Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox

17973209Title: Handsome Hero Wanted

Author: James Cox

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica

Length: Short (70pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (24th May 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit – Scorching

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Five men.

One harem.

Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males is growing on him, and the king is having a hard time picking just one.

Who will be the king’s handsome hero?

Be warned: ménage sex (MMMMMM), BDSM, rimming, m/m sex, orgies.

Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/handsome-hero-wanted-by-james-cox/

Review: Drayton is looking for a high paying job so he can fix his old space ship, traveling to Falla to try out for an unspecified job looks promising. He is slightly surprised about what the job entails but really needs the money, so he strips off hoping to be chosen for the harem of the Falla King. He has to compete with four other species to see who will be chosen to help produce an heir, but the attraction felt between all the men might make it difficult to follow the rules.

Okay that was, wow, just let me catch my breath, damn that story was hot. Drayton needs money fast so he answers an ad, he ends up on Falla competing to be the one chosen, but getting to know the other members of the harem has him being less interested in winning the kings eye and more interested in one of his fellow competitors. This is a really hot story with multiple interesting characters, Drayton, Ranix (King), Lavender, Layden, Dusk and Ashthor, each male is unique and sexy and they all certainly burn up all the pages.

This is a perfect book if you are looking for sci-fi flavored erotica, steamy sex scenes, and a hard-on on nearly every page. Drayton finds much more than he was looking for and I have to say he is a very lucky man, this is definitely the book to read if you want to overdose on hot sex.  tumblr_mnxl2v8XO01sn288eo1_500

6 thoughts on “Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox

    1. Whats not to enjoy, hot men, loads of smoking hot sex and more smoking hot sex!

  1. James Cox is a new-to me Author & I was so impressed, I bought 2 of his Books, “Handsome Hero Wanted” & “A Rampant Hunger”. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet because I’m just finishing up 2 other Books….but these Books are already making my Kindle sooooo HOT!!!! 😉
    Pixie, your review for “Handsome Hero Wanted” was Great, definitely prepares the Readers that their juices will be flowing & blood burning from the HEAT!!!! 😉 I can’t wait!!! 😉
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’)

    1. PaParanormalFan, James Cox always hits the hot and horny spots 🙂 don’t miss his Manlove at the End of the World series that is one steamy series 😉


      1. OMG James, making you blush???? LOL I just started your Book, “Handsome Hero Wanted” & you’re making me have to get a cold shower!!!!! 😉 I just couldn’t wait any longer to start, even though I wasn’t finished the novels I’m reading…..your books were just calling to me…read me, read me….ROFL….now my central air conditioning isn’t bringing my body temperature down. WooHoo you have my Kindle Sizzlin’ & my thighs clenchin’ 😉 Ohhhhh I’m sooooo Bad!!!! 😉
        Pixie I’ll definitely take your recommendation & pick up his End of the World Series as well. I’ll have to pace myself though or I’ll run out of batteries! ROFL Wow I’m really Naughty tonight! 😉 LOL
        Take Care & Sending Some Naughtiness Your Way 😉
        PaParanormalFan (Renee’)
        paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

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