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Hi peeps! We have Alex Stargazer stopping by today with his new release Fallen Love, we have a great excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! ❤️ ~Pixie~

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Fallen Love

(Fallen 01)

Alex Stargazer

There are many kinds of monster that walk the Earth. Some are ugly. Others speak beautiful words through forked tongues. But the worst possess the grace of angels, and the hearts of demons.

Upperclassman Conall is rich, impeccably dressed, and set for a prestigious career in the Party hierarchy. He doesn’t lack for anything—except, maybe, love.

When he finds Mark, alone, abandoned and hurt, he doesn’t expect one act of kindness to alter the course of his life forever. There is more to Mark than Conall can even dream of. The beautiful, vulnerable boy Conall knows is not human. A dark power lies within Mark—it can make him immortal… but love might be the price.

Fallen Love has dark magic, sweet romance, and lots of action.

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They call Dublin the City of Angels. Why, I don’t really know; the city is as black as any other in the 26th century European continent. Perhaps it appeals to the Party’s vanity: this is, after all, their crown jewel, their seat of power.

There are no angels here, of course—especially not in the Fallen Quarter. Here the light of the setting sun is pale and weak; the darkness moves swiftly, claiming shadows as its own. I am not welcome here. The night belongs to the mutants: to the creatures that roam the moonlit landscape, their venomous jaws salivating at the prospect of prey.

I curse myself for staying up so late—it’s past 10pm. Still, I cannot bring myself to regret it: Jason’s touch had been so smooth, and his body so seductive against mine. I shiver. Father had warned me that my love of beautiful men would be the death of me—but did I listen? Of course not.

My android guard glides beside me with a disturbing, mechanical gait. It turns its translucent polymer head, the cameras inside its eyes making minute, almost invisible adjustments. Nothing escapes its attention.

Well, almost nothing. I nearly stumble on top of him: he’s so still, I assume he’s asleep, or maybe drunk—just another Fallen or disaffected Worker. The usual Dublin detritus.

For some reason, I pause. Something doesn’t seem right: he doesn’t look like any other vagabond. There’s a grace to him—almost a hint of something divine. There’s blood on his shirt, though he doesn’t appear to be seriously injured. Even in the dim half-light, his hair is shockingly blond, and my hand itches to push it out of his eyes.

I know I should leave. He’s one of the Fallen, for sure; I shouldn’t be helping him. And yet, I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s because of the way he lies prostrate on the hard asphalt, vulnerable as a newborn. Maybe I’m a fool; an idealist in a world of harsh reality. Or maybe—if I were being honest with myself—it’s because he’s so impossibly beautiful.

“Hey? Hey, can you hear me?”

He groans again, louder.

“Yeah,” he mumbles.

“What the fuck are you doing here? And who are you? No, don’t answer that. Here.”

I offer him my hand. He grabs it, and I lift him to his feet. The effort is considerable: he’s big, I realise, the muscles of his shoulders visible through the thin shirt. I wonder who beat him up. Then again—why should I care?

“I guess I should say thanks. Not that you should have bothered.” He laughs bitterly. “I’m dead meat anyway.”

“Who did this to you?”

His smile is chilling. “You don’t want to know that.”

He starts to move away, but I stop him.

“Where are you going?”

“There’s nowhere I can go. I can’t go back there.”

“Go back where?”

“You don’t want to know that either.”

Again I wonder what I’m doing here. Why am I talking to him—even preventing him from running away—when I shouldn’t have looked at him twice?

I don’t have time to answer these questions, because just then, the android raises its head, listening. A moment later, we hear it too.

Hsss-click-click. Hsssss.

“Oh shit,” he says. “Scarabs.”

The android raises its laser, cocks its machine gun, and the green lights in its head instantly turn an ominous red. There’s no more time; I have to make my decision. I grab his hand, and we start to run. Behind us, the monsters follow.

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About Alex!

Alex Stargazer is an author of dark, fantastical tales that snare you in with epic world-building—and keep you reading with funny anecdotes and beautiful love stories. He currently hails from rainy Scotland, but he can be found all over Europe. Since publishing his first novel—the Necromancer—at 14, Alex has released two short stories and an upcoming new novel, named Fallen Love. Sign up to his newsletter to stay up-to-date: https://mailchi.mp/c0a00cf75af3/alex-stargazer-fallen

When not establishing the finer points of magecraft or the peculiarities of dragons, Alex is working hard on getting a Master’s degree in boring topics like economics. In his spare time, Alex enjoys exploring the wilderness of Scotland—though Austria, Italy and the Nordic countries fascinate him most. If he really needs to blow off some steam, Alex will shoot zombies in his favourite shooter, Left 4 Dead 2.

Alex can be found on Twitter @AlexStargazerWE or on Facebook at Alex Stargazer Writes Books. You can also get a free short story on his website: www.alexstargazer.com

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