Hidden: Dimensions by Jo Tannah

Title: Hidden: Dimensions

Series: Hidden 02

Author: Jo Tannah

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy

Length: Novella (152 pages)

Publisher: eXtasy Books (August 4, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: When past and future cross over in a hidden dimension, decisions need to be made.

Up and coming fashion designer John Sanderson can’t pass on the dream commission of designing the attire of the entire wedding party of a wealthy client. The catch is that he must stay at their isolated country estate for the duration of the project, even when things start to become strange.

Samuel has been waiting a long time for John’s return. He lost him a long time ago when an angry man cast him out of this dimension on a whim. Now he has the chance to make things right and claim what is his.

Caught between the past and the future, John finds himself straddling two dimensions and faced with a decision. Will Samuel’s love for John be enough to keep him safe no matter what he decides?

ISBN: 978-1-4874-1215-9

Product Link: eXtasy Books | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This was a strange yet interesting read. John is suddenly thrust into a weird sense of time as he takes a job that will take a month to complete. All the while there are certain elements that come into play that leave reader wondering what is going on, what is real, what is in the past.

Samuel I could never figure out exactly what he was. The description given did not help much either. So I was at a loss as to what he was. But, I still adored the two of them. It seemed that every time the two came together something or someone was trying to tear them apart.

Loved the details, mystery and characters in this story. So far I have only read two books in this series and neither are connected.

Great read.