In Search of a Story by Andrew Grey

InSearchofaStoryLGTitle: In Search of a Story

Series: N/A

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 31st, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: He’s searching for a story but finds so much more.

Brad Torrence is next on the chopping block at the newspaper where he works. Hungry for any source he can find, he runs across an ad in the classifieds: For Sale: Nursery Items, Never Used. It’s the lead he’s been looking for. Thinking a piece about the loss of a child will give him the edge he needs to keep his job, Brad follows up. He doesn’t expect a single man to answer.

Rather than being offended, Cory Wolfe finds sharing the story of his grief and pain liberating. He’s even surprised by the spark that strikes, and one story leads to another.

Brad digs into his stories and Cory’s life, eager to know everything about the man who’s caught his attention. But when a lead points him to the hospital where Cory works, he unearths a mystery that might have been safer left buried. Brad’s search for a story could prove deadly….

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Review: Brad is in a slump. He’s a damn good writer, but the journalistic part of him hasn’t exactly caught up with the rest and now his editor is plain and simple giving him one last chance. No stress right? He needs one good story to keep his job and he’s not even thinking of the next good one to continue on the line. The present only matters and when a classified ad hits his eye, he jumps at the opportunity. The ad says an entire nursery is for sale brand new, never used…

Cory once had a dream. He dreamed of being a father, he dreamed of having a family. Now, he has nothing. Mourning for his loss for months, now he needs to move on. His family insisting that keeping the nursery is not good for him. What he didn’t imagine though, was that the reporter searching for a story would be his healing stone. Talking to him and telling his story was the first step. But, finding intimacy in this incredibly cute, understanding and absolutely hot man, made all the difference.

While Brad got his story, he also got Cory in his life and that life never seemed better than now. Leads to other stories keep him busy at work and a growing intimacy keeps his feelings expending in his private life. But, things get in their way quickly enough; as fast as they fell into a relationship, that fast everything might come to an end.

I loved this story. It was very sweet, very romantic and it actually had quite some suspense, albeit smooth and not extremely intense. But, I found it perfect. The plot itself was anything but boring and while it seemed at first as yet another reporter going for a story and finding love kind of stereotype, it wasn’t. Yes, our main character did find love, but he sure had to work for it by the end of the book. I was glad that the plot didn’t stop at Cory’s story. I was very glad that Brad on his side kept moving on searching and digging stories while at the same time trying to make his life and relationship work at the same time. I was extremely glad that the things that came in their way and gave their relationship hardship were not mundane things or things that have been told over and over again.

This book has a really fresh air about it and besides being built rather nicely, besides have an ongoing plot with new elements along the ride, besides having a very sweet and romantic love-story; it also had a way of taking you along with it. I think I tried stop reading at some point and I simply couldn’t put this down and I was shocked how much immersed I was in the book without even seeing it coming.

It was not hard to do so though. The writing was good and the characters were beyond charming. Cory’s character was fantastic. Even though young – only twenty-six years old – Cory had already achieved things in his life. Becoming a doctor really young and knowing exactly what he wanted from his life. I loved him instantly, but I liked him more the farther I kept reading. He was quite real for me, even if he jumped a bit from mourning to loving in a very fast period of time. And Brad, well what not to love from a character with his will power. Even in his most vulnerable time, he was quite adorable and the way he evolved and grew in this book was quite fascinating. I think this was one of the sweetest book characters I’ve read, and even though I don’t do sweet, I couldn’t help but be wooed by this couple.

The end of the book as you can imagine was a clear HEA and when you read the book you probably instantly know how it’s going to end. Still I think I was surprised a bit by it nevertheless. A good surprise, a happy surprise, an “I wish people were more like them” kind of surprise. Loved it, and if you’re in search for a sweet, romantic read with a bit of action then you should definitely give this one a try.


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