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Hi guys! We have Sean Michael popping in today with their upcoming release Daddy Needs A Date, we have a great guest post from Sean and a great new excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

Daddy Needs A Date


Sean Michael

With four girls, single dad Ryan Withers has his hands too full to look for romance. He’s not complaining—he loves his daughter and the three nieces he adopted when their parents died, and he would do anything for them. He’s caught off-guard when his mother and daughter conspire to play matchmaker.

Alex Bernot works in disaster relief, his job taking him all over the world for extended periods of time, helping others. He’s staying with his aunt while he’s home, and she sets him up on a blind date. Finding a special someone isn’t really on his mind, but he goes to make his aunt happy.

Ryan and Alex enjoy each other’s company more than either of them expected, and they soon make a second date. Their lives are complicated, though, in very different ways, and soon family needs and their jobs conspire to pull them apart. They’ll need to figure out how to work through the things keeping them apart, but first they’ll have to decide if they even want to….

Release date: 18th December 2017
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Sean Michael!

Thank you so much to MM Good Book Reviews for hosting me today.

For me, story inspiration can come from anywhere. The most obvious is if it’s for a submission call, because then the call itself becomes the inspiration. But it can also come from a song, or from people watching. Gee, that man was in a hurry, I wonder why. Check out that guy’s wild hair – wouldn’t that be neat on a character? How would it inform him? Really, anything and everything can do the job of getting me started. A lot of times, after the story is done, I couldn’t tell you exactly where the inspiration behind it came from. With Daddy Needs a Date, I can.

The inspiration for this story comes from an online advertisement that BA Tortuga showed me. I can’t remember anymore what the ad was for (I want to say insurance, but I’m not sure). At any rate, in this add, there was a father with four girls of varying ages and they were painting his fingernails. And I thought to myself, “aww, what an amazing dad.”

Ryan sprang to life immediately in my head and I knew he needed a story. He had four girls in tow, and the eldest was a teenager and she insisted that her Daddy needed a date.

I’m not sure where the inspiration for Alex came from, but he wasn’t who I was expecting and the story that I wrote was not the one I had planned to write when I first started it. That’s the beauty of it, though, the characters know what they want and I know better than to deny them or try to fit them into a plot of my choosing. As I like to say – that way lies madness (and writer’s block!)

I hope you enjoy Ryan and Alex’s story. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Sean Michael
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New Excerpt!

ALEX TOOK another sip of his whiskey on ice and glanced at his watch. Ryan was late. Which was annoying because he was only here as a favor to his Aunt Ada. He didn’t do blind dates. Hell, he rarely did dates, liking his downtime to be exactly that. He worked hard when he was overseas, and he preferred to spend his time off doing the things he liked.

When he wasn’t doing paperwork. Which he had been doing all day today, so maybe he was a little more annoyed at not being able to sit in front of the TV and catch up on his movie watching this evening. Of course, that wasn’t this Ryan guy’s fault.

He finished his drink and ordered a second. There were worse ways to spend the evening than relaxing at the bar of one of Ottawa’s best restaurants with good whiskey.

A trim-looking, slender guy walked in, talking away on his phone. He was cute—jeans and a black tee, short wild red curls.

Now if he had a date with that guy, he’d be more than happy to rent a room in a nearby hotel and spend the night seeing how many ways they could make each other scream.

“I mean it. You guys be good. I’ll be home in a few hours.” Mr. Cutie Pie walked up to the bar, ordered a glass of wine, then texted someone.

Alex’s phone beeped at him, and he checked it, then chuckled softly at the text: at the bar, redhead.

Looked like the fuckable redhead was his date after all.

“Hey there,” he said, turning on his stool to face his blind date. “I’m Alex.”

“Oh. Hi. Sorry I’m late. I haven’t been downtown in ages, and I forgot that I needed time to find parking.” One long, lovely hand was held out to him.

He offered his own, and Ryan’s shake was firm, his skin warm, not clammy. It was a good handshake. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Ryan gave him a half smile. “So your mother conned you into this?”

He laughed. “My aunt. You?”

“It was a joint effort.” Ryan rolled his eyes, which were a fascinating mixture of blue and green.

“Well, we’re both here. We might as well enjoy a good dinner, eh?” It was a great restaurant—he’d been told one of the best in the city—and he had to admit he was looking forward to sitting down and eating a decadent meal. Steak. He wanted some meat with fancy sides.

It was meat he missed the most when he was overseas. And he wasn’t having rice for at least a month, maybe a year. Maybe not even until he went back. Of course, that was likely to be long before the year was over.

“Sounds like a great plan.” Ryan chuckled softly, offered him the sweetest smile, and then paid for his wine. “Would you like another drink, or are you good?”

“I’m good. This is my second,” he admitted. He grabbed his tumbler, and they made their way to the hostess, who was ready to seat them—the advantage of eating at eight; most people had already been and gone, and they didn’t have to wait for a table.

“I do apologize for being late. I hate being tardy,” Ryan admitted.

“Good to know it’s not a habit. Some people can’t be on time to save their lives, and I admit, it’s a pet peeve.”

“For me too. Seriously. I’m embarrassed.”

“I could spill my water once we get some, and then we’d be equal in the embarrassment department,” he suggested, testing Ryan’s sense of humor.

“Let’s go for a chocolate mustache during dessert instead.”

“That sounds like a lot more fun. Less wet too.” Lord, he was a dork.

“And way less cold.” Ryan winked at him.

He chuckled, pleased that his sense of humor hadn’t made Ryan wrinkle his nose or frown or get up and walk out.

“I see you’ve got drinks already,” the waitress noted as she stopped at their table. “Did you want anything else with your dinner?”

“I’d like some water, please. In a glass,” he added, giving Ryan a grin.

“Same here.” Ryan was laughing now. Soft, quiet snickers.

They chuckled easily together, and it was neat, having this kind of rapport right from the start.

“Do you know what you want, or do you need a few minutes?” their waitress asked.

“We haven’t even looked at the menu,” Alex admitted. They’d only just arrived at their table, and he’d refused the offer of a menu while at the bar.

“Okay. Take your time, and I’ll bring you those waters and some rolls.”

“Thank you.” Ryan gave her a nod and a smile.

Alex did like politeness in a man. So far, so good. Did that mean he was actually considering seeing this guy again? Yeah, yeah he was.

“I suppose we should look at our menus before we get into the getting to know you part of the evening,” he suggested. He’d hate to have to tell the waitress they still hadn’t done it when she came back.

“Works for me. Have you been here before? Do you know what’s good?” Ryan asked.

“I never have, no—I’m new to the city. But I’ve been told it’s one of the best in town and that everything is good.”

“Ah, well then, I will be daring. I never get fish at home, so I’m going to have the baked haddock.”

“I want meat.” Alex grinned, realizing he was almost drooling. “I’ve been out of the country, and I’ve eaten a whole lot of rice recently.”

“So, I’m dying to know what you do.” Ryan set aside his menu, turning his attention to Alex.

“I run a nonprofit organization that builds schools, homes, roads, and wells in third-world countries. I spend a lot of time overseas.” Or at least he had. He was running out of money, though. He was going to have to rely on the outside emergency relief gigs for now and start fundraising in earnest.

“Oh, very cool. That sounds so exciting! Where did you just come from?”

“Haiti. It’s still in really rough shape. Heartbreaking really. It’s going to be a long time before they don’t need help anymore.” Sometimes the disconnect between being home and ordering a steak dinner and being out in the field was huge. No, not sometimes. It always was, but it was a much larger disconnect when he’d just arrived home.

“I can only imagine. You’re a hero. That’s so cool.”

“I don’t know about that….” He was trying to make up for how his inheritance had been earned in the first place. He hoped his father was rolling over in his grave.

“Well, I think it’s vastly cool.”

He accepted the compliment with a nod of his head. “Thank you.”

The waitress came with the rolls and their water. “Have you decided?”

Ryan ordered first as Alex took a quick glance at the steak section of the menu.

“I’ll take the baked haddock, please, with the potatoes and haricots verts.”

Bingo, there was his favorite. “And I’ll have the filet mignon, rare, along with the roasted potatoes and vegetables, please.”

She wrote on her notepad and asked, “You guys want salad to start?”

“God yes.” He craved fresh greens almost as much as he did a steak. “Garden with balsamic dressing on the side, please.” He looked at Ryan to see whether or not he was going to be crunching on his own.

“I’ll take the strawberry spinach pecan salad, please. That sounds heavenly.”

“Yeah, it does.”

“It’s delicious.” Their waitress put her pad in one of her pockets. “I’ll have the salads out shortly.”

Alex waited until she’d left. “Maybe I’ll sneak a strawberry or a pecan. How do you feel about sharing with strangers?”

“It has been a long time since that sort of thing worried me.”

“Oh?” That was an interesting sentence.

“I live with four little thieves. I can’t remember a meal when someone didn’t want a bite.”

He felt his eyebrows rise up to his hairline. “Four little thieves?” That was an awful lot of dogs. Or cats.

“Yes. My girls—Melanie, Daisy, Daffodil, and Rose. Rose just turned five yesterday.”

“Oh! Kids. Wow.” Four girls. Wow. That was…. Ryan was a father. That was totally unexpected.

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