Callum of Drakkar Coven by Leigh Jarrett

13605249Title: Callum of Drakkar Coven

Series: Drakkar Coven #1

Author: Leigh Jarrett

Genre: Paranormal / Erotic Romance / Vampires

Length: Novella (32,000 words)

Publisher: Steambath Press (April 12th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Laramie had grown up listening to stories regaling Lord Callum’s strength and beauty, but also warning of his ferocity and bloodlust. But was it true? Were Lord Callum and his brothers really vampires? Laramie’s first glimpse of Lord Callum set his heart racing, partially out of fear, but mostly out of fascination and Lord Callum took note of that, pleased to have found his next plaything.

Content Information: This book contains graphic depictions of male/male sexual practices, graphic language, and other content that some readers may find objectionable, including vampires, blood consumption, infidelity, and death.

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Review: What happens when your simple life gets disrupted so profoundly you can’t make up from down? What happens when instead of marrying to your betrothed and have a bunch of kids, you end up a pleasure slave for the Lord of the land you live upon? What the Hell happens when said land Lord is a powerful, sadistic, and cruel Vampire who in all rights thinks you’re his livestock?

Well, this story certainly has a horror touch to it with the play of emotions and the glaring turnabout of the human from top of the chain into prime and only food material. I liked the way the author went about this concept here. The logic stand for a fictional character was good and since I like my Vamps bloodthirsty this appealed greatly to me.

However, there were things I’d rather were different. For example, the mutli-PoV’s killed the story for me. As in, literally this book could’ve been a lot better if there wasn’t a different PoV for every character we met. The whole mystery, secrecy of thoughts, and intensity died a miserable death due to the storytelling.

The author makes it up to us though with a very nice and unconventional couple. Remember how I said that the vampire here saw humans as livestock? Yeah, he grew them, helped with the crops and life, but when the population grew and villagers had thoughts about expanding, BOOM, the vamps hit and there was a decrease of the population and no need for expanse expenses. Brilliant as it was, it was quite a bit sinister too. Loved it!

In one such hit Lord Callum’s and his brothers gather nearly 40+ “breeders” from the village down the hill and our dear, dear Laramie, who was planning his wedding in two weeks’ time ends up on Callum’s harem… Yup, you guessed it. Our Lord has a taste for men (it is an m/m read, what’d you expect?). Laramie’s fiancé ends up entertainment as well but for the harem’s boys.

Now what I found incredulous and just didn’t work with me and the whole vapm-visciousness, is the fact that Sarah, the fiancée, remained a nice lovely virgin the entire read… Yeah! I think not!

Laramie however gets fascinated by the cruel Lord and taking the advice of the Harem’s caretaker, he proceeds to take advantage of said fascination, and make himself interesting for the monster that might or might not kill him on a whim. What Laramie didn’t expect though was how well into said monster he was going to get soon once he was introduced to the ins of man on man “lovemaking.”

I liked how the plot went from there on. It was interesting and quite engaging. The corpses all around the place made me think Lord Callum was a real slob, but it made for a creepy feel and well served to terrify pretty much everyone who stepped Callum’s quarters.

Now take care and have in mind that the author uses many things that might make this book unbearable if for example you don’t like scenes that engage in blood play and blood drinking when it comes from a human on human. Or if you’re against “watersport” kinks, you might want to know there is one such scene in the book, which I did find kind of fascinating in the context. Yeah, it was a bit hilarious when it happened, and the why it happened.

So anyway, all in all this book was quite nice, I enjoyed it, would’ve loved if it was better polished of course and if I could hear that scary/creepy music in my head that I usually do when I read dark/horrific books. I do recommend it though. It’s a nice read and quite entertaining.

P.S.: Timothy was one character I did not like how the author spun the tale around. One minute he’s vomiting his guts off from the very idea of having anything to do with a vampire, the next he’s on Oleander’s bed? Nope, didn’t work.


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