Familiar Path by A.M. Burns

c36812bc64624025b43cf7548c7d67f9.image.300x450Title: Familiar Path

Series:  Familiar Ways, 01

Author: A M Burns

Genre: Contemporary/Coming of Age

Length: Novel (231 pages)

Publisher: Silver Stream Press (August 17th 2013)

Heat Level: Low (none)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Lugh’s mother packed up and moved them from sunny Florida to tiny Steamboat Springs, Colorado after his father’s accidental drowning. Resigned to his mom having to work a lot, and only just beginning to deal with his dad’s death, Lugh is disappointed when she is called in to work on his fifteenth birthday. After an unnerving dream, he decides to head to the nearby river where he ends up following a strange, urgent, internal pull. When another boy helps him rescue a young cat from the river, Lugh discovers a family secret he never suspected. Now, with his new cousin Abby and their friend Wyn, Lugh must figure out the rules of his new life before the forces that seek to destroy them can get the upper hand. CONTENT ADVISORY: As part of a series, this book contains a HFN ending. Stand by for book two, where the action continues!

Purchase Link: https://silverstreampress.com/familiar-path-ebook-p-1514.html

Review: Lugh moves to a new town and finds out he is Magus (warlock). Had a cat for a familiar and learns more of his powers.

This is a sweet story about coming out and growing up. The familiars are cute and I like how they talk to the magus, I loved the introduction to the characters, there was a bit of mystery.  But, for me the book was very long-winded for a predictable story. The description is beautiful, we do learn a lot about Lugh, and the bond between him and his familiar is adorable. This a great young adult story, sweet, charming with a little mystery.

If you like witches, magic, mystery, cats or animals in general with a touch of romance this is for you.