Becoming Sir by S. Dora

2358-210x336Title: Becoming Sir

Series: (Calling The Shots #3)

Author:  S. Dora

Genre: D/s/BDSM

Length: Novella (62 pgs)

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (October 25th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Seeker

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Blurb: Isaac prefers to keep the D/s part of his relationship with Tom strictly private. One day, however, he reads about a non-commercial BDSM club with a playroom for hire…

Committed couple Isaac and Tom have recently discovered they want to explore BDSM, and especially D/s, as part of their committed relationship. There are still doubts and questions, but Isaac knows how to wield his favourite cane for his submissive’s painful pleasure.

S&M is also a very private thing for the otherwise out and open pair.

That is, until Isaac reads an article about a non-commercial BDSM club. He meets one of the volunteers, who shows him the playroom. He’s impressed by what he sees and decides to give his beloved sub a very special treat.

Their experiences with D/s during the months since Tom first said, “I want you to tell me what to do,” have left a deep and positive impression on both men. One day, Isaac takes a decision that he knows will influence the rest of his life with Tom.

Review:  The third offering from S. Dora Calling The Shot’s series rings very true with two working class individuals exploring not only their new May September relationship but also how to provide for each partners emotional needs.  One often finds romances that gloss over the thoughts that newfound Dominants experience; however, Becoming Sir managed to hit the highlights nicely. 

I applaud the writing style of S. Dora and the realism of the characters.  Though at times there were points of the BDSM lifestyle that seemed to be crammed into the short space of the story.  In point of fact my only chief complaint would be that it could have gone further and been taken into the novel arena.  Overall, a solid 3 stars for Becoming Sir. ~;p


2 thoughts on “Becoming Sir by S. Dora

  1. Though I think it’s often bad manners to react to a review as the writer of the reviewed book, I just couldn’t stop myself. You are right, there is material for a novel here. But sometimes you only realise that in hindsight.
    It all started as one short story, the short story became a bit longer, then became two and three stories and now it looks like at least another part will be written in which it looks like there’s going to be trouble in paradise.

    Oh, and thanks for your kind words.

    S. Dora

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