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Hey guys, today we bring you C.R. Guiliano and her newest release For You (out tomorrow!), so C.R. is visiting us and has brought along her giveaway where you can win a copy of For You. So see what C.R. has to say, read the review and leave a comment… Oh and don’t forget to visit the other blogs on the tour to increase your chances of winning! Hugs ~Pixie~

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C.R. Guiliano: Reading –

Honestly, when I was younger, I’d read anything I could get my hands on, from classics, to horror. But, as I grew older, my tastes became more refined. Not that I’m limiting myself to any one type, but I have favorites now that I stick to.

Fantasy is one of them. I read all kinds of fantasy, and I write it as well. I am a Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia, Dragonrider’s of Pern fan, just to name a few. As far as writing fantasy, I let my imagination go wild and think about what kind of story I would like to read, and then create it.

Science Fiction is also a favorite and I’ve dabbled writing in that genre also. It’s not quite as easy to write, what with all the techno-speak that’s usually splattered everywhere. I mostly read it.

I enjoy most paranormal stories, even the ones “based on true events”. They are fascinating, and I’ve caught myself more times than not wishing such creatures and worlds existed. I love writing those kind of stories as well.

Gay Erotic Romance is my ultimate favorite and I have dozens, upon dozens of stories in the works in that genre. I include all my other favorites as a sub-genres in those same stories.

So, does my reading influence my writing? Absolutely. It’s easiest to write what you love to read. The only pitfall I will not allow myself to fall into, is reading someone else’s story and wondering how I would have written it differently. That is just frustration waiting to happen. I read the stories to enjoy them, be touched by them, to gush and share them with my friends. Not to dissect them and make them fit my own unique mold. Besides, how they were written is the way they should have been, and not for me to wonder.

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About the author:

CR Guiliano is an avid reader, which logically morphed into the love of writing. She writes in many genres, but is most happy writing the love between two men (or more!). She makes them work hard for their HEA and considers herself an expert in angst. CR finds her favorite form of writing is in serials, where she can continue to write about characters who have captured her heart and she hopes to have captured her readers’ as well.

You will usually find CR cuddled up to her laptop creating stories to entertain, inspire, and bring your emotions to the surface. CR has a huge warren of plot bunnies that is growing every day, and can’t wait to fill out each story idea and share them all with her readers.

CR was proudly nominated in the Goodreads Best Anthology Nominations and was thrilled to be included with the many talented writers from the same anthology.

CR is a committed advocate for the GLBTQ community and does her best to change society’s attitudes, one mind at a time. You can learn more about CR Guiliano and her stories at the following locations, and feel free to drop her line as she loves to hear from anyone interested in her or her writings:

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C.R. Guiliano - For You2Title: For You

Author: C.R. Guiliano

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (70pgs)

ISNB: 978-1-62798-564-2

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (10th March 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Graham and Jeremy’s first meeting sparks an explosive and passionate relationship that proves opposites attract. However, as time wears on, their differences cause a lot of strain between them.

Jeremy, a first grade teacher and softball coach, is deeply closeted and sees no way out of the darkness. Graham is out and proud and doesn’t understand Jeremy’s fear at revealing his sexuality. After four years of trying to balance the differences, Graham leaves.

Jeremy is heartbroken, knowing that the love they feel is the real thing. He knows he’s the one who needs to change, but old habits are hard to break. He’ll need support from friends and family to make things right with Graham, but most of all he’ll need to find strength within himself to be honest about who he really is.

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Review: When Jeremy and Graham first meet the sparks fly and they begin a passionate and loving relationship. Graham is out and proud but Jeremy is deep in the closet, their relationship suffers as the strain on Graham hiding his love becomes too much and after three years together he can no longer take it. Jeremy knows that the only way to get Graham back is to come out of the closet but his fears holds him tight, can Jeremy face his fears and admit his true self to his friends and family or is the fear he feels stronger than his love for Graham?

This is a great story of two men finding a perfect love but who are driven apart by the fears of one of them. The story switches from the past to the recent past and the present; it also switches perspectives between Graham and Jeremy so we can see both sides of the story clearly. Graham is a wonderful man who is out and proud, he is loving and affectionate and knew getting involved with a closet case might be a mistake but he can’t resist the sexy man. Jeremy is sweet and gentle and deeply in the closet, growing up with a bigoted family has him fearing coming out and when you add in that he teaches first grade he is terrified of losing his job. Their relationship suffers as Jeremy refuses to even acknowledge Graham in the outside world and won’t even consider relaxing around Graham’s family, but Graham’s had enough and Jeremy has some serious soul searching to do.

This really is a lovely story of true love, acceptance and conquering fears. We feel for both Jeremy and Graham as we see the full story unfold before us, we understand Graham’s frustration and hopelessness and we sympathise with Jeremy’s fears. You have to admire a man who won’t let go of his convictions no matter how hard and painful it is and Graham is such a man, walking away from Jeremy and trying to get on with his life was admirable but you know his heart shattered every day. Jeremy let his fear rule him and even though it broke his heart when Graham left him he couldn’t overcome the fear, but taking a chance might just lead to many surprises.

Seeing Jeremy and Graham together and finally getting their happy ever after was wonderful but it was the love they had for each other even while going through the hard times that shines through. They never gave up on their love or became resentful; they really hoped that the other would find the love they deserved even while it tore them to pieces. When Jeremy finally weighs up his love against the fears you breathe a sigh of relief and when he forces himself past those fears it is brilliant. I really loved Graham because he never threw it in Jeremy’s face; he just let it go and moved on accepting the second chance they got.

I recommend this to those who love contemporary romance, an intense love that won’t be forgotten, understanding and forgiveness, overcoming fears for love and a very happy ending.