A Gentleman's Agreement by J. Roman ~ Audiobook

51CtRhxPXmL._SL300_Title: A Gentleman’s Agreement
Author: J. Roman
Narrator: Paul Morey
Genre: Historical/Holiday
Length: 2 hours and 24 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (10-22-2014)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Thomas Derrik is about to have the worst Christmas of his life. Three days before the holiday, he finds out the father he doesn’t get along with is arriving on Christmas Eve, his ex-lover and new brother-in-law will be staying at his estate until the New Year, and his beloved brother, Edmund, has died.

Luckily, Edmund’s last holiday scheme may well save Thomas’s Christmas: Henry Appleby, a young lord fresh from the Continent, has arranged to court Thomas. But the family tragedy and jealous exes may put an end to the romance before it begins.

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Thomas is considered a miscreant in his era. A place and time where attraction to the same-sex is punishable by death. Not long ago he ended a relationship with his best friend of many years after learning the man had a man in every port, Thomas wasn’t as special to him as Thomas had been led to believe. Now with the Holiday fast approaching Thomas is alone, surrounded by family he doesn’t much care for and to make matters worse, he has just learned of his beloved brother’s death.

Edmond, Thomas’s younger brother, was a true friend and ally, very understanding about Thomas’s choice in partners. So much so that it would seem even in death, he is still looking out for his brother. A gift, of sorts, arrives along with Thomas’s father in the form of one Lord Henry Appleby and his sister. It would seem that Henry and Thomas have many things in common, including the same best friend, Edmond, and a proclivity for other men.

A deal brokered by Edmond and Henry to ensure Thomas both happiness and stability is set in motion, but Edmond’s untimely death and Thomas’s clingy ex could destroy even the most intricately detailed plan.

For such a short story, there was a lot of attention paid to even the finite details of descriptives and characters. Set in a time where a Gentleman’s word was his bond and an agreement carried as much weight as a contract. But the relationship between Thomas and Henry becomes much more than just a means to an end, they truly care for one another. The narration was the perfect complement to the characters and the storyline, Morey is so well spoken and has sort of this aristocratic air to his voice that blended perfectly with the written words of this novella.

A perfect story for the season, and very inexpensive for either the audible or the e-book version. I highly recommend for fans of historical romance or just fans of romance in general.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

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