Blood Brothers by Susan Arden

18598207Title: Blood Brothers

Series:  Rocky Mountain Shifters, Book 2

Author: Susan Arden

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Length: Novella (143pgs)

Publisher: Decadent Publishing (4th October 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit ~ The Fire Engine Is Burning!!!

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Seeker

Blurb: As wolf shifters, Tristen and Fin’s loyalty knows no bounds. Yet these close shifters lack the ability to speak from the heart. This pervasive silence leaves them without the means to overcome problems plaguing their relationship. Tristen suffers from PTSD and refuses Fin’s suggestions for help. Fin becomes a shifter of fewer and fewer words. As lovers, they meet each other’s beta needs until Fin craves a rougher edge. A kinky edge.

Santo, another ex-soldier and vampire is looking for work, a place to belong after he swears off bloodsucking, given his battlefield experiences. Running security for the head of the local shifter’s council seems perfect. Cue Fin and Tristen to help.

Now, the three come together for a night of kink, learning that sex can be a means to discover deeper desires. Fin and Tristen must decide if they will stay together, or if sex with a seductive vampire is the doorway to the end.

Caution: This tale will tantalize, causing flaming fantasies to the point of searing. Be ready to sweat.

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Review: Partners, Tristen and Fin are both veterans, not quite long from the Sandbox.  Both have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Both are more than physically attracted to each other.  Both are Werewolves.

We are able to follow Tristen and Fin without difficultly, which is perfect because this story is about the two of them.  Moreover, the writer poses a great question that some couples face:  What happens when your partner wants more than you think you can provide? 

Blood Brothers is Book 2 in Susan Arden’s Rocky Mountains Shifters Series.  Populating this world are various Weres and Vampires – both born and created; and open-ended hints at Shifters.  One does get the feeling that there are definitely missing elements in this part of the story.  Such as, Humans are aware of Shifters, but the laws are not on equal.  Councils are set up to handle Shifter disputes.  The missing elements are not enough to stop you from wanting to pick up the series, however!

Tristen has unresolved issues.  High on the list is Fin, who fast is becoming a more demanding submissive every time they touch.  Enter Santo, a handsome born Vampire with capped fangs and an empathic erogenous zone. 

I look forward to the growing story line between Tristen and Fin.  Kudos to Susan Arden on Blood Brothers, with her grasp of psychology, the prospect of watching Tristen and Fin experiment further into the BDSM realm, and the added pleasure of Weres, Vampires, and Shifters. OMI! ~;p

What an excellent way to start in MM Good Book Reviews !!  Geek Girl, that am I, with much love of all things fantastical, paranormal, magickal, mystical and mythological. But, much more than that.  I am a Domme.  Not just any Domme, dear reader, nay.  A trainer to boot.   Making Blood Brothers by Susan Arden, a wonderfully pleasant surprise read. 

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  1. Okay, here’s the thing. Breathless as I land here, tumbling through the Internet network. So call me Alice. K? How synchronicity works…a discussion for another time. Point? Thank you for the awesome review. And thank goodness I found you all by accident. So stoked you caught the points addressed within this hawt tale. Too many military suffer in silence from a condition that is no where near admitted properly, and so far off the charts. I hope more and more people recognize PTSD is real. Invisible but damaging. Debilitating. Devastating. 1 in 5 troops has this condition. Please, please visit and sign to show your support. Stand with OUR Troops. Polictics aside, they serve for our freedom. First Amendment, baby! Mwah for sharing and caring. Later gator. xo And oh yeah, “I love you motherf’r!”– Blood Brothers
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