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Hi guys! We have M.J. Calabrese stopping by today with her new release For Your Entertainment, we have a great exclusive excerpt and a fantastic $20 Amazon GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Mel~

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For Your Entertainment

(Songs of Love 02)

M.J. Calabrese

The life of rock star, Dorian Gray and his lover, award winning film director Scott Newland, has been filled with highs and lows. Their love has transcended drug addiction and insecurities, but will it survive another’s revenge against Dorian? 

Lead singer Dorian Gray, whose real life as David Niewitski is far different from his stage persona. Dorian is sensual, brazen and bold. Tall and handsome, he commands the stage. David has the voice of an angel and with his band, Absinthe, he reaches the top, but his personal life is a roller coaster of drug addiction, insecurities and a long-term relationship he fights to hold onto. 

Scott Newland, award winning film director, has known David since they were children. They became lovers in their teens and eventually marry. He loves his husband, but tries to protect David’s deaf mother and loving father from their son’s self-destructive personality. David’s head strong personality, drug addiction, and his need to control places them all in danger.  

This story shows the progression of these two men from friends to lovers and a backstage look at what a rock star faces onstage and off. As David would say, “My Name is Dorian Gray and I’m here For Your Entertainment.”

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M.J. Calabrese - For Your Entertainment promo


August 31, 2019 evening

“Scott.” The deep male voice behind him woke him from his revelry. “They want us to go home now and get some rest if we can. We can come back early.”

Scott squeezed the cool fingers of his husband’s left hand. He hated that they’d cut his ring off his fourth finger. It didn’t look right. That ring had been a fixture for the past six years on that hand. Not many people knew the gold band with platinum inlay was a wedding ring. They decided to keep that fact quiet for the sake of Davey’s career more than his. As time went on, the secret about the ring was more about keeping this small piece of themselves private and that seemed important to them both.

“I don’t want to go, Oscar. I’ll stay. I don’t want him to be alone.”

David’s father, Oscar, leaned down and wrapped his arms around the younger man’s shoulders. “They said they are going to bring in some equipment for tomorrow. That we really shouldn’t be here for that. I don’t want to drive Betty all the way home, so I was hoping we could stay at the house.”

Scott sighed before giving David’s hand a squeeze. He stood and leaned over the bedrail as he had for the past month to kiss his husband’s temple and whisper his plea.

“Please, wake up, Davey. For me, for your Mom and Dad. Please, wake up, babe. We love you. Please.”

Scott waited a moment, praying silently to see the flutter of an eyelid or feel the twitch of a finger, anything that would give him hope.

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About M.J.!

M.J. Calabrese LogoMy mother now regrets her fateful words she offered the day I came home from our small town library in Palm Springs, California (yes, I’m a Cali girl) complaining that there were no more books to read. “Then why don’t you write some.”

My father never saw his old Remington portable until I entered college and they gifted me an IBM Selectric. By then I had produced at least two dozen unpublishable novels which make me cringe when I read them today.

I found inspiration in innumerable odd jobs (from migrant work as a Date palm pollinator to the person who cleans the washing machines at the launderette to professional Dominatrix) for stories. After a stint in Rehab for Alcohol and Heroin abuse (so when I write those scenes, I know what I’m talking about), I cleaned up and have stayed that way for 29 years. (Me and Sir Elton, LOL). My gypsy lifestyle gave me a unique perspective on the different people who inhabited the Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, and New Mexico areas where I have lived.

After 3 very bad marriages to men, I finally figured out what was wrong and fell in love with a woman when I lived in Portland, OR 23 years ago. We’ve been married since 2008 (yes it was legal in California at that time). We now live in Asheville, NC and love the people in this liberal and accepting corner of the mountains of North Carolina.

To learn all about my upcoming releases, news, and specials, please follow or like me at any of the following links!

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M.J. Calabrese - For Your Entertainment 3d Promo


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