Incendiary by Carole Cummings, 2nd edition

71EqVQhDVkL._SL1350_Title: Incendiary
Series: Wolf’s-own 04
Author: Carole Cummings
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: Novel Plus (310 pages)
Publisher: DSP Publications (21st April 2015)
Heat Rating: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Incendiary. Catalyst. Once-Untouchable. Fen Jacin-rei has already changed worlds. So why can’t the gods just leave him alone? Why can’t everyone?

His sanity once more in question, Fen finds himself faced with the reality of what the gods wants from him this time. And with Malick suddenly unavailable, Fen will have to face it alone.

…Or maybe not.

Old enemies and new allies seek “Kamen’s Untouchable” and it’s going to take everything Fen’s got to figure out which ones are which. And it’s going to take perhaps more than Fen’s got to figure out which ones are even real.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-792-7

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Reviewer: Pixie

Review: This is the 2nd edition and there are no changes from the 1st, but does have the short story Wolf’s-own Rapport as a bonus at the end.

This story picks up where Koan left off, so obviously you need to read the entire series, and yes I am being serious, this is not a series that can be picked up in the middle. Fen finds himself in the middle of the biggest fight for his life and sanity than anything that has come before (honestly everything before will look like a slight headache and a bit of an itch), Malick is still gone, people are after Fen either to recruit or to kill and his brothers are in danger.

Wow, an incredible end to the Wolfs-own saga. Everything we have seen before culminates to an incredible ending where we see a little happiness finally, at long last, for Fen. Fen is still running, but now he knows everything, and that everything might just push him that final inch into raging insanity, while Fen is finding the truth, his brothers and friends along with the Temshiel and maijin are fighting for their lives as those that have hidden in the shadows come out to play.

Fen begins to come into his own in this book, as he begins to realize that he truly does have choices that he can make, and no one, not even the Gods, can force him to do something he really doesn’t want to do. They may try to manipulate and coerce but unless Fen really wants it, it isn’t going to happen. When Malick reappears you can basically feel the complete relief poring off Fen, but he is a little bit more solid at his core.

Everything comes together beautifully and we have some fantastic battles and fights, some incredible malicious torture (go Malick go) and some of the most nasty, spiteful gods that we could ever see.
Nothing is missing in this story, everything we have learnt in the past and the hints we received are all made clear, there is nothing left to chance (although a short of Fen and Malick being happy would be cool), there are strings that are left dangling but not for our beloved Fen and Malick.

This story is well written and flows smoothly, the characters bring the story to life and the detail that we get feeds our imagination to a firestorm.

I have to recommend this to those who love high fantasy, danger, fights, magic, or have been there every step of the way through the rest of the series, this isn’t a story to miss and we catch a brief glimpse of happiness for Fen and Malick.