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Hiya peeps, we have Sedonia Guillone popping in with her newest re-release Danny’s Dragon, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway so enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

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Danny’s Dragon


Sedonia Guillone

A rugged, muscular cop.

A sexy computer genius.

Secret desires.

Brought together by a crime committed on a cold dark night.

From the moment they meet, their lives can never be the same again…

Wild and rugged Dave Pearce is haunted by the demons of his past. He’s done his best to make a life for himself after the devastation of his lover’s suicide years earlier, but the trauma has left its mark on his soul.

Danny Wong is what Dave considers a “nerdy Bruce Lee.” Handsome, refined, out of his league.

But that doesn’t matter.

 Dave believes himself to be dangerous for any man who would love him. So he stays back in the shadows, letting the desire he harbors for the hot grad student remain unrequited.

Danny has demons of his own. Duty-bound to his family’s goals for him, he remains shy and closeted, contenting himself with his secret fantasies about the sexy Irish cop who patrols the campus building where Danny does his graduate work.

Until one freezing winter night…

Leaving the building, fate steps in and their paths cross in a new…deeper way. Neither man can turn back. Danny and Dave must face the demons rearing their heads with full force, or lose their chance at an epic love…

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Dave went through the back entrance of Stata Center and upstairs to the floor where Danny Wong’s office was. Damn. The door was closed and locked. He knocked lightly and waited. No answer. Danny Wong had obviously gone home. Dave had lost his chance until Monday night.

Breathing a sigh, he went back out and around toward the front of the building. A last-second impulse made him hope that maybe Danny had only just left, and Dave could catch him.

Dave turned the corner and froze. His police instincts kicked in when he saw Danny on the sidewalk, handing something to a man who appeared homeless. Danny’s back was to Dave, blocking his complete view of the raggedy-looking guy. But then Danny stepped back, and Dave saw the flash of a knife blade as it caught the light from a streetlamp. Danny was being mugged.

Dave’s adrenaline kicked in and his hand automatically went to his gun, slipping it from its holster.

“Hey!” he yelled, breaking into a run. “Drop your weapon!” He sprinted down the steps, onto the concrete walk, his gun pointed at the mugger.

The assailant turned and broke into a run. Dave lengthened his stride, jumping some low winter-naked bushes. From the size of the guy, he could tackle him easily and arrest him.

Suddenly, Danny stepped in front of him, causing Dave’s gun to be aimed right at his chest.

The movement shocked him, and he halted, lowering the gun on pure instinct.

“Don’t,” Danny said. “Let him go.”

Dave stared at him, his chest heaving, every nerve in his body coiled like a spring. Was this guy nuts? His attention remained riveted on Danny, not only from concern for Danny’s safety but out of shock at the way Danny had come between him and the offender who’d just attacked him. “He mugged you. Now he’s getting away.” Dave looked in the direction the mugger had run, but saw no sign of him. He reached for his radio to call for dispatch. A sudden pressure on his arm caused him to still. Danny’s gloved hand rested on the sleeve of his jacket.

“Let him go. He was just hungry.”

Dave’s jaw dropped, and he stared, wide-eyed. Had he heard correctly? If Danny Wong had landed on a spaceship in front of him, he couldn’t have seemed weirder. Had this guy just walked off a movie set? No one said things like that in real life. Not to a cop anyway.

Dave’s heart still pumped hard from the brief sprint. He was forty-one now. Still in good shape, but not a kid anymore. “You’re lucky you didn’t get killed with that attitude.” He sounded churlish, but he couldn’t help it. His role was to protect people, and he hated when someone didn’t let him do so. Just the way John hadn’t let Dave’s love for him protect him.

Danny was staring at him, his almond-shaped eyes wide and soft. He emanated an inner strength that Dave had never encountered before, something that came from deep inside. “In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says, ‘Only pursue an offender to show him the way’.”

Dave raised his eyebrows. Was this guy for real? Or had he watched too many reruns of Kung Fu with David Carradine? What was he going to say next, I am Kane, I will help you? Dave almost chuckled at his own inner dialogue, but he couldn’t ignore the look in Danny’s eyes, a potent force of something he couldn’t quite identify.

Jesus. Dave raked a hand through his hair. He needed to be running after the mugger, and here he was, actually considering obeying the victim of the crime. What the hell?

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About Sedonia

Sedonia Guillone picAward-winning, multi-published author of erotic romance, SEDONIA GUILLONE spends her days writing deliciously naughty romances—when she’s not cuddling with the man she loves or watching kung fu and samurai films and eating chocolate.

Sedonia welcomes comments from readers.

Sedonia Guillone can be found at:

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