horrible goal they’d set, one that threatened every man, woman and child in the world.

Falling in love with one another was easy but keeping that attraction at bay to try to save everyone a horrible fate, Ian and Pat struggled. Pat called for more help, and Javier Duran came, an old lover of Pat’s, and one of the world best mercenaries.

Sparks fly and jealousies ignite. Saving the world and falling in love at the same time wasn’t easy on any man. It could tear them apart or make them more determined to have the other in their lives forever. That was considering if they could stop the Grail and there was a forever…

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Heart Untouched by Andrew Grey ~ Audio Review

Andrew Grey - Heart Untouched Audio Cover ncsk47Title: Heart Untouched

Series: Hearts Entwined 03

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 5 hrs, 38 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (27th June 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: An accident crushed Duncan’s Olympic dreams and landed him in a chair, but he knows it’s time to get his life back on track – and he has a plan in mind. Working with his friend Todd, an Olym-pic skeleton racer, on a promotional campaign will not only help Duncan regain some direction, but it’ll give Todd the financial boost he desperately needs. The sport Todd loves is draining his resources – so much so that he’s thinking of giving up racing just to make ends meet.

As the two men work together, their friendship blossoms into much more, and suddenly the future is looking brighter than it has in a long time. But just when love, happiness, and success seem within their grasp, the USOC steps in with plans to stop their campaign. That’ll mean an end not just to Duncan’s business, but to Todd’s dreams…and Duncan isn’t about to let that happen to the man who means everything to him.

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Review: Heart Untouched is the third book in Andrew Grey’s Hearts Entwined series. You don’t necessarily have to read the series in order. However, since the couples of the previous books feature heavily I think it would make more sense to read the series in order, but that is only my opinion.

Andrew Grey is a go to author for. I could gush for a long time about how much I love his writing. I love the knack he has to make deeply emotional characters, with equally emotional and relatable storylines. I also love the knack he has with characters which are either differently abled or single fathers – I’m truly a sucker for those types of books in general.

The audio narration was performed by Greg Tremblay. Tremblay is a brilliant narrator and I have enjoyed many of his performances of Grey’s work. I love how Tremblay enhances a book by just changing his tone, giving characters their own voices and sometimes making audio experience more relatable and easier to connect to characters than just reading the book.

Part of me was a little disappointed that I didn’t love the book as much as I normally would an Andrew Grey book, and I got no idea if there has to do with either the story itself or the narration. Nonetheless, this was still an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable read. I just hold Grey to higher standards, haha.

The story starts with Olympic skeleton racer, Duncan. Unfortunately, a major accident during competition has not only shattered his dreams of competing in the Winter Olympics, but he is also now confined to a wheelchair. Duncan is lost now, but his friend and one of his fellow skeleton racer teammates, Todd.

Being an Olympian is not an easy thing. Obviously, one has to be absolutely awesome at their chosen sport. But there is also the endless need for funding so that they can take months at a time to train and meet whatever other requires are set by the US Olympic Committee. Back home, Todd is making money but is feeling the noose of tight finances threatening his Olympic dream. Add to that his friend Duncan has had his life shattered, receiving very little help from the sport governing body that had dictated their lives for so long, leaving Todd with rather mixed feelings. But with Duncan struggling, Todd also needs to help his friend. Lucky for Todd he works as a mechanic for a man who employs both a blind man and a deaf man, so he has the support of his wider group of friends to help Duncan find his way through his new normal.

The romance between Duncan and Todd is sweet and slow-burning. The fact that these guys are friends and have great chemistry is a plus. While there were times where the story felt a little flat, it was OK because these guys felt like your normal, down to earth sort of blokes. This is a real sweet, heart-warming and generally just filled with hope.

Him Improvement by Tanya Chris

Tanya Chris - Him Improvement Cover 45hngf7tTitle: Him Improvement

Series: Dreamspun Desires 89

Author: Tanya Chris

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (227 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-539-7

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (3 Sept 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: The course of true love runs through every neighborhood….

Only one thing stands between Gregory MacPherson II and his dream revitalization project for the gritty neighborhood of Ball’s End: a rinky-dink, run-down used bookstore called Hailey’s Comic. But when master negotiator Mac shows up to make a deal with the owner, he comes face-to-face with quirky, colorful Hailey—unexpectedly good-humored about Mac’s attempted eviction and, also unexpectedly, a hot guy.

Hailey won’t give up his lease, no matter how much money Mac offers. When it comes to consummating their mutual attraction, though, he’s a lot more flexible. Soon Mac has as hard a time prying himself out of Hailey’s bed as he does prying Hailey out of the building. But Hailey doubts Mac’s plans serve Ball’s End’s best interests, and he insists Mac give him a chance to prove his case. If they’re going to build a happy ever after, one of them will have to be remade….

Purchase Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Him Improvement is a standalone contemporary romance by Tanya Chris. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, as Chris is a completely new author to me. However, since this is published as part of Dreamspun Desires, I was keen to give it a go. The blurb, to me, reads like a typical trashy romance (not trashy-bad, I mean trashy-good) where one plucky hero goes up against another rich and mysterious hero, then boom… they fall in love. I was totally up for this.

The story follows one businessman, with the overly pretentious name Gregory MacPherson II, who aims to make life better by revitalising a rather run-down area. But there is one problem and that man is Hailey and runs a bookstore named Hailey’s Comic and has a big heart when it comes to the locals of Ball’s End. (A rather unfortunate name in my opinion, but makes me think of the train station in Sydney that goes past Ball’s Head). Hailey doesn’t really go into his aquaintace with Mac with any particular plans, but he does begin to open Mac’s eyes to what could truly help to revitalise an area besides simply acquiring land and knocking down existing building, displacing residents and business owners.

This book covers the stereotypes but the chemistry between the characters is satisfying and making for an overall enjoyable read. I’m still not entirely sure of how I feel about the romance between Mac and Hailey, but ultimately it felt natural that they did indeed come together. I really enjoyed the journey of discovery that Mac goes on because of Hailey and makes their connection feel “right”.

I’m not really sure who to recommend this one to. I suppose the whole rich businessman and small business owner is a little stereotypical and if that’s your thing, then this is the book for you. If you like sweet and sexy contemporary romances you should give this one a crack.

Mastering the Flames by S.J. Himes

S.J. Himes - Mastering the Flames Cover s ij473Title: Mastering the Flames

Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer 04

Author: S.J. Himes

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: S.J. Himes (October 4, 2019)

Length: Novel (394 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Heart

Blurb: Guilt-ridden after the massacre of his family, Isaac Salvatore turned to binge drinking to escape the pain. Now twenty-four years old, Isaac is a recovering alcoholic woefully out of practice in the magical arts, leaving his fire affinity hanging on the edge of disaster. After a month of rehab, he returns to Beacon Hill and his family, determined to remain sober, learn to control his magic, and figure out a plan for his life that doesn’t involve drinking.

Constantine Batiste is the oldest, most powerful vampire in the city. Born in ancient Gaul, the bastard son of a Celtic king, his long life has been shrouded in tragedy and horrors. Recent mistakes have left him wary and determined to guard his clan from all foes. When two of his clan members fall victim to an ancient evil, he summons the Necromancer of Boston for aid. Accompanying his older brother to the Tower is the handsome young fire mage once wounded by Constantine’s arrogance, and their encounter reignites an attraction that burns within both Constantine and Isaac.

The answer to who is targeting the vampires of Boston is buried in the dark, early days of Constantine’s transition to an immortal life. Isaac finds himself saddled with a painful insight into the evil cutting a swath through the supernatural population of Boston. While his brother, Angel, takes over the hunt to find and stop the threat to the city, Isaac struggles to find a balance between helping his brother and finding his own purpose and place in the world, free from his brother’s shadow.

Falling in love wasn’t part of his plan, but mastering the flames that burn between him and Constantine soon becomes the most important thing in his life, even as an ancient evil seeks to destroy them.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Isaac had finally gotten to the bottom and needed help. He was finishing his time in the hospital trying to get over drinking. He had made one big mistake and didn’t tell them just how much he was drinking so it was harder then he had expected. Now home he is bout to see the one man he was in lust of, very powerful vampire.

Constantine missed the man he was falling for. He had screwed up and lost the ability to entice the young fire mage. Isaac’s brother marked him so it would never work again. That didn’t take away from the fact that he was falling in love. To bad for them someone is not only out to get the vampires but also for Isaac and Constantine.

It might have been a damn good story if it didn’t come off the way it does. It felt like the author was rambling and mixing up parts of the story. Also some of the words that were used was just plain nutty. It was long winded when a shorter story would have been better. It was so slow that it took me four days to finish, where it should have been maybe two hours. I liked the guys quite a bit but the story was just off to me. There was action but it was more of a blur then something you would have expected. There was a distinct feeling from Isaac that he wouldn’t be liked by the vampires but you saw just a handful in the story. So there was no reason for the way the character felt. There wasn’t even really any heat from his brother or his brothers mate.

There was some action as I said above but very little. You get a bit more romance but mostly how each other is feeling. The sex scenes were a bit dry and not all what one would expect. There was just something that made the story go in the opposite direction than it should have. The characters while charming were not as full as they should have been. You don’t see much of his brother, don’t get me wrong it is Isaac’s story, but you would expect his brother to be there more. Then they were all worried to death about the evil in the story being so hard to die, then one move does it, came off lame to me.

Overall the story was fine, not the best that I expected but was still a good read in the end. I can’t say that this is one of those stories that will be read more than just once, but I am afraid that it probably will just be put on the shelf. It was just to long winded with to much added in than was needed. I am sorry to say but this story just wasn’t my idea of fun.

How to Save A Life by Eli Easton *Dual Review*

Eli Easton - How To Save A Life Cover s dmne9eTitle: How to Save A Life

Series: Howl to the Moon 04

Author: Eli Easton

Genre: Paranormal, Shape shifters

Length: Novel (249 pages)


Publisher: Eli Easton

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4 1/2 Hearts (Combined)

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Rav Miller looked into the terrified, intelligent eyes of the chocolate Labrador on death row, and knew he’d do anything to save him. When the dog, Sammy, escapes and heads to Mad Creek, Rav follows. Mad Creek. The town had become legendary in Rav’s mind after he’d met that bizarre group last year. Rav dismissed his crazy suspicions back then, but when he arrives in Mad Creek, he knows it’s true. Dog shifters exist, and apparently they all live in the California mountains. It’s enough to blow a bad boy’s mind.

Sammy has something in common with Rav—neither one of them trusts people. After Sammy’s abuse as a dog, he particularly dislikes tough-looking men like Rav. But when Sammy gets a chance to work with rescued dogs at the new Mad Creek shelter, his deep compulsion to help others overcomes his fear. Rav and Sammy bond over saving strays. If they can each find the courage to let someone else in, they might find their way to love.

Sheriff Lance Beaufort doesn’t like humans moving into Mad Creek, especially not the tattooed and defiant Rav. When Rav starts a rescue shelter, the town thinks he’s wonderful! But Lance isn’t fooled. He doesn’t buy Rav’s innocent act for one second. How much does Rav know about the quickened? What is his game? And why did he have to show up now, when Lance and the other town leaders are overwhelmed by all the new quickened pouring in?

Rav knows how to save a life. But can he save an entire town? Can he rescue Mad Creek?

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Prime’s Review 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts:

How to Save A Life is the fourth book in series Howl to the Moon by Eli Easton. I adore this unique series. It is sweet and while there is plenty of drama and misunderstanding, which fits since there are characters who have not always been human and some only recently transformed. However, there is not a lot of angst, which is something that I liked a lot, and I felt it really fit the bubbly personalities of dogs that had been completely adored in their time before they transformed.

I read on Amazon that this book can be read as part of the series or as a standalone. And while I do agree with that, there are not plot arcs which tie this book to the previous books, I recommend reading this this series if you can just to get a feel for the world of Mad Creek as it was set up. But then again, if something is a series I can’t stand not reading it all.

Rav Miller is a man with a mysterious past. He had left his life behind to help dogs by opening and running a dog shelter. He has a deep passion for helping dogs, especially those in kill shelters. For the past year the strange encounter he had with a group of men – and a couple of their dogs – from Mad Creek had him intrigued with the town. The mystery deepens for him when a new dog that he rescued, Sammy, runs out of the shelter and makes it all the way to Mad Creek on foot. Rav follows Sammy chip and is intrigued by the town. He can tell that there is something different and when ideas and bizarre suspicions are formed in his head, he figures out what is going on all on his own.

Rav is very much an alpha male and when he sees the situation in Mad Creek (high unemployment), he wants to fix it, that the town is populated by people that can shape shift into dogs gives him the idea. Having decided to start another shelter, this one in Mad Creek, Rav also has to deal with disapproving and grumpy sheriff, while trying to get glimpses of the skittish man called Sammy. But the shelter isn’t going to help the town financially and he has to deal with sheriff who is extremely grumpy and overprotective of his people – it’s definitely a clash of the alphas!

Sammy is newly quickened, he has had two owners that loved him. One of them had died and the other is a victim of domestic violence. Sammy was in a kill shelter when another quick also at the shelter told him about Mad Creek. After he was saved from the kill shelter by Rav, Sammy escapes Rav’s shelter and heads to Mad Creek. He goes for the job advertised at the new shelter, the caring and loyal nature of his dog half helps him to overcome his fears. Now working with Rav side by side the two men have a lot to learn.

I will admit that this is not my most favourite book of the series, but it’s still pretty damn good. I don’t know why, I think that I found it a little difficult to connect to Rav, it’s the only thing that I can think of. I think I also found it a little odd how he randomly decided to pick up his entire life on what seemed to be a whim.

A final side note, because I was surprisingly slow about this realisation, but I just managed to link all the titles in this series to a song. Although not all the songs have the “how to” in the song title, that’s just minor details. This epiphany happened started because I got the song How to Save A Life by The Fray stuck in my head, I already have Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio stuck in head. Then I remembered that song by The Script called Howling at the Moon and then it just snowballed from there. Done! I’m happy I got that out and I’m kind of ridiculously happy about it.

Shorty’s Review 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts:

I adored this story about Rav and Sammy. Sammy is so sweet and cute yet has been abused by a previous owner then taken to a pound. When it’s almost his time to be put to sleep Rav takes him in. From there Sammy escapes and heads to Mad Creek where Rav follows.

Things are not smooth for these two. Rav has to get Sammy to realize not everyone is out to hurt him. With Lance not trusting strangers Rav has a way to go in getting the town to trust that he will keep their secret. It helps when he figures out a way to bring in much needed revenue an jobs for the town.

Adorable, sweet and cute this story had me in tears at times. I loved the way the story progressed and ended.

Fantastic read.

Dragon Elements by Cree Storm

Cree Storm - Dragon Elements Cover ntr745gTitle: Dragon Elements

Series: D.O.A. 05

Author: Cree Storm

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Cree Storm (September 1, 2019)

Length: Novella (155 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Cobra has never interacted with the people of Drago since most are there to hide from their nasty past. Coming across his mate having a picnic with his dragon in Drago Park and a freak trying to kill him is more than unexpected as is discovering Cal is not Cal and isn’t even human? Cobra wants answers. He just hopes that he can get them before whoever is out to kill his mate succeeds.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the D.O.A. collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Cobra is one of the D.O.A. and his best friend is Taco, who is also his dragon. For one day every year for twenty-five years he has received a note leading up to a meeting. The bad side is he has no clue what that person wants. Now is the time to meet, but when he goes there it is to a big surprise.

Taco and Cal have started to become best buds. They hang out and get to know each other. He has an idea that he has found his and Cobra’s mate. But as a dragon he is not for sure. So he decides to help Cal with this meeting.

Calvin is not who he says he is. He has one hell of a big surprise that places him in danger. He has watched Cobra and is falling for the man. He has never actually talked to the man but with the help of Cobra’s dragon he might have a chance.

To bad that danger has came looking for them both. There are many different twists to this story that your attention will always be captivate, as has mine. This is one of my favorite series and I love how the characters are with each other. They are quite quirky and are very protective of their friends and family. The story is intriguing and will keep you entertained.

I had a blast reading this and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Now a new member has been born and damn if it is not going to be a big hit as well, I can’t wait. I would definitely recommend this story and the previous ones as well.

Fantastic read.

Wild as the texas Wind by Jackie North

Jackie North - Wild as the West Texas Cover dfhr74Title: Wild as the West Texas Wind

Series: Love Across Time 03

Author: Jackie North

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel

Length: Novel (338pgs)

Publisher: Blue Rain Press (February 21, 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Soulmates across time. Two hearts that were meant to be together.

In present day, Zach takes a road trip to Trinidad to find information on a missing friend.

In 1892, Layton Blue, outlaw, longs for hearth and home even as he treasures his life of freedom.

A freak rainstorm washes Zach’s car into a ditch, sending him back to the year 1892. Searching for help, alone and on foot in the middle of the nowhere, he crosses paths with the famous Ketchum Gang. Now the gang’s prisoner, Zach’s fate is to be sold at a seedy auction for whores.

Layton is put in charge of making sure Zach does not escape, but as the chemistry between them grows, Layton finds himself wanting to help Zach.

Can Layton overcome years of being on the run? Can Zach accept help from an outlaw?

A male/male time travel romance complete with fast rides across the desert, campfires beneath the stars, cool water in the desert, wild rescues, and true love across time.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Zach is looking for his friend Laurie and ends up in a storm that sends him skidding off the road and into eighteen-ninety two. This is where he interrupts a card game with an outlaw by the name of Tom, who is mean and cruel. Tom takes him and plans to sell Zach to replace what he lost in the game.

Layton is part of Tom’s gang and longs for something better. When he meets Zack the attraction is genuine. The get closer when Layton keeps an eye on him to keep him out of the crosshairs of the rest of the gang.

It’s a dangerous journey these two take looking for a way out without being killed for their trouble. I liked the story. Layton and Zach were good for each other and I loved that Zach eventually found his missing friend.

Great read.

Jon’s Spooky Corpse Conundrum by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - Jon's Spooky Corpse Conundrum Cover fer345Title: Jon’s Spooky Corpse Conundrum

Series: Jon’s Mysteries 03

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Fantasy, Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (August 2, 2019)

Length: Novel (213 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Heart

Blurb: I’ve investigated some pretty strange cases in my life, but I have to say this is a first. A corpse—a murder victim—has gone missing during the middle of an investigation, and no one has any clue where it went. Psy is called in to clear the investigative team, make sure they’re not an accomplice. It’s a four hour drive outside of Nashville, to a place famous for being haunted, so none of us are particularly eager to go.

And then we arrive on scene and I see who we’re dealing with and I want nothing more than to turn around and go right back to Nashville.

This case is complicated and strange, and absolutely nothing is as it seems at first glance. Even with my eyes, it’s going to take some digging to get to the truth.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Finding out what happened to a corpse shows that the past doesn’t stay where it belongs. Someone from Jon’s past has appeared once more and lets hope it leads to the perfect outcome. Lets not forget Donovan definitely does have a fear of ghosts as in hell no. Garrett is definitely a big hit with everyone and Jon’s love life is on the right track.

I miss going to haunted houses and this one seems to have them in spades or so it seems. We also get to see the best blowup ever, say bye bye to a jackal. Now you just have to figure out who I am talking about because I am definitely not going to say. I could go without drama but it seems to have the perfect place in this story.

Our characters are quirky and lovable to be around. I do want to see Sho and Garrett’s relationship, they are going to burn the sheets. I am not really seeing a lot of the magic side of the coin but there is still some there. They actually got to use some good old fashion police work in this one. An old case is solved and they are on the way to having life perfect. And I don’t remember Jon getting shot or stabbed in this one so that is a big win. As much as I love these stories I will admit that there is so much potential that is not being used in these stories. There is so much that could be done with them but so far it is not there.

I enjoyed reading this and can’t wait to see what the next book has going on. My attention was captivated throughout the story and would definitely admit that these are stories that will be read many times over.