Graphic Intentions by Randi Harmon

GraphicIntentions_100dpi_cvrTitle: Graphic Intentions
Author: Randi Harmon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (65 pages)
ISBN: 9781925180190
Publisher: Wilde City Press (October 22, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Zane
Blurb: Scarred by past events, Scott and Derek find each other when neither is looking for a partner. Can they discover a way to battle their inner demons together rather than alone?

Scott Delaney, a graphic novelist suffering from writer’s block, discovers his elusive inspiration in Derek Reinhart, but he finds himself interested in him for more than just breaking down the wall of his writer’s block.

Derek isn’t looking for a relationship, but is intrigued by something beyond Scott’s graphic artwork.
While each is thinking the other is straight, neither acts on the attraction until a loudmouth bigot confronts them.

Sparks fly as they begin exploring this new side of their relationship, but can their new passion overcome each of their haunting pasts?

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Review:  I love my broody broken men; that’s my reader’s kink and absolutely the reason I liked this story from the start. I’m not crazy about insta-love, but insta-lust? Bring it on! Scott and Derek were hot for each other from first glance, and that had me all kinds of hot for them. Although

I shook my head at their astonishing lack of gaydar, once that issue was resolved the two were sizzling. That heated sexual tension that overrides everything else in life was ever present, and it put me in a state of anticipation (along with them, of course) almost immediately.

This is not what one would call an easy read. There is angst, self-doubt and self-recrimination deep within both Scott and Derek that pervades the whole story. There is also a glimmer of hope that comes from each of them finding their outlet in creativity, and ultimately each other.

The depths of their inner turmoil allowed for empathy. I wanted them to face their demons, to find absolution and solace together. It also paved the bumpy road to their HEA. I was so glad for that HEA, though. And the sex. Of course the sex. Did I mention it was hot??

At book’s end, I was struck with the thought that I would have loved more of Derek and Scott. A bit of a longer story with some more detail would have definitely amped things up. That being said, for a short read the emotion, depth of character and story was impressive.

If you are like me, and broody, broken, sexy men are your thing, grab this one up and introduce yourself to Scott and Derek. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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