Flying Solo by Susan Mac Nicol

flyingsoloTitle: Flying Solo
Series: Men of London, #6
Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 173 pages
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (January 28th 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Flight attendant Maxwell Lewis has spent years cultivating a bon vivant image only to find he finally wants something more—and that something more includes the never-does-repeats game designer Gibson Henry.


Maxwell Lewis is proud of the life he’s made. Having turned tragedy into triumph, he’s now a beloved member of a Target Airlines cabin crew with more than his fair share of attention both in the air and on the ground. But lately he’s wanted something more than the occasional hook-up or sometime sex buddy—particularly after meeting game designer and passenger Gibson Henry.

Talented and driven, Gibson has built a company ready to be the next big thing in gaming. Devoted to his work, he takes onetime pleasures where he find them and never does repeats…which is what he tells handsome, sexy Maxwell Lewis after a little mile-high flight attendance. But a chance encounter in a London club is about to change things forever.

Two men, one who’s flown solo and another who’s only ever played alone, are about to find that at some point all games come to end, it’s time to bare your heart and try for love.

ISBN:  9781944262129

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: The last couple of books in the ‘Men of London’ series have been intense and extremely emotional. Not saying there aren’t some intense and emotional moments in this story, wouldn’t be Susan Mac Nicol otherwise, but this book is definitely lighter and I laughed a lot while I was reading it. I am left wondering if this would be a reprieve. Is the next book going to gut me?

Fans of the series will remember Maxwell from book 3, Suit Yourself, as Oliver’s ‘when I’m in town’ hook-up. Well, Max is still flying solo, but he finds himself wanting something more than just random, one time hook-ups. Seeing his old friend Oliver so happy and in love stirs something in Max, making him want to have someone to come home to, someone to love.

Gibson Henry is a computer tech whiz that designs games and software. He too is a onetime only random hook-up kind of guy. He catches Max’s attention on a flight and the two share a mutual hand job in the latrine. The flame flickers out before the plane touches ground… or does it?

When Max and Gibson run into each other in a club, the chemistry is definitely still there. What started out as a ticket to the mile high club becomes something more. Friends with benefits start dating, then those pesky feelings get involved and both men are in foreign territory.

What a great addition to this series. I seriously had a smile on my face almost the whole time. Max is a bit of a Diva, and Gibson is this adorable geek. The two of them together can really be a hot mess at times, but they realize pretty early that there is something more between them, something they want to fully explore and enjoy.

When Max gets sick, Gibson takes care of him. When Gibson gets bad news from home, Max drops everything to fly to his hometown with him and stands by his side. It’s not until the past infiltrates their future that the real challenge emerges.

The prologue was intense and a bit dark, but from there the story was evenly paced and flowed well from one situation to the next. The characters were identifiably flawed and the story had depth and meaning.

If you love a good romance with charisma, charm and sarcastic wit… you have got to read this book. I would suggest reading the series in order because the characters circle through every story; but this book could stand on its own as well.

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