Chrysalis Corporation by T.A. Venedicktov

o-chrysalis-corporationTitle: Chrysalis Corporation
Series: Chrysalis Corporation, # 1
Author: T.A. Venedicktov
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: 350 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (November 17, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.75 Hearts
Blurb: Together, they can change the rules of the galaxy and the definition of humanity.

When Damion Hawk is offered an opportunity to escape the destitute life of a miner on Mars and become an elite Alpha Fighter pilot, he jumps at the chance. Within the Chrysalis Corporation, Damion must learn to work with his Core—a man with computerized implants, no human emotions—and no rights. But unlike other Fighters, Damion can’t treat Core 47 as a tool. He sees 47 as more than a machine, and he’ll take deadly risks to help 47 find the humanity inside him.

Fighters and Cores are designed to work together and enhance each other’s strengths in defense of their employer. Damion and 47 will need each other’s support as suspicions about the all-powerful Chrysalis Corporation arise. Someone wants Damion and 47 gone, and they need to find out who and why while hiding 47’s growing emotions and the love forming between them.

If they can succeed, they might save not only themselves, but all Cores enslaved by the Corporation.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-172-7

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the first book in the Chrysalis Corporation series.

Damion Hawk becomes an elite fighter pilot and learns to work with Core 47. I really liked the plot of this book. It intrigued me to the point that I could not put it down until the very end. I didn’t like the fact that the corporation treated the Cores no better than slaves and abused them. That pissed me off.

The character I liked most in this book was Core 47. Despite the life he lives and the way he has been treated he is determined to have a better life. I admired that about him and cheered him on throughout the book.

The mystery in the book was great and had me reading until the end to find out what happens. However this book does end with a cliffhanger so I assume there will be another book to answer unanswered questions that arose.

Now on to what I did not like. Though I liked the overall story I was surprised by all the run on sentences. Was this book edited? If so this should have been caught. I didn’t understand the romance part of this book as it seemed like Damion was twisting things so Core 47 felt he had to have sex with him. That bothered me as I felt at times he was no better than the others who abused the cores.

By the end I was in conflict as to how I felt about this book.

But overall it was an interesting read.

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