Constant by Megan Slayer

25543728Title: Constant
Series: N/A
Author: Megan Slayer
Genre: Contemporary / BDSM
Length: Novella (90 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 21st 2015) Early Download Available June 23rd 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-638-0

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Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book has both good and bad about it.
What I did like was that they were both men that have been hurt by others before. They finally have a shot with each other to have the best of both worlds. They each want a lover and to be able to have a D/s relationship…all with the same person.

They each have someone who understands and will meet their needs, all of them. And the sex between them was decently hot and sexy, but I really expected a little more BDSM element than it had.

This book starts in what feels like almost the middle of the story. When it begins Andrew and Roddy have actually been seeing each other regularly for two years as Dom and sub. There has never been actually sexual intercourse between them.

However after Roddy is seriously feeling the tension from his job as a news producer for the local news he goes to see his Dom, Master Vegas after several weeks. Once there they finally break past their boundaries and have sex. After that things move in at rollercoaster pace.

There is no back story to really explain how the two of them have started to fall for each other. Nothing to explain why Andrew was suddenly willing to change the rules after two years. It just jumped to let’s do this and have a relationship. I felt like I completely missed something.

Plus there are a few other things that I questioned happening. It all left me a little underwhelmed when it was all said and done. However I did still manage to enjoy the story since the two men did work well together.

So not a perfect book, and if you look past certain things, both Andrew and Roddy are nice guys who manage to find someone to spend their lives with.

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