Croc on the Menu by Charlie Richards

Charlie Richards - Croc On The Menu 3d Cover 4378hbp

Charlie Richards - Croc On The Menu Cover 4378hbpTitle: Croc On The Menu

Series: Shifter Regime 04

Author: Charlie Richards

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (109 Pages)

Publisher: eXtasy Books (January 17, 2020)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 4 Hearts

Blurb: Keeping the Peace: A shifter enforcer discovers his mate in a human whose connections make him question Fate’s plan.

As the owner of an authentic Irish pub, Sinjin Gallagher—Jin to his friends—thought he’d seen it all. That all changes when a huge bruiser of a man enters his establishment looking for one of his regulars. To Jin’s surprise, the guy isn’t there to cause trouble…but to stop it. What’s even odder is when he finds himself aroused by the man’s efficiency as he deals with that threat. As a pacifist, Jin doesn’t understand his unexpected desire.

Tideus Solverman runs across information that Councilman Goldstein would be attacked while eating at an Irish pub. As a council enforcer, it’s his duty to stop it. Even with the distraction of the hot pub owner—Jin, his mate—he gets the job done. Realizing his size and abilities intimidate Jin, Tideus still believes with a little patience and the mate-pull, he will prevail. Well, he does until a bit of information comes across his desk—it was Jin who told the rogues when the councilman would be there.

Can Tideus trust in Fate and get the answers he needs, or will he walk away and leave extracting the truth to an impartial enforcer?

ISBN: 978-4874-2867-3

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Jin has had the worst luck with families. His brother is a self-centred asshat who thinks he is entitled to what ever he wanted. He passed that on to his wife and children. Jin has tried to stay away from him but never really makes it far. Then one night at his restaurant someone tries to kidnap another. The sexiest man shows up and things just seem to heat up for him.

Tideus walks in to help the other enforcers and has found his mate. A mate that might just be working with the rogues and helping plan the kidnapping of one of the councilmen. However things are not what they seem.

As always a fascinating tale with some unique shifters. I love the action packed story with a bit of fun times in it. The only issues I have is that you never get the full story. I want to know what happened to his brother and family, but it always stops just when you might get some answers. Other than that it was still a good read.

I enjoyed reading this and look forward to the next story. I can guarantee that it is the type of story that will be read many times over.