Built 4 It by Daisy Harris

Title:  Built 4 It

Series:  Love Bots

Line:  Twilight

Author:  Daisy Harris

Genre:   Paranormal/Science Fiction

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing ( January 4, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb:   When a riot erupts in Built4’s stein-building lab, the alpha stein Kee drags a submissive young lab assistant into his cage. Kee’s been studying the human. Ben’s sad eyes and slender form call to Kee—urging him to equal parts lust and possessiveness.

Prisoner to the alpha, Ben surrenders to the stein’s fierce determination and gentle seductions. He’s long hated his job, feeling like a monster for following his boss’s orders, especially once he’s seen intelligence flickering in the alpha’s green eyes.

If Kee’s to escape, he needs Ben’s help to learn about the world outside the laboratory—a world full of people, sex and experiences Kee’s only beginning to discover. And guilt-ridden over the things he’s done, Ben can only forgive himself if the alpha forgives his sins first.
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Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  Ben is a low-level lab technician.  His duties include the care and feeding of steins, genetically engineered creatures that are deemed less than human.  He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help being drawn to the Alpha of the group.  Every experiments, every termination he’s involved with, is just a little harder to perform as he feels closer to the alpha stein.

This was a very interesting read.  Kee is the largest of the stein.  He is their natural leader.  He watches Ben and knows the other man in not like the scientist that bring pain.  During hours in his cage, he has learned how to speak and understand language.  He knows he and his friends are slated for termination.  He has already lost his lover, of sorts.  But, doesn’t have the words to describe his feelings. Only his fascination with Ben and his feelings of obligation to the other steins keeps him from utter despair.

When Ben and Kee can finally begin to get to know one another, I enjoyed how Harris kept their interaction plausible.  Kee didn’t all of a sudden start using million dollar words and understanding calculus.  His evolution is gradual and Ben misinterprets plenty, before they wind up on the same page.

This is a well-written story that left plenty of room for another addition to the series.  There’s a touch of action, a bit of intrigue and a taste of lovin’.  Highly recommend.