Hired Muscle by Hank Edwards

22723592Title: Hired Muscle

Author: Hank Edwards

Genre: Historical (1941)

Length: Novella (80 pages)

ISBN: 9781311824325

Publisher: Hank Edwards books (July 10th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Barry waits tables at DuMochelle’s, where he meets mob boss Giovanni Lombardi’s bodyguard, Vinnie. Passion sparks between Barry and Vinnie. However, it isn’t long before Vinnie’s dangerous lifestyle threatens not only their chances for happiness, but also their very lives.

In October 1941, the violence of Baltimore’s warring mob families is escalating. The danger has decimated many of the businesses around DuMochelle’s restaurant where Barry waits tables. When a mob family begins to frequent the restaurant, a romantic relationship develops between Barry and Vinnie, a guard for the family. Vinnie resists, fearing for Barry’s safety and concerned that Barry will want nothing to do with him if he finds out the details of Vinnie’s role in the family. But their passion cannot be denied, and Vinnie is trapped between the love he wants and the only life he’s known. As the rival mob family moves in for the kill, Vinnie and Barry find themselves caught in the crossfire.

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Review: Barry is a waiter at a posh restaurant. It is a time when the gang wars are prevalent. A gangster comes in with his entourage and Barry is smitten by Vinnie.

Vinnie can’t read and is very big so he feels all he can do in life is be a bodyguard for a notorious gangster. Besides once you’re in there is no way out. Or is there?

This is a great historical romance set in the 1940’s. I loved the old-time gangster feel. I love both Vinnie and Barry. Though Vinnie is a bodyguard and obviously kills or hurts people for a living, Hank did a very good job of making him likeable. I would have liked to have known more about Barry the main character and teller of the story.

If you like historical romances set in the 1940’s, gangsters, bodyguards, waiters and a fun, sexy, romance, this is for you.