His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Domination

817qMUzPRiL._SL1500_Title: His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Domination

Series:  N/A

Author: Cherry Dare, Isabel Dare, Calandra Hunter, Lyla Luray, Dawn South

Genre: BDSM/Dubious Consent/Anthology

Length: Anthology/Short Stories (83 pages)

Publisher: Cayenne Press (October 29th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:
♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Five smoldering tales of gay submission and domination! Five best-selling erotica authors bring you their hottest gay historical stories of desires that cannot be denied.

From ruthless sultans, cruel emperors, and barbarian war chiefs, to captive warriors, arrogant princes, and thieves caught in the act, some men must dominate…, and some men must submit.

83 pages of sizzling sensuality! These stories are available only in this collection.

“Captured by the Sultan,” by Cherry Dare. A tale too hot for the Arabian Nights! When a young jewel thief is captured in the sultan’s bedchambers, the sultan makes him an offer: he can face the consequences for his crimes, or he can spend one night doing everything he can to please the dominating sultan!

“Caught by Scylla,” by Isabel Dare. A beautiful but arrogant prince sails too close to the lair of the legendary Scylla. The monstrous being’s slick tendrils caress the humiliated prince everywhere, while an entire ship full of sailors watches!

“Bound for Pleasure,”
by Calandra Hunter. When the Roman commander Titus is captured by barbarian war chief Brinno, Titus uses his body to barter for his freedom. Titus thinks his only desire is to escape, but will he change his mind when he experiences the pleasures of submission for the very first time?

“He Whom the Gods Love,” by Lyla Luray. Hades, the god of the underworld, burns with frustration while his wife Persephone is away. So his lusty brother Poseidon arranges an encounter with a gorgeous young man, Lysander. Pierced by love’s arrow, Lysander experiences his first time in Hades’s powerful arms!

“The Emperor’s Pet,” by Dawn South. When Cornelius is imprisoned by the Roman emperor, he finds solace in bonding with the other captives. But they must all publicly perform for the emperor’s pleasure… and Cornelius’s new friends must break him in!

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: As most anthologies go, there are always some stories that stand out more than others do. As a whole, this was a worthwhile read, but two stood above the others for me, Bound for Pleasure by Calandra Hunter and Captured by the Sultan by Cherry Dare.

Bound for Pleasure is a sure winner just because it features a Roman warrior and a barbarian, I mean, come on sexual tension and reluctant submission turned hot passion! I can’t blame him for not wanting to escape after those hot encounters! And everyone loves a fairytale prince, or sultan, and he’s wicked smart too! Tempting a tricky and elusive cat burglar into his bed is easy and sexy in the end!

All the stories seem to contain the usual light-hearted, sexy BDSM fare, with the exception of Caught by Scylla by Isabel Dare. Being captured by a sea monster, a scary tentacled molestation turned orgasm filled encounter…that one was one of the most creative yet not quite convincing scenes for me! I pondered that one for quite a while afterward!

Fun short reads to put a grin on your face and a flush on your cheeks.