Drive Shaft by Geoffrey Knight

Title:  Drive Shaft

Series:   N/A

Author:  Geoffrey Knight

Genre:   M/M Contemporary

Length:  519 KB (68 pages)

Publisher:   Dare Empire eMedia Productions (August 25, 2010)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts-liked it

Blurb:  Jensen Rivers wasn’t looking for trouble. As the new kid on the block at Clyde’s Body Shop, all Jensen wanted was a job, a place where he could put his head down and ass up. Young and handsome, he was the kind of simple, honest guy who was happiest when he was working hard, with oil smeared across his chest and grease up to his elbows.

But Dean ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson plans on getting more than just Jensen’s hands dirty! Reckless and arrogant, drenched in sweat and dripping with a masculinity that cannot be tamed, Hutch challenges Jensen to a series of perilous night races. The prize: sexual domination!

Night after night, wheels burn, passions flare and the no-holds-barred lust between two testosterone fuelled daredevils ignites. But losing a race is one thing. Losing your heart is something altogether more dangerous.

Will Jensen risk everything to find the love trapped behind Hutch’s fearless façade? Will Hutch bury the secret tragedy of his past before he throws away his last chance at a future?

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Reviewer:   Artemis

Review:  Drive Shaft is a fast paced, aggressive and very sexy short story that provides a rush of adrenaline and some instant gratification.  Jensen has hired on as a mechanic at his Uncle’s auto shop.  Hutch is fellow mechanic and definitely a bit rough around the edges.  He is full of anger and passion and is looking for a little bit of excitement.  The author hints at loss in his past that causes him to push others away, but readers won’t find out til the end of the book exactly what is traumatizing him.

Jensen and Hutch get along like a house on fire and both have a passionate love of a good automobile.  Hutch challenges Jensen to a race with the prize being full control of that night’s loving.  The race is fast, dangerous, and ends in a rush…as does the sex that follows!  A repeat of the race (and the sex) leaves the reader with the understanding that these are BOTH very strong men with a need for control.  The last race is a tad bit different…the race is just as fierce, but Hutch and Jensen are starting to realize that the connection between them is more than just a battle for the winning position.

I really liked this book and think the character development was done very well, especially for a story as short as this one.  While I have little understanding of the mechanics of a car or motorcycle, I could appreciate what fine pieces of machinery they were.  I was a little skeptical that guys with that much pride in their automobiles would treat them quite as aggressively as Hutch and Jensen did, but they certainly knew how to handle them.  If you are looking for a fast paced and aggressive love story, this is certainly a good choice.