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Hi guys, we have Mary Rundle stopping by today with the tour for her series Blackwood Pack, we have a brilliant guest post from Mary where she shares an exclusive excerpt, we have short excerpts of each story and a fantastic $15 Amazon GC giveaway, so guys, check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤ ~Pixie~ p.s. check an eye out for our reviews in the next couple of days!

Dire Warning

(Blackwood Pack 01)

Mary Rundle

Steel, one of the last Dire Wolves on earth, has searched more than 100 years for the special mate promised by the Fates. Discouraged after meeting his latest prospect, he sees a naked hitchhiker on his way home who’s everything he’d envisioned the man of his dreams would be. His wolf and body tell him he’s found his fated mate but why can’t he pick up his scent?

Robbed of his car, clothes and money, Jackson, Alpha of the Blackwood Pack has no choice but to thumb a lift, frantic to get home to his six brothers. He’s been protecting them from a rival pack who massacred most of his family and wants to finish off the rest.
When Steel rolls down his window, Jackson knows he also has found his fated mate but it would be too dangerous to claim him with his pack under attack.

After the intervention of an Oracle and a Witch, Jackson discovers why the Fates made him unique-just for Steel. Navigating the mine field this revelation brings, Jackson and Steel must figure out how to make their relationship work while dealing with forces determined to kill the Blackwood pack – and them.

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Raphael’s Power

(Blackwood Pack 02)

Dr. Ian Wallace, a rare Scottish Wolf, has dedicated his life to saving and healing wolf shifters by joining Frontline Doctors. Determined never to take a mate, he avoids relationships and is content to live a nomadic life, taking assignments to wild and remote places. That is, until an old friend asks him for a favor which Ian’s wolf will not let him refuse. Now on his way to the Blackwood Pack compound, his wolf becomes frantic and Ian learns not only that he has a Fated Mate, but that his Fated Mate is in danger.

Colton was forced to give up his dreams of becoming a nurse and joining Frontline Doctors when tragedy befell his family. Instead, he healed sick animals around his home while hiding from a pack who wanted him dead. Given the chance to use his skills, Colton seizes it and embarks on a journey that will reveal just how special he is.

A kidnapping, slave auction, revelations of long-kept family secrets and a rare, powerful gift from the gods are some of the surprises in store for both of them until they finally find their way into each other’s hearts after discovering neither is who the other thought he was.

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Peace Maker

(Blackwood Pack 03)

Enforcer Dylon Royd worked for the notorious Silver Point Pack until they accused him of disloyalty. Imprisoned and beaten to within an inch of his life, he’s dumped at the side of a road and left for dead. Waking up in the Blackwood Pack’s hospital, he’s shocked to discover his Fated Mate is one of the pack’s members he’d been ordered to kill.

Cody is a seer and has grappled with visions all his life, but after most of his family is massacred they have intensified so fiercely he begins to make plans to escape his pain and suffering. Thinking no one wants a freak for a Fated Mate, he tries to reject Dylon until he realizes his salvation depends on accepting him.

A life or death situation for Cody, a rare gift to both from the Fates, a dangerous mission, and an unexpected surprise are some of the challenges they face. Together they begin a journey to save Cody’s life while forging a partnership that requires absolute trust for both to survive.

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Ice Soul

(Blackwood Pack 04)

Kieran was sold into slavery where he was forced to care for other prisoners held by a shifter trafficking ring. But that changed when a Blackwood brother freed him and the others. Now for the first time in his life, the world beckons and he can plan his future. That is, until he discovers why the Fates brought him to the Blackwood Pack.
Logan, one of the brothers, has become a virtual recluse, spending hours at his design table, unable to shake the horrible memories of his family’s massacre and an unhappy childhood under the fist of his father, a dictatorial and abusive Alpha.

When Kieran appears, Logan is smitten with this pink-loving twink who tries to use his sassy and irrepressible wit to win his heart. After Logan claims Kieran, he finds keeping him is not easy. When both realize Logan can’t give himself completely to his Fated Mate, Kieran takes off but tells no one where.

A frantic search, rejection, dark secrets revealed, ghosts exorcised- these are just some of the obstacles Kieran and Logan must overcome as they embark on a mission of discovery that will make their love for each other stronger. Only then, will these two unique wolves fulfill their destinies decreed by the Fates and gods and prove worthy of the powerful gifts bestowed on them.

There is a new MC couple in each book, and in later books some references to previous couples are included

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Mary Rundle with an Exclusive Excerpt!

Hello and thanks for hosting me today. I have an exclusive excerpt for you from Ice Soul  ̶  the fourth book in the Blackwood Pack series. Logan and Kieran are the Fated Mates featured in it and these two have a boatload of pain, bad memories and emotional trauma from their childhoods that have to be worked out because it is affecting how they behave towards each other.

Ice Soul  ̶  Excerpt

Reaching Cody’s bedroom, Kieran knocked softly. After a brief pause, Dylon opened the door and invited Kieran in. “If you head through that door, Cody is waiting for you in the sitting room.”

Following Dylon’s instructions, Kieran walked into the sitting room where he found Cody standing by the window looking out. “Hi,” he said softly, “How are you?”

Turning around, Cody gave Kieran a sweet smile. “I’m fine. Dylon said you wanted to speak to me,” said Cody. Then turning to Dylon, “Babe, would you check on Jake and Jessica for me? I’m worried about them.”

“Sure. Kieran is it okay if I go or do you want to talk to me too?” asked Dylon.

“No, go, I just want to speak with Cody.”

“Okay,” Dylon said, “Ma moité, call me if you need me.” Then he wrapped his arms around his mate and, lowering his lips, gently brushed against Cody’s before giving him a gentle kiss.

Kieran could see the love flowing between them and knew the Fates picked the perfect parents for Jake and Jessica. After he heard the bedroom door close, he said to Cody, “When Dylon told us you blame yourself for not rescuing us sooner, I had to see you—to assure you we don’t blame you for Arald and our parents’ actions. We’re happy and we want you to be happy too, not dwelling on what happened in the past. This is the time for you to enjoy the twins and watch them grow up, knowing you saved them from a fate far worse than what was happening to us.”

Cody sighed, taking a minute to gather his thoughts. “I do understand all that, Kieran, but it’s not easy. Tell me truthfully, have you forgotten everything that happened to you?”

“No, of course not,” Kieran replied, sighing. He could see the heavy guilt surrounding Cody. Knowing what he had to do, he walked over to Cody and wrapped his arms around his waist, laying the flat of his hands on Cody’s back. As they stood there, Kieran felt Cody’s arms grab his shoulders as Cody felt the first inkling of the warmth from Kieran’s hands penetrate his body. Kieran increased the heat and as he did, he sucked all the guilt from Cody’s mind and body. Kieran could feel the exchange taking place and he smiled against Cody’s chest, happy he was able to help. Then as quickly as his hands had heated up they cooled when Cody’s guilt was gone, setting Cody free and giving back his life.

Cody was stunned. When Kieran walked over to hug him, he thought it was a gesture of comfort. And it was, but it was so much more. He could feel all the guilt being pulled from his body and into Kieran’s. Soothing warmth enveloped his body until Cody could no longer feel any of the guilt he had carried these long months.  That’s when he understood…the vision he had long ago that had been forgotten. That vision had showed him what Kieran was and why it was important for him to be saved. Cody pulled back and grasped Kieran’s upper arms, holding him still as he searched Kieran’s face, looking for any sign that Kieran knew—and found it.

“How did you figure it out?” Kieran whispered.

“The Fates told me in a vision long ago, but I had forgotten when my visions grew more violent and I was trying to escape the pain. I never made the connection until now.”

“No one can know.”

“No one will but Dylon. He is tied to me heart, mind, body and soul. What I know, he knows. The Fates did it to protect me. But I promise you, he won’t tell anyone.”

Kieran nodded. “Okay.”

“Does Oracle know?” asked Cody.

“Yes, she does, but she cannot say anything, not even to your brother. Only I have that right.”

“Do you know why the Fates wanted you to come to the Blackwood Pack?”

“No, at least, not yet. And I don’t know why they want me to go to Scotland, but I must.”

“I understand.”

Kieran smiled impishly at Cody, “Frank gave Lizzie permission to go with me, Theo and Norman.”

Cody laughed softly, “Why am I not surprised by that?”

“Are you okay now?”

Cody searched his mind for the guilt that had been his constant companion and found it gone. Looking at his aura and his life thread, Cody smiled. “I feel wonderful and it is amazing.” Cody looked at Kieran’s aura and saw the darkness he had taken from Cody slowing disappearing.  “Ki, when I was in the dungeon, I saw you touching every shifter after you gave them their food. Why?”

“I gave them hope—every day I touched them I gave them some light in a bleak existence. My spirit told me someone would save me, but I was worried about my friends and the rest of the prisoners. I made up my mind I wasn’t going until my savior also agreed to take everyone.”

Cody chuckled. “I remember thinking how brazen you were, insisting I free them all.”

“Yeah, I guess I was, but I didn’t have any choice. The auction was a few days away and I was freaking out wondering how I was going to stop it.”

“But you did. You saved everyone. I haven’t told you this yet—you know the day we returned the prisoners to their families—every single shifter told us how wonderfully you treated them and how they wouldn’t have made it without you.”

With red cheeks, Kieran bowed his head, embarrassed at Cody finding out. He hadn’t done it for any other reason except to help someone in need. It was so little really, an extra piece of bread, a kind word or a soothing of the spirit. It was all he could offer, so he did. None of the shifters or the younglings deserved the treatment Arald dished out.

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Dire Warning (Book 1) 

Steel’s wolf was snarling and snapping as he drove away from Jimmy’s after leaving Jackson behind. He just couldn’t understand his wolf. What am I missing here? Jackson is not my mate. His mate had to be a wolf—he knew it because he’d been told not only by his mother who was an Oracle but by no less than three other Oracles. His mate would help save his species of wolves.

The importance of this was impressed upon him throughout his life. He stepped on the gas, eager to get home to do some research. He needed answers because he had a feeling of foreboding about what was going to happen to Jackson and that was driving his wolf crazy.

Finally arriving home, he stopped at the fifteen foot high gates, keyed in his passcode and then drove up the long driveway to his sprawling house, nestled among the trees on the knob of a small mountain. Although there were taller mountains to roam on his 200,000 acres of land, this spot spoke to his wolf spirit. He inhaled deeply as he got out of the truck, feeling his body reacting to the sights and smells around him.

Looking around, he wondered if Jackson would like this spot as much as he did. And that did it—his cock hardened in a second and his blood started to heat up. What the fuck?  He drove the image of Jackson’s firm body from his mind and thumped his cock several times to get it to go down.

Hmmm, what to do first? Decision made, he stripped out of his clothes and stood still for a second before he called on his wolf and shifted. Birds scattered as the noise of bones cracking and stretching filled the air. When the sound faded away, Steel stood in his wolf form, shaking out his fur and scenting the air. Deer to the east, a small black bear and her cub ambling along the trail to the south and, yes there it was, a path that was free of any animal—Steel knew it wouldn’t be a good day to engage in a sparring match. His wolf was too unsettled for that. 

He struck out at a full run for the trail leading north to one of the tallest mountains on his land. His large paws made no sound on the thickly carpeted forest floor. Steel had gotten so many mixed signals from his wolf today he needed this time to figure out what was happening. He knew his wolf needed it also. While he was running, Steel examined his wolf’s feelings regarding Jackson because it was much easier to understand his wolf when they were one, especially now, since he hadn’t understood his wolf’s reaction to a man who had no scent. Taking in the smells and sounds of his forest, his mind searched and filtered through his wolf’s feelings.

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Raphael’s Power (Book 2) 

His wolf surged forth, claws grew, teeth dropped, fur sprouted and he vibrated in Colton’s arms trying to fight the shift. But did he want to? Ian wasn’t sure. He and his wolf needed to avenge the wrong done to their mate. If Colton wasn’t going to kill Pablo, Ian’s wolf would. Then, mind made up, he pushed out of the arms holding him and landed with all fours on the floor. Snarling and growling, Ian’s wolf wanted his prey—to kill him and remove any threat to his mate. He lifted his head, opened his mouth and issued his challenge. Howling loud and long his wolf wasn’t going to quit until his mate was safe.

Stunned, Colton looked at the small yet fierce wolf in front of him—a rare golden-tipped, white wolf with deep golden eyes—the stuff of legends. Holy Shit! Before he could do anything, the room was filled with six, very large bodies, ready to handle the threat of Ian’s howls. In a blink of an eye, Ian’s wolf turned, facing the perceived threat against Colton. Hackles raised, saliva dripping, he looked as if he’d take on everyone now crowding the space.

Colton knew this had the makings of a disaster; he needed to calm his mate so he could shift back. Slowly he slid off the loveseat and knelt next to his mate. “Ian, please babe, stop. I’m safe. These are my brothers and Steel. You know them, please babe.” Colton put his arms around the neck and buried his hands in the soft fur. Rubbing his face against his mate, Colton inhaled deeply, marveling again at the scent. He felt Ian’s wolf slowly relax as he reassessed the situation. That was, until Colton heard Jackson.

Jackson waddled into the room, bellowing, “What the fuck is going on?”

And just like that, Ian’s wolf turned to face the new threat, growling, tensing, ready to spring. Colton saw Steel move in front of Jackson, the rest of his brothers moved and stood in front of Steel, forming a wall of muscled bodies, intent on protecting Jackson and his unborn pup.

Colton panicked. He jumped up and moved in front of Ian’s wolf. Nobody was going to touch his mate. Now Colton was the one fighting a shift as he listened to his mate issue howls and growls, warning everyone he was ready to fight. Colton knew everything was going to hell in a handbasket but he didn’t know what to do. He needed help to defuse this right now—but who?

Suddenly, he heard an Alpha voice so powerful and overwhelming that Colton immediately tilted his neck in submission as did all in the room. Maximus, in Dire Wolf Alpha mode, strode into the room, immediately sussed out the situation, and commanded, “Stand Down! Now!!” he roared those words, enveloping the room in his Alpha power.

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Peace Maker (Book 3) 

Low hanging, heavy, cloud cover. A pitch-black night in the Tajikistan mountains. It were as if the gods were blessing his commitment to stop the bloodshed so many of his people had experienced over these long years. Ulfric tried to recall a time in his life that was free of the beatings and killings that Arald had inflicted on his pack. But he could not remember such a time. Now his wife was expecting their first pup, and as much as he was excited about it, he dreaded it just as much. So, when this chance arose, he had to try, for the sake of his family.

After telling his wife he was leaving, Ulfric slipped out the back door and paused. Lifting his nose, he sniffed but found no other wolf nearby. Sticking to the shadows, he quietly made his way out of town, hoping his luck held. Right now, Arald was meeting with the representative of Dire Enterprises in a pre-conference meeting. He hadn’t wanted to wait this long but it was impossible to even contact the other pack Alpha until today.

As he saw it, this was his final chance to stop the tyranny he and his pack lived under. But he couldn’t stand alone. He needed the other pack to join with him during the conference if there was ever a chance his pack would be free of Arald and his goons. Pausing often to check for anyone following him, he crept down to the mountain waterfall where they could talk where not even wolf hearing could distinguish spoken words.

Apologizing to Arald and Slate Valentin for his need to get home to help his wife, Ordovic left the building, nodding to the guards who stood outside the meeting room. He wasn’t sure why his presence was required since nothing would change for his pack. No, Arald controlled this land—something even a young shifter knew. And even though he tried to tell himself there wasn’t anything he could do about it, Ordovic hoped that this time might be different.

That was the reason he gave himself for heading to the agreed meeting place instead of home where his wife and children slept. But he wanted a better life for his children. A place they could grow up and not fear being attacked every time they left home. And as the leader of his pack, he owed it to his pack members to at least try to free them from the oppression they now lived under.

Fading back into the shadows at the top of the mountain path, he waited to see if anyone had followed him. His ability at camouflage was superb, though it was a well-guarded secret. After a few minutes he continued down the path. At least he didn’t have to worry about being attacked—killed, yes—but the guy from Dire Enterprises made the three leaders sign a contract agreeing to not attack another pack while the peace conference was in session.

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Ice Soul (Book 4) 

Kieran saw Lizzie coming in from the kitchen and said to her, “Miss L, what fantastic taste you have. I’m so glad they have you supervising their clothing choices otherwise, who knows what they would learn from their daddies?” Then, turning back to Dylon and Cody, “No offense big guys, but you really should let Miss L do some shopping for you, too. I mean, I know you are mated—I mean Fated Mated—so there isn’t going to be anyone else for you but still, you should look good for each other. Hey Miss L, do you think Dylon could use a facial mask? Maybe something to soften his skin so Cody will want to kiss him more? You know, that’s the first thing to go when you have kids. No time to take care of yourself. But I bet with a little help from Miss L and me, we could have you looking like you did before you had kids. Do you take bubble baths? You know, they’re great for softening all parts of your body, well maybe not all parts, if you catch my drift. That’s another side benefit for new parents who aren’t getting all they want in the sex department. Maybe Miss L and I …”

“Stop!” yelled Dylon, startling Jessica who let out a wail while most everyone else was doubled over with laughter. “Now, look what you did!”

“Don’t you blame Kieran, Dylon. You yelled, causing your daughter to cry,” Lizzie scolded, taking Jessica from her son’s arms, “Shush there, sweetie, grandma has you.”

“But did you hear what he was saying to us? He said we had sex problems!” complained Dylon, handing Jessica’s bottle to Lizzie.

“Kieran was only trying to help, weren’t you honey?” Lizzie asked Kieran. “All new parents can do with a little help.”

“That’s right, Miss L. I have some ideas to spice up their sex life I can run past you, and if you agree, then I can find out where to buy the items online—you know since they are new parents and all.”

Growling, Dylon spat, “You are not going to discuss my sex life with my mother—do you understand? No way! No how! Never! Kieran, am I making myself clear?” Then turning to his mother, he said, “Mother, don’t, just don’t. This is embarrassing me and my mate.”

Holding up his hands, Kieran said, “Whoa, big guy! If you don’t want my help, then no problemo. I’m sure Jackson or Colton will appreciate my help in getting their sex life back on track. If you want to suffer, then who am I to interfere? But you really ought to think about Cody before you go issuing your orders. Right Miss L? It takes two to tango.”

Handing Jake to Dylon, Cody said, “Kieran, that’s enough. While I appreciate your offer to help us, there’s no need as we’re very happy with our ‘sex life’. You and I are going to have a talk later about boundaries, or the lack of them, in this case.”

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About Mary!

I never went to school to learn writing nor attended a writing workshop, but it didn’t stop me from entering a writing contest and from that came my first book, Dire Warning. Readers loved it and I was on my way to chronicling the Blackwood Pack, seven brothers who are gay wolf shifters in search of their fated mates– stories about love at first sight with twists and turns, angst and humor, romance and adventure and, of course, happy endings.

My stories come to me as if they were being channeled by my characters, all of whom I love (except for a few villains). They are eager to recount their lives, loves and adventures and are not inhibited when it comes to revealing steamy details. I love the M/M paranormal genre because it gives my imagination a lot of territory in which to roam. My mind can really run wild and come up with some amazing stuff when it doesn’t have to stay inside the box. Although my writing is sometimes raw—that’s the way I like to tell my stories—readers love it and are clamoring for more. I currently live in the Northeast and love the beautiful change of seasons, my husband, and our quirky calico cat, though not necessarily in that order.

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