Blood and Tears by Ethan Stone

Title: Blood and Tears

Series: Flesh 03

Author: Ethan Stone

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Length: Novel

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  The last thing Gabe Vargas wants to do after losing his girlfriend and nearly dying is leave his young son. But that’s exactly what FBI Agent Drew Bradley is asking him to do. According to Drew, the only way to protect Gabe and find the killer is to fake Gabe’s death.

With an already established adversarial relationship, protecting a firebrand like Gabe isn’t exactly a picnic for Drew either. But when Drew lets his guard down, his feelings of desire for Gabe leave him confused. Before the crime can be solved, Drew will have to risk more than his job. He’ll have to risk his heart.

Review:  Wow! Ethan Stone you have done it again!! You have brought us yet another incredible suspense/mystery.

We start this one with Gabe in hospital after being nearly killed in an attack that saw Violet brutally murdered.  Gabe has to go into hiding with the FBI agent that he blames for the death of Casey (his male lover), Agent Drew Bradley.  As these two spend time together their feelings change into attraction.  Drew is horrified because even though he has nothing against gays he himself cannot be gay.  Gabe is determined to see what can happen between them, while Drew denies the attraction.

I wasn’t sure how I felt at first about Drew going from very straight to being gay but this author handled it brilliantly, you can feel Drew’s confusion and guilt over feeling something for a man especially when he was *taught* that it is a sin (insert *screamed at*) and the struggle as he works through what he is comfortable doing with Gabe.

Gabe is brilliant as he works through his guilt over Violet’s death and his attraction to Drew; he is also an incredible father to Victor balancing what he feels for Drew and what Victor needs. The suspense is thrilling and gripping, just who did attack Gabe and Violet and why. We also see Cristian Flesh and Colby Maddox return, as ghosts from the past emerge and try to destroy both Cristian and Gabe.  

If you like Brilliant, Gripping, Suspense, Mystery, Brainwashing and Hot man on man sex this is definitely the book for you.




2 thoughts on “Blood and Tears by Ethan Stone

  1. Pixie- Thank you so much for the outstanding review. I am so glad you liked Gabe and Drew.

    1. Ethan I have to say I loved them and would love to see them in another book (hint hint). You don’t have to thank me for the review it was just the honest truth, but I do have to thank you for writing such a fantastic story.

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