Fit to Be Tied by Mary Calmes ~ Audiobook

FitToBeTiedAUDLGTitle: Fit to Be Tied
Series: Marshals, #2
Author: Mary Calmes
Narrator: Tristan James
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Law Enforcement
Length: 7 hours and 43 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (12-06-2015)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job: Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and quick temper. In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death, trust means everything. But every relationship has growing pains, and sometimes Miro stews about where he stands with his fiery lover. Could the heartstrings that so recently tied them together be in danger of unraveling?

Those new bonds are constantly challenged by family intrusions, well-intentioned friends, their personal insecurities, and their dangerous careers—including a trial by fire when an old case of Miro’s comes back to haunt them.

It might just be enough to make Ian rethink his decision to let himself be tied down, and Miro can only hope the links they’ve forged will be strong enough to hold.

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: US Marshalls Ian Doyle and Miro Jones have transitioned to partners, both on and off the job, fairly easily. The problem they face isn’t hiding their relationship, their boss Sam Kage is fully aware as are most of their other co-workers. The bump in the road is their divided views on marriage.

Miro wants to put a ring on it, he wants people to see that band on Ian’s finger and know that is spoken for, that he belongs to someone already. He wants the house, the 2 car garage, maybe even kids. Ian, however, does not. He feels that they are already committed and promised to each other, why do they need rings and a piece of paper.

Unfortunately for them, the bad guys don’t seem to want to take a day off. They are stuck on cases, stakeouts, teaming up with other law enforcement to catch a few of said bad guys and then Ian gets deployed. At this point in the story, there is some serious comic relief when Miro takes Chickie to the vet (for those unfamiliar Chickie is Ian’s BIG dog that people often mistake for a wolf) and gets held up at gun-point when leaving the clinic.

Hilarity ensues, and I now know that was just to give us a breather for what was coming. A case Miro worked when he was still a detective that left him with permanent scars, both inside and out, resurfaces. And the killer is coming back for the one that got away.

This book was emotional, hysterical, intense and passionate. Ian and Miro may not agree on the whole getting married thing, but the one thing that is never in question is their love and commitment to one another. They argue and debate the pros and cons of marriage like two grown men that would discuss an issue, but there is absolutely zero angst, thank god! The banter back and forth between them is hysterical, definitely some comic relief going on throughout.

Even when Miro is in the clutches of Mr. Crazy, he still comes up with dry, witty comebacks. There was so much growth in this story from both sides. Their relationship has always been a series of give and take, very supportive of each other regardless. Ian comes to realize that all the reasons he had for not getting married aren’t as important as he thought they were. While Miro has to learn that even if he can’t be Ian’s partner at work, Ian will still want to come home to him, to lean on him.

Narrated by Tristan James, lord I love this man’s voice. There were a lot of characters in this story and James made sure that every character had their own voice. Doyle’s New Yorker accent is amazing and cracks me up. Miro is the usually level-headed tone that occasionally loses that well maintained control.

What I find most intriguing is Sam Kage. I have to wonder if James didn’t listen to the Matter of Time series that was narrated by another great voice over artist, Paul Morey. Because the voice he uses for Sam Kage is almost identical to the way Morey’s voices the character. The marriage of Mary Calmes and Tristan James is perfectly flawless, in my opinion.

If you are a fan of cop stories, intense and emotional reads, men that fight hard and stop at nothing to get their GD happy ever after… you really should consider this series. If you haven’t either read or listened to the first book, you have to start there, this is a continuation. Definitely worth a listen.

Side note: I adore Chickie! I want one!!!

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