Here I Am by Evelyn Shepard

es_mt1_iamhere_coverinTitle: I Am Here

Author: Evelyn Shepherd

Genre: LGBT M/M/M Apocalyptic

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (October 30, 2012)

Heat level: Explicit

Heart rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Sawyer never it saw it coming. He never expected Jesse to finally respond to him. He never expected the meteors to take out LeVeque tower. He never expected an old woman to try to eat his face off.

Sawyer thought that when he went into work that night it just be another boring evening at the bookstore. But the impromptu quickie in the bathroom is just the beginning. Sawyer, with his gorgeously infuriating boss Jesse, his best friend Chloe and her little brother Jaden are in for more than a boring night.

The undead are rising up and they will have to find their way through the aftermath. With the aid of Jesse’s wryly sexy ex-lover/best friend Topher, they will attempt to head south to find a safe haven in a world turned to bedlam. But with the government keeping secrets and the infected turning, it’ll prove that the nightmare is far from over.

As Sawyer struggles to come to terms with his new world, he’ll also face the conflicting truth that he is in love with not one, but two, men.

It leads him to ask life’s great question: can you find love in a zombie apocalypse?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/m), violence.

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Reviewer: Heart

Review:  As a big zombie fan who had a positive experience with one other book from this author, I had to see what I Am Here was all about. An attractive cover and particularly three men on it, worked like a charm and as soon as I got it, I jumped into the zombie apocalypse.

Sawyer works in a bookstore and has the hots for his boss Jesse. Their attraction comes to its peak on the night when there is a meteor shower everyone else just has to see, but instead of solving their boss/employee relationship they end up defending themselves from biting old ladies and the still walking dead. The action, both plot related as well as the sexual, starts right away, and before you know it, you have two guys who are crazy about each other killing zombies. Personally, I really like fast paced stories with well-developed fight scenes and well thought through plot, both of which I found here.

As they run, they rescue Sawyer’s best friend, Chloe and her little brother and eventually meet up with Topher, Jesse’s ex and still a very good friend.

The ménage itself develops rather late and even then I thought it lacked the chemistry which was obvious between Sawyer and Jesse as well as Sawyer and Topher. It’s really hard to incorporate romance into something as gore filled as a zombie story and there were plenty of times where I either noticed the inconsistencies or rolled my eyes at inappropriate situations where the main characters decided to have sex. I suppose it’s a curse when you watch as many zombie related movies/shows as I do, to pick apart each action and pay attention to details.

Anyway, my main issue here was the amount of sex, which frankly pulled me out of this fast paced story. I feel there’s just no room for it when each minute is danger filled and you’ve just spent your day killing people you used to know and actually still have their blood in your hair and clothes.

Sawyer as a character was someone I liked the least. He had his good moments and I do like bratty characters, but his outbursts seemed more acted out than a part of his personality. Topher was my definite favorite and I can’t get over how little there was of him in the story as well as the relationship. Maybe its partially just my impression because I liked him so much, but the story had involved him to a bigger extent.

As apocalypses go, this was a good one. From losing your loved ones, to military involvement it probably falls under ‘classic’ category, but the author has a flair for action and it shows. So if you lack zombies in your life, pick this up and read about what’s it like to find yourself surrounded by people who want to eat you and all the imaginative ways how to escape that fate.